Best Tennis Bags

If you’re a tennis player – pro or not – you know that you need a tennis bag, and gaming without it may make the experience feel incomplete. Tennis bags come with extra storage for any gear that you may be having. A bag for tennis complements the entire gaming exercise, and there is no doubt about it.

This article will give you the best tennis bags out there in the market. At the end of the read, you will have all the info you need to make your purchase. Stick around till the end, and feel free to cart out, check out, and cash out. Let’s see the bags themselves.

The Bags Themselves

1. The Fila Ultimate (includes a Pocket for Shoes)

1. The Fila Ultimate (includes a Pocket for Shoes)
1. The Fila Ultimate (includes a Pocket for Shoes)
1. The Fila Ultimate (includes a Pocket for Shoes)

This bag can be summarized in two words – elegance and style. From the zippers to the compartments, this tennis bag helps you get to the lawn with ease. Let’s see its features.

This bag comes with three main compartments for storage. The main one is spacious enough to keep any of the following items: towels, tennis balls, and clothes. Of the three pouches, there comes a racket sleeve that fits, protects, and accommodates two rackets that are 115 inches squared. When squeezed in, the sleeve can even fit in 4 rackets, but you wouldn’t want to overwhelm it. At the bottom, the third compartment sits and is one that can fit your shoes.

In the Fila bag, there includes a media pocket with tricot-lining. This is an addition by Fila that helps to guarantee the safety and protection of your valuables. There are too many side pockets in case you want to slide in other things. The bag also comes with a unique beverages’ pocket, ensuring that any drink you have remains cool.

The three compartments have cushy padding to ensure that your rackets are protected. For a comfortable fitting, the bag’s shoulder straps are also padded. The bag’s design is unmatched, and all your gear will fit in perfectly. Also, the included zippers are heavy-duty and won’t get tired of being used daily.

With this Fila Ultimate Tennis – With Shoe Pocket bag, your gear will remain safe and protected when you lock it in. This bag is a worthy contender for the position of best tennis bag.

The Pluses
  • It can carry between 2 and 4 rackets
  • The compartments in the bag are padded
  • It has a special pocket for insulating beverages
  • Many of the pockets come zippered
The Minuses
  • The shoe pouch cannot be accessed easily – you need to get the bag laid down first


2. The Game Point by LISH – Tennis Backpack with a Shoe Compartment

2. The Game Point by LISH – Tennis Backpack with a Shoe Compartment
2. The Game Point by LISH – Tennis Backpack with a Shoe Compartment
2. The Game Point by LISH – Tennis Backpack with a Shoe Compartment

I like this backpack because of the material used in making it, that is, polyester. The bag is both long-lasting and outstanding in every sense. The storage compartments that come with the bag are ample, and the bag is comfortable to carry around. This is yet another perfect item for both experts and amateurs.

The bag has a racquet compartment that holds two racquets max, each measuring 11.5 inches. It comes with an excellent zipper to make sure that the rackets are intact. Like the previous bag, it also comes with a compartment for your shoes that can also accommodate dirty clothes. At the bag’s front, there includes a small pocket to house all your valuables. The bag then comes with a spacious section to take on snacks, clothes, towels, and balls. On the sides, some pockets can accommodate water bottles or an energy drink.

This backpack’s straps have padding to give you sufficient cushioning and comfort. To ensure an excellent fit, you can make adjustments. If you don’t like having the bag over your back, you can take it by the handle.

Let’s talk about the bag’s design. It is high-quality, having been made of polyester (600D) to withstand day to day usage for a long time. The colors used in the bag are a display of sophistication. When we pay attention to durability and quality, this duffel bag carries the day.

The Pluses
  • The makers use materials which are impressively durable
  • You can use it every day
  • It comes with padded straps
  • It holds a maximum of two rackets
  • The finish is sophisticated
  • The storage compartments have ample space
The Minuses
  • No pocket has insulation


3. The Wilson Advantage – Tennis Bag Series

3. The Wilson Advantage – Tennis Bag Series
3. The Wilson Advantage – Tennis Bag Series
3. The Wilson Advantage – Tennis Bag Series

The bag makers beautifully blend the black and red colors to give you a good Wilson bad. Men will like the bag’s sporty and sleek design. It also comes with ample storage space for all gaming gear.

You can fit around three racquets (adult size) into the main compartment of this bag. The bag’s front has a secondary section deep enough to take in a towel, ball, clothes, and personal effects. Also, you get two more side pockets for the other things you want to take to the court. The design of the compartments is made to keep your valuables and item organized and safe. To help you in securing all your stuff, the bag comes with metallic zippers.

The brand’s logo can be seen at the front of the back, and it bears a very charismatic look. To help you in opening the bag quickly, the zippers come with pulls. This duffel bag has shoulder straps that have a lot of padding to make this comfortable for you. If you don’t want to carry it on your back, you can take advantage of the carry handle.

