Best Bike for Wheelies

Have you ever tried skipping the traffic jam by venturing off-road and wanted to enjoy the experience even better? Leave alone that – do you love biking downhill? If the answer is a big yes to both questions, it could be that the wheelie bug took a bite off you, and you’re now infected. Bikes help to keep riders in shape, and they also contribute to sharper minds. If you’re a biker, you know that the activeness of riding keeps your immune system sound and your body robust. In that case, getting the best bike for wheelie is what you want. In this read, you are going to do some legwork and get all the options available. When you can, add to your cart, and check out with your bike since you’re a lover of wheelies. Let’s ride!

The Bikes Themselves

The selection made here is with great shape and form and is based on some essential factors. They include pedals, seats, comfort, traveling time, handlebars, frame materials, and suspension. The bikes that I have enlisted here have proven themselves as robust items that can perform wheelies exceptionally regardless of road type. 

1. The PL 26 – BMX Race Cruiser

1. The PL 26 – BMX Race Cruiser
1. The PL 26 – BMX Race Cruiser
1. The PL 26 – BMX Race Cruiser

Of the many BMX bikes out in the market, this is one that is of supreme quality. It is a road bike that is stylish in all senses and has a retro feel. If you want to perform wheelies, you should have bought this bike like yesterday. Many bikers want it because of its unique features when paralleled to other BMXs.

First, the bike is made of a lightweight material known as Chromoly steel, a low alloy steel type. Interestingly, this material gets its name from the blending of chromium and molybdenum. It is more robust than mild carbon steel, meaning that your PL 26 – BMX Race Cruiser will feel sturdy all the time. The suspension fork, which is of chrome alloy, works well in reducing the effects of aftershocks and vibrations. For a biker needing support, the frame comes with a bracket at the bottom to ensure that that happens.

To guarantee that your all-day riding is as comfortable as it can get, the bike comes with double-wall rims that have hubs made of aluminum. These items ensure that you have a wheel-set. The bike also comes with a hub of the flip-flop style to ensure that a smaller rear cog can be put on the bike. To add to the stability and strength detail, the bike has a KMC Z33 chain and stainless spokes.

The Pluses
  • The fork and frame are durable (as they are made of chrome alloy)
  • You get to experience relaxed and steady riding
  • The retro design is impressive to the eye
  • A freewheeler will find this a good one
  • You can ride the bike for a long time
  • For instant halting, the bikes come with V-brakes – the linear kind
The Minuses
  • The brakes are not very soft
  • The pedals are a little wide; you may find your toes trapped in them

If you’re taller than 5 feet, this PL 26 – BMX Race Cruiser is yours to take. If you need the reassurance that your journey will be safe, take this bike: it will give you all the stability you need.

2. The New York Bicycle – Wheelie BMX Bike

2. The New York Bicycle – Wheelie BMX Bike
2. The New York Bicycle – Wheelie BMX Bike
2. The New York Bicycle – Wheelie BMX Bike

Yet another BMX makes it into the list, and I must say that BMXs are the real deal. The name of this bike connotes pure confidence and ultimate trust. While the bike’s manufacturing is done in China (mainland), the design gets developed in New York, Schenectady. In the same city is where the business of quality control inspection is done. This bike is subjected to a lot of tender care, thought, and treatment, much like all the bikes made by New York Bicycle Co.

You will find that the bike has all its small details taken care of. As compared to the other bikes in this list, you will find that this BMX has exceptional comfort. This is guaranteed by the precise work done on the wheels and handlebars. This is a trail mountain bike made action-ready since it is lightweight and durable. If you’re working your way around a hilly terrain, this bike will fearlessly get you through. Its rims (which are double-wall) come with reliable hubs, and the bike also includes three durable crank piece. Its sprocket is a 25-tooth item, meaning that riding on uneven roads will not cause any anxiety or apprehension.

