Expert’s Review About The Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

A foosball table is a must-have in ever rec room! This sport is an amazing way to get away from those controllers and engage in a fun and friendly game with your family or friends. And sure enough, we have been getting a lot of requests for some great quality foosball tables lately. So we have been busy in search and scouring for the best foosball table for you guys. On the way, we stumbled upon a very popular one: the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table.

So why not! Let’s take a look into what makes the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table so popular among users. Is it really worth the reputation or just an overhype? Let’s find out!

The Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table review

At A Glance: The Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table Review
Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table Review
Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table Review

As you can guess from the name already, it is 56 inches in length. This means you have yourself a regulation size table. At first sight, the table looks pretty much like your regular and standard foosball table. It is large, boxy, and looks and feels sturdy and reliable. You have a green interior cabin and wooden side panels. The Foosball Table is fixed on a stand with, what seems to be, very durable and stable legs. You will need to give it a few hours for assembly too, but nothing too complicated if you follow the instruction manual. Alright, that was our first impression. Now, let’s dive right into the details!


Assessing the size and weight of your ideal foosball table is very important for every buyer. This table measures 58.5 x 33.3 x 14.8 inches in dimensions, and should weigh somewhere around 160 to 170 pounds. As you can tell from the length of this table, 6 inches, it is a true regulation size foosball table. When deciding on a spot to place this thing, don’t forget to consider some extra space for the players on each end of the table.


The construction and building aspect of the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table is definitely not subpar. It is put together using some very high-quality parts and components. This table 15″ x 2″ MDF aprons with solid chrome 5/8″ steel rods which ensure that using and maneuvering the rods is smooth and uninterrupted. Apart from this, you have a ½” MDF playfield which resists warping. On each end of the table, you will find wooden beaded or abacus style scorekeepers. On the side, you have cutouts with an internal ball return system and ball entry. As for the side panels, you have 4 beautiful wooden finish panels which really round off the look.  We also really liked the legs on the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table. They look and feel very stable and strong enough to hold the massive weight of the cabin on top without shifting. The legs furthermore come with levelers. 

User comfort

But just a proper construction isn’t enough. It is also extremely important that you foosball table is designed to provide a comfortable user experience. The Atomic Gladiator 56” Foosball Table has quite a few features that make it stand out from the rest.

A. Counterbalance men

First of all, the table features counterbalanced or counterweighted players on the rods. So, what’s the difference between regular men and counterbalance men? The difference is small but makes a massive impact. The counterbalance men will rotate back to its horizontal position after you release the rod. This way, you don’t have to worry about the rods blocking or stopping any of your shots. 

B. Height and leveling

Everyone knows the deal with uneven floors and foosball tables. Luckily, the Atomic Gladiator 56” Foosball Table comes with 3.5-inch leg levelers which can be adjusted to ensure that your foosball table is flat, even and level.

C. Cup holder

A good foosball game is never lacking good drinks. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, people love drinking while playing. And one of our most favorite features on the Atomic Gladiator 56” Foosball Table is that it comes with 4 cup holders on each side!

The Pluses
  • Regulation size
  • Versatile playing configuration
  • Well-built
  • Warp resistant playing surface
  • Counterbalance players
  • Solid rods
  • Height adjustable and leveling legs
  • Features cup holders
The Minuses
  • Lengthy assembling process


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table review:

How many balls does the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table come with?

You will get 4 balls with the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table.

Are the handles of the rods ridged or grooved in any way?

The handles are solid wood and are absolutely smooth. No ridges, no texture. Although we think it would have been nice if it had some texture to it to help with the grip.

Would the height of the table go with the height of an average 8 or 9-year-old?

Yes, absolutely. Children as young as 6 years will be able to play. If you need to change the height, you can always increase the levelers.

Final words

A good and proper quality foosball table should be on top of your list! And our Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table review will give you an insight on all the right things to look for in a proper table. The Foosball Table is undeniably a quality product. 

It is tough, heavy, and very high quality. Yes, there are a few small flaws, but we don’t mind a little stress as long as the performance is top-notch. Overall, the Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table seems worth every penny to us. Give it a shot!

This wraps up our Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table review. Thank you so much for your time.

We will see you next time with yet another detailed and honest review of your requested products. Stay tuned and take care!

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