Best Fat Bikes Under 2000

If you didn’t know, most of the fat bikes out there are built to be used in snowy climates. However, thinking and intention has changed over the past few years, and people are using them in deserts, mountains, and beaches. These unique, stout bikes are available in varied designs and types. To bring out the single, most impressive choice for yourself, you need to keep your mind open. Weigh between the available models and your needs will help you get the best.

If the figure you have is to the tune of $2000, you’ve got a great chance to get a quality fat bike. This rich read will open you up to the best bikes that are out there in the market. It’s time you got a fat bike to set you apart from the rest. Keep reading the article until the end. The many features that I will compare here will help you get the best fat bike under 2000.

The Fat Bikes Themselves

So, which are they? This section presents the crème de la crème of the fat bikes under 2000 world. Take them one by one, pick one, and go on a one-way journey to the checkout!

1. The ECOTRIC Fat Tire – Electric Bike, Beach, Snow Bicycle (26 inches, 4.0-inch Fat Tire Bike)

1. The ECOTRIC Fat Tire – Electric Bike, Beach, Snow Bicycle (26 inches, 4.0-inch Fat Tire Bike)
1. The ECOTRIC Fat Tire – Electric Bike, Beach, Snow Bicycle (26 inches, 4.0-inch Fat Tire Bike)
1. The ECOTRIC Fat Tire – Electric Bike, Beach, Snow Bicycle (26 inches, 4.0-inch Fat Tire Bike)

This beautiful electric bike comes with an ergonomic handlebar connected to a frame made of alloy material. The tires, which are 26 by 4 inches, ensure that the bike tolerates tough terrain without wobbling. As an electric bike, the ECOTRIC Fat Tire operates on a 500-watt motor, which is powerful to the bone. If you’re wondering, yes – it comes with a removable battery (3V cell battery). If you are looking for an electric fat bike under 2000, this is where your seeking and searching ends.

Among avid riders and bike experts, this bike uses the reference’ perfect electric power mileage’. The fat bike is not your average bike as it can accommodate weight in the 260-pound region while having a bike weight of 58 pounds. Like the many other ECOTRIC brand bikes, the manufacturer includes walk-assist models and pedal assists. As mentioned, the bike bears an ergonomic design, making it stable and fast. Since the battery can be removed, you can charge it up. Also, the functionality of the bike can be tweaked.

The Pluses
  • The bike comes with removable Lithium batteries
  • The product includes a pedal-assist and a walk-assist
  • You won’t need to do a lot of preassembling (the manufacturer already does over 90% of the job)
  • Power lock and battery function are under your control
  • You can get the product in blue, black, or orange (the color is on rims)
The Minuses
  • To ensure that it lives longer, you need to maintain it highly, which is a downside, especially if you’re the carefree kind of person


2. The Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Fat Bike – Hardtail Mountain Bike

2. The Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Fat Bike – Hardtail Mountain Bike
2. The Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Fat Bike – Hardtail Mountain Bike
2. The Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Fat Bike – Hardtail Mountain Bike

This bike of the Diamondback Bicycles brand comes with a T6 aluminum frame that is light in weight and high in quality. Moreover, it comes with a sweet suspension and a head tube (tapered machine). These three qualities are pluses if you’re looking to go on dirt and rock trails with the fat bike.

Like the ECOTRIC brand listed above, the manufacturing company makes the assembling business easy for you by doing most of the work. To start riding, you will only be required to make a tweak here and another there. For the medium size one (18 inches), the price is around $1999, and it is $1500 for the small size (16 inches).

The Pluses
  • You have two colors you can choose from
  • The suspension is sweet to the bone
  • The bike will come with 90% of the preassembling business done
The Minuses
  • The prices are too close to the $2000 mark


3. Silver Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Dos Fat Bike

3. Silver Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Dos Fat Bike
3. Silver Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Dos Fat Bike
3. Silver Diamondback Bicycles – El Oso Dos Fat Bike

This is not an under 2000 fat bike – even better: it is under $1500, so it is very budget-friendly. The bike’s design suggests that it was meant to be ridden around a toughened platform, such as rocky terrain. Instead of the manufacturers using a steel frame, they went for an aluminum one (T6, double-butted). The frame is of high quality and ensures that your bike remains lightweight and robust at the same time.

