Atomic Foosbal Table : Professional And Neutral Review 2023

The atomic foosball table is a modern brand. It is specially made with more facilities. I prefer the Atomic branded Foosball Table. Because it allows me to play the tricky shots. Due to the added benefits, atomic becomes popular. 

First of all, it is designed with potential player men. So, men can play a difficult condition. Secondly, this board comes with special player men of broad toes. With these toes, they can control much the foosball game. 

Next, Atomic branded foosball table has more manipulation power. For this reason, huge people love to use foosball table from the atomic brand now. But which foosball table is good? 

 It may seem hard to find out the best foosball table. That’s why I am writing this guide. In this guide, I will cover the top four best foosball table. I sincerely believe you will prefer these models. So, let’s start with me. 

Top 4 Best Foosball Table Reviews

 I just bought afootball table from atomic brand a few days ago. So, before I bought it, I had to do a lot of research on several foosball table. Then I found some well foosball table. I take one as I need only one table. So, I love to share my experience with you so that you can easily choose your foosball table. 

1.Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

The Specification:

  • Dimension: 56″ L x 29.5″ W x 34.5″ H
  • Legs: 4.625″ Width x 4.625″ Depth
  • Leg Levelers: 3.5”
  • Weight: 108 lbs.
Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table
Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table
Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

Atomic pro force is a well-designed foosball table. It comes with updated features. Firstly, pro force is suitable for office or indoor home games. And there has an MDF bamboo laminate. Which is very durable. Secondly, you will get a manual scoring system in this table. This scoring system is easy to count your score. 

Next, I love the ball return method. Likewise, it has an automatic ball entry system. The atomic brand provides a built-in ball return system. Besides, the hollow steel rod is nice to play the foosball game because of the chrome steel rod designed with soft rubber grip in the middle. 

Hence, you will get an ideal touch due to the robot style men. The legs and rod material are very sturdy. I also add slide scrolling features. It is an excellent table for the guys above five years.


Overall, it is an ideal foosball table for office and home indoor. I suggest you meet with this modern foosball table. 

Why you choose this atomic force table:

  • It is excellent to look and well to play
  • The atomic brand provides four balls with this foosball table
  • The table size is the best fit for different indoor game room
  • Each of the players designed with broad toes
  • Comfortable rubber grip with the hollow steel chrome rod
The Pluses
  • Octagonal rubber handle with soft grip
  • High-quality table material
  • Sturdy leg and robot style men.
The Minuses
  • If not used regularly, mold may accumulate at the bottom of the table.

02. Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

The Specification:

  • Dimension: 56″ L x 31.25″ W x 34.75″
  • MDF: 15″ x 2″
  • Leg Levelers: 3.5”
  • Weight: 116.8 pounds
Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table
Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table
Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic gladiator is another great foosball table. It is designed with more unique features. So, it’s extra exclusive benefits will make you happy. Similarly, this atomic table designed with compacted style. So, it is smart to look. As well as, it is compatible with any indoor room.

Firstly, I talk about the design. Atomic gladiator comes with a beautiful design. And the playing field is decorated with red and black men. Then the rods are made of solid steel. Luckily, you will get the solid wood rod handle. And you know, the wood handle is comfortable. 

Secondly, this foosball table comes with heavy-duty legs. And the legs are very sturdy. Hence, each of the legs Levelers size is 3.5″. So, these sturdy legs will support the player during the game. 

Next, you will get four balls with this foosball table. Also, there have a shot returning and entering the system. It also has an abacus scoring system. Moreover, this board comes with well-balanced men. So, you can shoot without blocking any rod. 


Atomic gladiator is a smart foosball table. If you want to enjoy the more unique features, I suggest to pick up this amazing table. 

Why you choose atomic gladiators:

  • It is a smart foosball table with weight balanced men
  • The rod is made of solid stainless steel
  • Table legs are weighty duty
  • This table comes with ball entire and returns system
The Pluses
  • Comfortable wood handle
  • Integrated cup holders
  • Weighted balanced men.
The Minuses
  • In rare case, you may find the tiny product defect. 