The Wilson Advantage is a good item for men since it has stylish colors. As you strap it on your back, you will surely stand out. Also, its level of comfortability is unmatched. 

The Pluses
  • The bag’s look is very stylish
  • It can take up around three tennis racquets
  • Your things will remain organized and safe in the bag
  • The zippers come with fabric pulls to make opening a good thing
The Minuses
  • It can be weighty, and that’s why it is preferred for men
  • It doesn’t come with a shoe compartment, but you can use the secondary section



4. The Glove It Tote Bag for Women Tennis

4. The Glove It Tote Bag for Women Tennis
4. The Glove It Tote Bag for Women Tennis
4. The Glove It Tote Bag for Women Tennis

The reason why this bag makes it to the list is its multipurpose abilities. You can move with it from the court to the gym; then you can go with it for an escape when the week ends. This is one of the best tennis bags for women.

In the bag’s main compartment, you can put around two racquets. On top of that, there are six other storage pockets – two are in the front, while 3 of them are placed at the bag’s back. In those pockets, you can put your clothes, towels, balls, and other items. The side pockets can accommodate drink bottles.

Also, the bag’s zipper is an outer one that ensures your valuables are locked on the inside. It also has another inside pocket to house valuables. This Glove IT bag has an aesthetically pleasing design – unique, stylish, and sophisticated. It is designed for you to use for multiple purposes and occasions. The bag’s construction is made possible with good-quality materials.

You can either sling this Glove It item over your shoulder or carry it like a bag. Whichever way you do, you will find that the bag’s straps are cushy and comfy. The bag also includes a hook for wall hanging. For any lady looking for a backpack, you should take this one without thinking twice; it will serve all your needs.

The Pluses
  • The bag’s design is unique and stylish, and sophisticated ladies will love it
  • The item is constructed using materials of good quality
  • You can take it to vacation, shopping, the gym, or the tennis court
  • The zippers are tough enough and offer the ultimate protection for your belongings
  • It can carry two full racquets
The Minuses
  • The bag is only limited to women because of its design



5. The GigaVibe 3 Rackets Tennis Bag

5. The GigaVibe 3 Rackets Tennis Bag
5. The GigaVibe 3 Rackets Tennis Bag
5. The GigaVibe 3 Rackets Tennis Bag

The main reason why this bag makes it here is because of its carry capacity. You can push and put three racquets and other essential items inside it. To handle day-to-day use, the bag comes with a remarkable design.

You can put two sizeable and one standard racket, and they will perfectly fit inside the bag. This will leave room for balls and changing clothes. On top of that, the bag comes with a fleece-lined media pocket. This will hold your phone protectively together with other items.

This GigaVibe bag comes with handles that are made of neoprene. Also, they are of excellent quality and help you to stay comfy. The bag’s shoulder straps are padded and can be adjusted. Your gear’s heaviness does not matter; the straps will tolerate the weight, and you will remain comfortable.

While the bag’s design may be looking simple, it is very durable because of the high-quality materials used to make it. The bag has a grey color together with clean lines. The one thing that makes the bag attractive and outstanding is its cross-stitch design. Getting this back means that you will enjoy a lot of value for your money. You will get enough space to take all your sports gear, and it will serve you for a long time.

The Pluses
  • The bag will accommodate any extra gear you bring
  • You can fit in around three rackets
  • The carry handles and shoulder straps are quite comfortable
  • The materials making the bag are of excellent quality, meaning that the bag is durable
The Minuses
  • You cannot fit a large display phone or a tablet in the media pocket
  • Compared to most bags on this list, this one has a limited storage space.




6. The 2018 to 2019 Babolat Pure Type Series

6. The 2018 to 2019 Babolat Pure Type Series
6. The 2018 to 2019 Babolat Pure Type Series
6. The 2018 to 2019 Babolat Pure Type Series

The reason why this bag is likable is its manufacturing, which is meant to house a single racquet only. Its design is sleek and comfortable. Boys can either take it to the tennis court or school.

This Babolat product will hold a single racquet with ease and comfort, but you can squeeze in another one. It is good to know that the zipper will close excellently when you squeeze in the second racquet. If you look at the bag’s bottom, you will see a ventilated compartment. That one is dedicated to your shoes, and you may also keep shoes there. The pockets on the side will fit your valuables and accessories perfectly.

This backpack comes with sturdy straps that have excellent padding. Another impressive thing is that your shoulders will not be weighed down. This is because there is a fair distribution of the weight contained. You can use it at school or on the court because its manufacturing employs the use of top-notch material. As an excellently padded bag, you will not be disappointed spending your money on it. It is a quality item.