The bike’s fork is formed using 6061 alloy aluminum. This feature is essential as it helps to maintain the overall weight of the bike. For you to get better precision, the fat bike has front and rear Thru-axles. It comes with a sweet suspension that enables riders to take on any surface and against even the harshest weather conditions. Sand and snow won’t be a problem for this fat bike.

The Pluses
  • You can get the bike in several sizes
  • The price is relatively lower (under-under-2000)
  • The aluminum frame it comes with is of a high quality
The Minuses
  • You can only get the bike in one color


4. The Motobecane Sturgis – NX Eagle Bullet

4. The Motobecane Sturgis – NX Eagle Bullet
4. The Motobecane Sturgis – NX Eagle Bullet
4. The Motobecane Sturgis – NX Eagle Bullet

Of the many qualities, this bike comes with impressive front and rear hydraulic brakes. Moreover, it is also made of an aluminum frame that is hydro-formed and has a tapered headtube. That there should tell you that you are dealing with a fantastic piece of work.

This Motobecane Sturgis – NX Eagle Bullet comes with a tubeless tire set. This is a nicely excellent feature as you can ride on many surfaces without worrying about your tires getting punctured. Also, a tubeless bike means that the bike will have less weight. Also, you will get to operate on low tire pressure, implying better traction.

The bike comes with wide tires that won’t mind taking up snowy or sandy terrains. It will behave well in deep sand, bogs, mud, and snow. The bikes of the Motobecane brand are big and therefore weightier than most fat bikes. The effect is that the bike will move slowly, but that will not be a problem if you’re not interested in advancing at high speeds with the vehicle. Since the bike is bulky, you will need bouts of energy to move it, meaning that you will burn calories in the process. The big tires will give you the stability you need.

The Pluses
  • The wheels are tubeless
  • It comes with long-lasting hydraulic brakes
  • The aluminum frame is of excellent quality
  • The tires are big and beat snowy and sandy conditions perfectly
The Minuses
  • The bike is bulky, and thus, it is limited to only being used by men
  •  Speed riders will not enjoy riding this bike



5.  The Gravity Bullseye – Monster Five X

5. The Gravity Bullseye – Monster Five X
5. The Gravity Bullseye – Monster Five X
5. The Gravity Bullseye – Monster Five X

On this list, this is probably the bike with the lowest price. It is among the best fat bikes under 2000, and that cannot be doubted. To start, the frame of the bike is made of aluminum alloy (6061). For the budget range that the bike falls in, the material used is top-notch.

Most of the bike is made of aluminum, meaning that the overall item is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. Unlike most fat bikes listed here, the Gravity Bullseye’s tires – Monster Five X are thin and come with a single-wall rim. This is probably because of the low price. Overlooking the tires, you will find that the chain, seats, and other parts are constructed using high-quality material.

The one thing which will blow your mind is that the bike uses the Shimano hydraulic disc braking system. So, your stops will be immediate and fast. For your under-2000 budget, you should go for this bike.

The Pluses
  • If you consider the ups of the bike, the price is a steal
  • It uses a braking system from Shimano, a reputable company
  • You can get it in black or red
The Minuses
  • Its shape and form suggest that it is best used by men
  • The tires are thin and have single-wall rims



6. The Mongoose Malus – Fat Tire Bike – 26-inch Wheels

6. The Mongoose Malus – Fat Tire Bike – 26-inch Wheels
6. The Mongoose Malus – Fat Tire Bike – 26-inch Wheels
6. The Mongoose Malus – Fat Tire Bike – 26-inch Wheels

Yet another huge-tired bike makes it to the list. If you love going over rocks and bouncing over embankments, you will enjoy this Mongoose Malus. This bike’s frame is made of cruiser steel and has 26 by 4 inches’ tires (the supersized, knobby kind). These help you to steer through the toughest of terrains.