03. Atomic EuroStar Foosball Table

The specification:

  • Dimension: 28.75” W x 58.75” D x 34.5” H
  • MDF: 14” x 1”
  • Tapered legs: 5.25”
  • Leg Levelers: 1.5″ 
  • Weight: 115 pounds
Atomic EuroStar Foosball Table
Atomic EuroStar Foosball Table
Atomic EuroStar Foosball Table

The euro-star foosball table is the new addition of atomic brand. First of all, it is designed uniquely. The build and function are individual. I bought it for myself. Because it seems excellent from all sides, let’s know Euro star comes with what features?

First of all, Euro-star is an entirely black color outlook. Besides, accents chrome finish used to make the black outside. And it comes with unique features. Moreover, The table legs have a folding system. Its four legs are placed vertically. At the same time, the legs and board materials are durable. 

Secondly, the rod is made of 5/8″ hollow steel. And these rid covered with chrome finish. As well as the handlebar material is very soft. Handlebar size is octagonal with rubber grip. Besides, I have got an abacus scoring method. Moreover, there has an integrated cup holder.


Overall, euro star is a worthy choice for best performance. I strongly suggest this foosball table. Because I am enjoying the right facilities. 

Why you choose the Euro star?

  • It comes with an attractive playfield
  • The 14″ x 1″ MDF apron ensure the table durability
  • The hollow steel rod and soft rubber octagonal handle
  • Having the Tapered legs and cross brace style
  • It provides the internal ball to enter, returns and side return
The Pluses
  • Sturdy MDF build
  • Comfortable octagonal handle
  • Excellent ball return and enter method.
The Minuses
  • You will get only two foosballs with this board.

04. Atomic Azure Foosball Table LED

The specification:

  • Dimension: 58.2′ x 30.8′ x 34.4′
  • Play field; 47” x 27”
  • Player rod: 15.8 mm
  • Weight: 116.7 pounds
Atomic Azure Foosball Table LED
Atomic Azure Foosball Table LED
Atomic Azure Foosball Table LED

Are you looking for a light-up foosball table? Then atomic azure foosball table comes for you. Because it consists of LED light into the legs. Likewise, the men are designed with LED flash. It allows you to illuminate your foosball table even in the dark.

The LED foosball table provides you with a magical feel in the night. Moreover, this table has a cascading effect. It is integrated with an LED system with game music. You will enjoy a blue glow in the dark room. 

Then azure comes with a subtle playfield. The playfield size is excellent for all ages. Likewise, you will get an automatic electronic score counting system, which allows you to notice the score all time. 


I recommend this foosball table for those who want to get a new taste of foosball. Because this table provides both fun and enjoyment. 

Why you choose the azure foosball table?

  • It is an LED light-up foosball board
  • Providing better experience in dirk ness
  • The build from durable arcade
  • Including the game music ascents
The Pluses
  • Night light-up system
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Automatic electronic scoring.
The Minuses
  • A fewer customer has faced a problem with the scoring sensor.

The Buying Guide

Before buying an atomic foosball table, you need to consider some important topics. Firstly, you have to learn the unique features and offers of this brand. Likewise, you have to notice on your requirements. I have listed out some must consider factors to buy a best foosball table. Ans I believe, these works like magic. So, let’s know the next.  


Atomic made their all foosball table with MDF playfield. It provides the best route to play in your ground. Hence, this brand made durable steel rod. Some steel rod designed with hollow. And some are designed with solid steel. 

Likewise, notice on the table legs materials because the legs bear the whole foosball table weight. So, make sure about the stuff before buying a foosball table. Always, try to choose the best material in the foosball table. 

Playing rod handle

Mainly, a rod handle is much essential. Because you need to control the game with this rod. In that case, rod handle is most considering facts. Atomic brand release foosball table with an octagonal shape. At the same time, the handle is wrapped with a soft rubber grip.

 As a result, you won’t get hurt in your hands. As well as, you can manage the game for a long time. I recommend choosing the octagonal rubber grip handle. However, in many cases, you can pick up a wood handle because the wood handle is comfortable too.   

If the handlebar gets hard or older than you can use another foosball table replacement part. 


 It is vital to determine the size of the table. The foosball table size is different for kids and adults. Generally, kids need a shorter length and height. But the adults need a standard table size. 

Luckily, the Atomic brand produces the standard foosball table for adult. Keep in mind that 56 inches size foosball table is useful for adult guys. On the other hand, the kids need a shorter size table. So, I suggest checking the foosball table size before buying. 