On top of those top-notch features, the bike comes with a hand brake for the rare. Since you want the best bike for wheelies, you will appreciate the bike’s stunt geometry excellence. If you get this bike, you will enjoy the comfort that comes with handling it – you will flawlessly execute wheelies. Chrome is used to finish the handlebars and the whole of the frame.

The Pluses
  • The handlebars and frame have chrome finishing
  • For your wheelies, you will find the weight and height of the tires perfect
  • The rear wheel comes with a robust V-brake
  • Paddling is with confidence as you will get an excellent grip
The Minuses
  • The item will not come with a cup holder

If you’re riding in the mountain forest or on the hills, this BMX bike can be your best. Before you add it to your cart, ensure that you get the height measurements right first.

3. The Schwinn – Bonafide Mountain Bike

3. The Schwinn – Bonafide Mountain Bike
3. The Schwinn – Bonafide Mountain Bike
3. The Schwinn – Bonafide Mountain Bike

Schwinn is a big name – taken from the American icon Ignaz Schwinn, an immigrant mechanical engineer, and father of the Schwinn company. Other icons bikes that he had made include the Phantom, the Varsity, and the Krate (the original one, made for kids). All over the world, the brand is trusted as it delivers world-class quality items.

Mountain bikes are and will always be action-ready since they are durable and lightweight. Their manufacturers ensure that the items can take on bumpy and rocky ways without faltering. If you like the hill’s natural beauty and firm air, you will make a great decision by purchasing the Schwinn – Bonafide Mountain Bike. Mountains will stop looking like overwhelming challenges; they will become bearable problems.

This bike comes with a mountain frame made of aluminum. On top of that, it has a suspension fork that is robust to the core – it can absorb thumps and bumps without pushing you out of place. This means that every ride you take on will be fun – all the dangers of terrible roads will not be a problem. The overall comment is that the bike is the best bicycle for wheelies.

The other exciting detail about this Schwinn bike is the shifters included, which are the Shimano EZ fire trigger (24-speed). This means that the changing of both the rear and front gears will be seamless. Also, it has mechanical disc brakes (both front and back), which will help you halt the bike when the condition is crisp. The alloy cranks that are fitted on the bike are durable. Like the previous (New York) bike, this Schwinn product’s rims are alloy and double-walled and speak of added durability and stability. The bike comes with knobby tires (2.25 inches wide) – always ready to take on any path with bumps. For an elegant look, the plug ends and rims come in the same color.

The Pluses
  • The frame (which is of aluminum alloy) is durable to the bone
  • The product is lightweight
  • To give you the extra power punch when climbing, the bike comes with a hardtail suspension
  • The shifters are from a reliable manufacturer of cycling components (Shimano)
The Minuses
  • The front suspension is unlocked, which is a huge caveat

The good this about this Schwinn – Bonafide Mountain Bike is that it can be tweaked. You can get accessories and customize the bike. This will help you to make it an optimum item that performs exceptionally. I won’t lie – you are likely to find some slight discomforts here and there when you start riding it. Luckily, those can be taken care of by some modifications.

4. The Diamondback – Bicycles Hook

4. The Diamondback – Bicycles Hook
4. The Diamondback – Bicycles Hook
4. The Diamondback – Bicycles Hook

If you’re mad about taking on forest and hills on two wheels, I recommend that you pick this one as it is the best mountain biker. People who have ridden this Hook report that the experience is fantastic, and the bike doesn’t stutter when it meets a dirt path. Others say the bike will tolerate going over fallen trees and large stones. Let’s see what this Diamondback –Bicycles Hook is all about.

The bike performs outstandingly, and it comes with a frame of the current times (with a low-slung). When you see the bike for the first time, you may pick out that it has a long front and a short back. This is a beautiful design that makes it easy for you to ride it low. If you want a bike that will not hesitate to give you a stable downhill ride, the Diamondback – Bicycles Hook is for you.

With all the vibration that comes with riding bikes, a bike needs to have some form of absorption – that is where the SR Suntour fork (120mm) comes in. The bike also comes with an SRAM X3 (8-speed) drivetrain to help you spinning uphill and downhill without seams.