This bike comes with a Shimano rare derailleur and offers you 7-speed. This implies that going uphill with this ride will be very comfortable. To ensure that the rider’s security and safety are guaranteed, the bike comes with rear and front discs that help you stop the fat bike in snowy roads and muddy ones. The bike dimensions are 9.1 by 61.4 by 29.9 inches, and 53.2 pounds is its weight.

The Pluses
  • The steel forming the frame (cruiser type) is lightweight and durable
  • The bike can take on heavyweight
  • Riding up is easy, thanks to the Shimano rear derailleur
The Minuses
  • People who are taller than six feet will find the bike unaccommodating



7. The Eahora 4.0 – 26-inch Fat tires

7. The Eahora 4.0 – 26-inch Fat tires
7. The Eahora 4.0 – 26-inch Fat tires
7. The Eahora 4.0 – 26-inch Fat tires

This bike, which is number seven of seven, is an electric fat bike. The one feature that will indeed sweep you off your feet is its 750-watt electric motor, which is brushless and amazingly powerful. The powering of the motor comes from a 48-volt battery pack with 10.4 mAh. As you may have already guessed, the bike comes with a lithium-ion battery, which you can easily lock on the bike.

The battery can be removed, and you can charge it while it is on or off the bike. The bike only takes between 4 and 5 hours of charging before it becomes full. It can be recharged over 100 times. The topping on the cake is the Shimano 7-speed transmission included in the bike. The transmission’s controller comes with the following modes: sport, pedal-assist, and full-power.

The bike comes with rear and front disc brakes that you can use to control the bike and tone down the speed. Also, the Eahora 4.0 – 26-inch fat tire comes with a locked suspension on the front wheel. It helps to absorb shock and makes any ride smooth, regardless of the terrain involved.

The Pluses
  • The 750-watt electric motor is mighty, and the powering battery back is one of the most reliable in the market
  • The bike comes with an LCD (unlike all the other bikes combined). The readout display makes it easy for you to set the cruise control and speed limit
  • The bike’s rims are made of a 26-inch aluminum alloy. On top of that, the frame is of carbon steel (the reinforced kind)
  • The suspension absorbs shock effectively
The Minuses
  • Apparently, this is a picture-perfect bike. It may not work for you if you’re the impatient kind of rider who throws off the user manual.



Fat Bike 101: What to Look at

You’ve gone through the best fat bikes under 2000, but is that it? Are you really ready to decide with a mere list? Before you take a step ahead and make your choice, there are some variables that you need to look at as they will help you get the best fat bike.

The Tires

This is the best variable to start with. I mean, it is even in the name. The fat bike you choose should be of high quality. For any bike costing not more than $2000, you can either get 5-inch or 4-inch tires. If you need to go at high speeds, getting a thinner bike is a good idea. In that case, therefore, take 4-inch tires whenever you find them.

The Material Making Up the Frame

For many fat bikes and all bikes in general, the most common materials used to make up the frames are steel and aluminum. Titanium models are not so many, and so are the ones made of carbon fiber.

If you’re looking for a bike that is sturdy and lightweight at the same time, you will like having one made of aluminum. A steel fat bike will give you fantastic submission. If you have the money (over 2000), you can go for a fat bike made of titanium.

Looking at the price range (under 2000), the bikes you can get will either have steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber frames. If you want something sturdy and weighty, go for steel. If you don’t want to break your back carrying your bike to the turf, go the aluminum way.

The Suspension

Of the many variables to consider, the suspension is one of them. Many of the fat bikes being sold these days are very rigid. However, many are now coming with a suspension pin of Rockton Bluto.

If you’re getting a fat bike to ride on a bumpy trail, you will need a particular suspension type. You should know that suspension comes with defense and increased weight. The fat bike suspension makers who are currently in their A-game include Cannondale, Carver, RS, Marzocchi, RockShox, and Lauf.

If you get a rigid fork, you are likely to enjoy the simplicity of the ride. The bottle grate that comes with such a suspension gives you the chance to carry supplies and water.