The playing men design

Your foosball success mostly depends on the playing men design. That’s why you have to notice on the playing men. Always try to choose the best men. In this case, you can select the modern, stylish men for the foosball table. 

Because modern playing men can fit with any table, most importantly, you have to take men with idle size. Generally, the 5/8″ men are suitable for all kinds of rods. The hole diameter should be 0.5 inches. And the player height will be 4.7 inches. 

I suggest to pick up plastic material with red and blue color because these colors are visible. 

Scoring system

Here are the four-model mentioned in the atomic brand. Within them, some foosball table comes with manual scoring. And Some arrives with abacus scoring. Luckily, you will get a model there with auto electronic scoring. 

The Benefits And Reason For Playing Foosball

Foosball is the viral indoor game now. Both the adults and kids are fond of it. Because foosball is an enjoyable game like table tennis and table basketball. In this game, there may have two or four players on both sides. Do note that you can enjoy this game to compete or challenge with others. Here are some benefits of playing foosball.

General indoor game

First of all, foosball is the best indoor game. It comes with a lot of fun and enjoyment. The great things are there has no limitation in this game. For example, all ages guys can play this game. And the experience is not a big deal here. Because foosball is a game for all. 

Moreover, a physically disabled person can join this game. Besides, it is a more relaxed game comparatively than other game. There are no difficult rules. So, this is a lucky game for all people. 

Friends and family reunion

We can rarely meet up with our friends and family members. Because we are staying a hectic life. In this case, a foosball game table is excellent to meet together. So, you can arrange an indoor game with the foosball table. Where all family members can participate gradually. The kids can enjoy with their cousin or friends. Even the young person and older person can enjoy with their relatives. 

Spirit providing

Atomic branded foosball table can increase your inner spirit. Because this game is including with much fun. Which can express your vision within the play? The beginner starts their game for the only recreation. But they can realize that it is also a medium to find out the personal sense. 

Physical and mental fitness

Any game comes with less or more physical fitness. Although it is an indoor game, good for health. For example, when you will play this foosball, you will move regularly. So, it can improve your body fitness. Likewise, you will be so much excitement in the several steps of this game. Which is helpful for your mental health.

How to assemble a foosball table

You can join a foosball table with two simple steps. 

  • Assemble the legs with the playfield
  • Assemble the men with the rod

Assemble the legs with the playfield

It is the first step to connect a foosball table. So, turn over the cabinet to set up the legs with it. Now placed the four legs into each corner. You will get four nut bolts with each leg. Now enter the nut through the table legs to the cabinet. Then apply the nuts and tightened them. 

Assemble the men with the rod

Generally, atomic designed a foosball table with four rods. It means each player can use four rods to control this game. Now start to slide the rods through the cabinet from one side. Then insert the black bumper. In this way end up the playing men pushing. Then finally enter the rod through the cabinet hole. So that it will go to another side of the table. Now repeat this process for another rod. 

The Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Americans call table foosball?

The Americans are known the foosball is similar to soccer and football. Good to know that the united stateswere patent for foosball table game in 1901. However, football and foosball are in the same game. Foosball comes with more benefits. Most importantly, foosball is count as the best indoor game.  

How much is a foosball table worth?

You will get a foosball table from 50$ to 4000$. The tabletop mini foosball will cost you within 50$. On the other hand; you have to expense near to 1000 to 4000 dollars to get the cabinet system foosball table.  

 What is the standard size foosball table?

There have several sizes of the foosball table in the market. But the standard foosball table size is 30×56 inches. Where the 30 inches is the width, and the 56 inches is longer. 

What does foosball mean?

It means the table football because of the system designed for playing football in the indoor game. Here you will also play with your player. And a foosball also needs to play this game. 

Final Word

That’s it the ultimate guide on the atomic foosball table. Here I enlisted the top four best foosball table. After extensive research, I have written this guide. Even I am using one of them. However, I firmly believe each of the product above is the best performer ever. You can undoubtedly go with these.

At the same time, I request to read out the buying guide. So, that you can understand the offers of the atomic brand, and mostly, it will help you to get the best foosball table. If you have any more details to know about foosball table, then let me know. 

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