The bike comes with silicone saddle seats and handlebars to add comfort to the list of pluses on this product. An avid rider of bikes will love both items since the silicone makes them flexible. This also means that according to your preferences, you can make modifications.

Another bonus item that the Diamondback comes with is the company’s mechanical disc brakes known as Tektro. If you bike for professional purposes, you should be nodding your head right now. The brakes are shiny, and I can see it in your eyes. The wheels that come with this bike have 14g spokes that are purely made of stainless steel.

The Pluses
  • The versatility of the bike is without question
  • The bike is a lightweight item
  • Bumpy roads are no challenge to the bike
  • The suspension system that comes with the bike is second to none
  • The build of the product is of excellent quality
The Minuses
  • If you want to go for an uphill ride, the drivetrain (8-speed) won’t do the job perfectly

Since it has a matchless suspension system and a bearable weight, it is the best bike for wheelies. All the components have been brought together to make the product perform optimally to make trails enjoyable. 

5. The Tomasso 2019 – Gran Sasso 29er

5. The Tomasso 2019 – Gran Sasso 29er
5. The Tomasso 2019 – Gran Sasso 29er
5. The Tomasso 2019 – Gran Sasso 29er

Many bike brands in the market tend to bring components from several manufacturers. While this may sound cool on the surface, the problem is that some brands don’t get it right. They sometimes combine the parts poorly, making the overall item to be of substandard quality. In that case, therefore, the Tomasso 2019 – Gran Sasso 29er makes it on the list as another bike for wheelies. Read on to understand why it does.

As implied in the kicker to this particular bike, Tommaso is not known compared to Schwinn, that is, as a direct consumer brand. It combines items from different Shimano product lines to give you a perfect and specially optimized bike. So, adding this item to your cart and checking it out will bring you the best that Shimano can provide you. First, you will have with yourself Shimano gears. When we talk about versatility, you will see that the bike comes with a full Shimano drivetrain (24-speed). The bike has a reliable fork and is lightweight (as it is made of aluminum material). Depending on how the terrain is, the given drivetrain will assist you in quick speed shifting. The bike comes with the Shimano Acera Shifter, which is made up of components that are resistant to rust. This implies that the cycle will last longer even if exposed to the harshest weather conditions. On top of that Shimano shifter, it also comes with a unique Shimano hydraulic disc brake (M315) that will give you incredible power to make those stops. The overall product is safe to use, thanks to the careful selection and combination of items.

Since vibrations are a significant concern when it comes to riding, the bike comes with a 100-mm suspension both at the backside and the front. This makes sure that all the rides you go for on the bike are comfy and secure. Since the mountain bike comes in parts, you will like that it won’t take you long before putting all the pieces together in order.

The Pluses
  • The bike is a product of a full groupset provided by Shimano, a company of repute
  • The stem, crank arm length, and handlebar are all optimized
  • The material making the bike is lightweight
  • Shimano drivetrain (24-speed) and hydraulic disc brake (M315)
The Minuses
  • The cup holder is absent
  • You may be annoyed by the saddle


Regular bikers have it that this bike is budget-friendly and delivers effectively. If I were you, I’d be clicking on the buy button and processing the payment to get this beauty of a bike.

Choosing the Best Bike for Wheelies

The best bikes for wheelies and regular bikes are different from each other as the East is from the West. This implies that the processes of determination are quite distinct. Getting a bike for wheelies means free riding or dirt jumping. Here are some of the variables that will help you make the best decision for the bike you will get. You should read them together with the five bikes (mentioned here) in mind.


If you’re getting a mountain bike, there are two options that you are likely to come across – the riser and the flattened one. Depending on how the frame is designed, a flat handlebar is expected to be in a low sitting position. This means that it is also lighter to some great extent. If you’re a biker who loves going for long distances, you will love flat handlebars. A flat bar is lower than a riser bar – the latter is broader, meaning that reaching out is more comfortable.