On the market, forks made of carbon fiber are flooded, so you should look at saving on the suspension fork. If you want your rides to be smooth and your bike tough, take a rigid fork, and you’ll make a lot of savings. Whichever suspension you choose to go for, you should have this in mind: the best ones absorb all vibrations coming from the road, regardless of the terrain. 

With or Without a Tube

In many areas of biking and cycling now, tires that lack tubes are becoming a huge thing. So, getting rims and a tubeless tire set will be a great thing for you. If you need to save more on the weight, you should get tires that don’t have tubes. Without having the tube under, you will run on a low-tire pressure. You will have a fat bike with raised traction and whose tires have the least possibility of flatting.

The Gearing

Scanning the gearing of the prospective fat bike should be a priority. The gearing should be given more attention if you are planning to take the bike on tours. A nice and easy low gear will put your heart at rest, especially if the bike is loaded with some little luggage.

A fat tire’s sidewall may have ‘4.8 inches’ written on it. However, you should know that most fat bikes are 29ers. This means that, depending on your gearing needs, you should choose a diameter to suit you.

The Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What exactly is the meaning of a fat tire bike?

These are the bikes that also go by the following names: fat bikes, all-terrain bikes, snow bikes, and ATBs. What puts the fat tire bikes aside from the rest of the bike world is this: their tires are wider than the normal ones. For the fat bikes to accommodate wide tires, they include wider forks and bottom brackets. To make room and space for wide rims, the bikes’ rear triangles are wide.

Typically speaking, fat bikes are ridden when the tires are at low pressure. This ensures that the riders get some excellent stability, especially when they are riding at low speeds. Also, the bikes are toughened to take on loose materials like snow and sand.

2. Which are the best surfaces for fat bikes?

I take it that you’re asking about the surface where the fat tire bikes operate optimally. You will experience a fantastic ride when you take your fat tire bike off-road. The best surfaces for these hikes are the harder ones – I am talking about condensed and firm sand and snow.

When you decide to ride on a groomed trail, the fat bike will seem easy to ride. You can take the bike through motorcycle and quadbike trails – the product will operate optimally.

If you’re riding on snow and see that chunks are getting stuck, try skiing. Before you go out on your fat bike, ensure that you have accurate information on the conditions.

3. With the fat bike, what tire pressure should be used?

This entirely depends on what you prefer. So, you need to make a selection that makes you comfortable. The general rule with fat bikes is this: let some air out whenever you feel like you are in doubt. It will help if you always have your bike pump with you. This is because a need may arise, and you may be required to inflate the tires.

For starters, ensure that the pressure is lowered. Then, monitor whether the ride is enjoyable or not. If you’re riding on a sandy or snowy surface, let the pressure stay between 5 and 10 psi. Reports have it that that range yields impressive results. As you lower the pressure, you should know that the bike’s rims may start rubbing against the ground if it’s too low. Also, if the tire is tubed, low pressures reduce its longevity. The best lower limit to operate with is three psi.

The principle is that you will need higher pressure to take on higher terrains, and vice versa is true. You may reach limitations, for instance, with shale, dune or beach sand, pea gravel, and powder snow. On your fat bike, you will see that riding down a hill is easy. For up-hilling, you will need more traction – meaning that the tires need higher inflation.

4. Will I have to get the bike assembled by myself?

This all depends on the bike that you choose. When you make the order, the manufacturer or supply will have notified you if the item will be shipped whole, partially assembled, or in parts. As seen in two of the bikes listed in this buying guide, some manufacturers do 90% of the job. Here are some things you may typically do when the item comes unassembled: wheel and pedal attachment, handlebar straightening, tires inflation, and adjusting the bike based on your size and preferences.

Some models may require you to get the chain into the drivetrain. However, you don’t have anything to be worried about. The product will surely come with a detailed manual. If you can’t seem to wrap your head around the instructions, you can watch a tutorial video. If the assembly still gives you a hard time, you can get the parts to a local shop and get the assembly done professionally.

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