Looking at the current, real-time trends, it is safe to say that incoming bikes are coming with suspension injections. For instance, if you make an order to get a rigid bike, you will likely get a particular suspension level. This detailing will be of great benefit to your trail riding. Suspension assists the tires in making stable travels. If you’re taking up an uphill task (literally), your ride will happen speedily and safely, thanks to the suspension system included in the bike. Actually, only a handful of bikers know that trail riding can happen thanks to a suspension system.


If you want to keep on doing wheelies with a bike, you need to get one that has reliable and robust tires. For that kind of unconventional riding execution, the best wheels to take are off-roads. To know the longevity of off-road tires, you need to look at the following factors: riding methods, territory, and rider weight. If you are riding in a thorny region or one that is super rough, you should include some tubal protection. This will prevent you from getting flat tires. If you take care of the bikes even at the least, they will serve you for a significant amount of time.

Brakes, generally speaking

From the last few years, the braking system of bikes has seen remarkable advances. Typically, you will find two brake types: the rim and disc brakes. With the rim type, you either get the direct-pull, linear-pull, or V-brakes. With the disc type, you either get the hydraulic or the mechanical brakes.

As you may know, rims brakes are the oldest of them all, and they work by slowing a bike to bring it to a halt. While it may have its pluses, its caveats are that it can cause time damage and a reduction in the gripping power if you’re riding in an unaccommodating place such as mud or wetness. Seeing that that is the case, the disc brake comes first when many trail bikes are being put together. Like car brakes, the discs will be attached at the bike wheel’s center. Thus, mud or wetness does not affect them; they will have a longer life than rim brakes. If the disc brakes do not get impacted much by wetness and mud, your rims will stand firm for a long time.

Some manufacturers use hydraulic discs to give bikes reliability, modulation, and an excellently impressive halting power. Whichever brakes you choose, you need to give your bike maintenance so that it takes care of your riding needs for a long time.

The Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps of doing a wheelie when on a bike?

A wheelie involves a confident rider lifting their bike’s front half using their handlebars. Then, they move forward using their back wheel. Expert wheelie executors make it sound and look simple, but you need loads of practice to master the art of doing wheelies. Here is a brief, boiled-down summary of the steps:

  1. Hop on your bike and start riding it. Ensure that you are moving at a smooth, steady pace. Going too fast is likely to floor you even before you execute the technique. Since you are doing practice, ensure that the area or road is wide and flat and has little or no obstacles.
  2. As you move, try and shift the bulk of your weight over (not under) the handlebars. You will achieve this by bending your upper body (torso and arms) down. Your hands should be on the handlebars at all times.
  3. Increase your speed by pedaling down. Once you feel like you have amassed the right amount of confidence, try lifting the front wheels by pushing the handlebars up.
  4. Immediately you get that done, lean back, ensuring that your hands are firmly on the handlebars. Keep pedaling, and slow down if you feel even the slightest apprehension. You will have completed a wheelie.

2. Does any bike damage come with doing wheelies?

Since wheelies are an unconventional way of riding a bike, some damage may come – maybe on your friction blades, clutch, and chains. The damage becomes severe if you do bad wheelies. If the stunts are a complete failure, you are likely to break parts of the bike and hurt yourself.

3. Can wheelies be described as ‘dangerous’?

Like every stunt executed on a bike, some danger is usually lurking. You may lose balance while on a wheelie, meaning that you will be floored. To make certain that you won’t get injured to a severe degree, ensure that you have knee and elbow pads on and your helmet too. While wheelies cannot be described as dangerous, you may fall or tip over. If it eases the chills and makes you feel any, there are other more dangerous stunts than wheelies.

4. Is it easy to do a wheelie?

For many riders (even amateurs), the wheel trick or stunt is relatively easy. The variables that determine the difficulty of wheelie execution are riding expertise, body type, and personal athletic abilities. A wheelie is both complicated and simple, but it is undoubtedly not the most challenging stunt.

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