The Pluses
  • It is a comfortable item
  • It has a compartment to house your shoes
  • You can get two rackets fitted in
  • The materials used to make the bag are durable and of excellent quality
  • It is a multipurpose item; you can use it as a bag for tennis and a school backpack at the same time
  • The straps are constructed with plush padding
The Minuses
  • The thermal lining is missing




7. The GigaVibe – 6R Bag (Premium)

7. The GigaVibe – 6R Bag (Premium)
7. The GigaVibe – 6R Bag (Premium)
7. The GigaVibe – 6R Bag (Premium)

This Premium 6R product is stylish, simple, and unique. It has an impeccable design that you will like taking to the tennis court. Since it can take in up to 6 racquets, it is a great pick.

First, the product comes with two compartments which can accommodate three racquets, that is, without the covers. The reason why the sections are safe is because of their depths. So, you needn’t have anything to worry about at all.

This bag comes with a pocket at the front to help in storing any extra needed gear. Like the other Giga bag, it comes with a fleece-lined media pocket. This will ensure that all the items placed there (keys, phones, wallets) are scratch-gr. Also, you can easily access it. This bag is constructed using durable and high-end fabric. You will see the logo placed discreetly on this excellent piece of work.

Because the bag is lightweight, you will enjoy carrying it around. It comes with adjustable and dually padded straps. The bag itself is multipurpose, and you can use it as a high school backpack. If you like single-shoulder carrying, you shouldn’t worry because you can detach one of the bag’s straps. If you don’t want the shoulder strapping business at all, you may want to take the bag by its top handles, which are neoprene-made, soft, and of premium quality.

If you are looking for something with ample storage and gives you comfort, this is the bag to take. It is an indispensable tennis bag because it is multifunctional.

The Pluses
  • It can hold an incredible number of racquets – six
  • It has loads of extra space for your gear
  • For the safety and secureness of your accessories, the bag comes with a fleece-lined media pocket
  • The logo is discreetly etched into the bag
  • It is light and durable
The Minuses
  • The feature of carrying the bag with one strap will make the item feel imbalanced.




The Factors Considered

Those are seven of the best tennis bags out there in the stores. It is now time to get more info before making a choice. This section will open you up to the variables you need to have in mind as you click on the ‘add to cart’ button. Let’s get to know!

The Bag’s Durability

This is one of the main features to look at. It goes without saying that a good bag should stay intact for a couple of years. So, it is best to find a company that has used high-quality materials to make the bag. If you are using the bag for multiple functions, say schooling and shopping, you will need a sturdily robust bag that can withstand and tolerate daily use.

The Convenience

How will you be making your way to the court? The answer to that question should determine how much comfortability you will need. If you are going to play in a court that is a few blocks away, you should not carry many things. So, you can just get a racket cover, and things will be fine.

If you need to go a little far to get to the court, get a tennis backpack. If you a traveling tennis player, an excellent option would be a bag that has wheels.

The Racquet Storage

Tennis playing needs racquets, so this should be an excellent variable to consider. In that case, therefore, you may need to look at how many compartments the bag has. Depending on the level of your tennis game, you may need a bag that holds one racquet. As you look at the bag’s racquet carrying capacity, ensure that the bags’ sections will keep the racquets protected and safe.

Tennis experts who have made a massive investment in their racquets should consider getting a bag with a thermal and insulated pocket. This will help to protect their racket asset from cold and heat.

The Comfort

Following engaging, competitive, or intense games, you will need a bag that won’t weigh your muscles down. The bag should come with padded straps, and the handle should be ergonomic.

Some Extra Storage

The bag should be able to hold more than racquets. Any gear that you need – shoes, balls, changing clothes – need to be accommodated. Since you’ll also have your wallet and phone, you should take a bag that can keep them safe.


1. Does my tennis bag have to have a pocket that is insulated?

This will depend on your preferences. If you made a pricy and excellent investment on your racquet, the pocket would protect them from the cold and the heat. Also, it will help the racket to retain its spring tension. You may not require an insulation pocket if you game at intervals.

2. I am a beginner tennis player. Do I need to have the tennis bag?

Well, it depends on how you see the bag. Tennis bags are primarily meant to protect tennis equipment, mostly the rackets. You will need your racquet to be safe as it is an essential tool. On top of that, the bag will help you to take a water bottle or a beverage, even a change of clothes.

3. How come that tennis bags are available in large sizes?

These gaming bags need to be big to accommodate clothes, accessories, shoes, gear, and racquets. Whichever the pro’s level, the bag will come in a different size. Some bags can have between 12 and fifteen rackets, and you can get a place to keep changing clothes.

4. What are the things I should have in the bag, well, except racquets?

First, you need to carry at least two racquets if things go sour with one of them. Then, put a hat in the bag because you don’t want to get burned by the sun. Also, have grips, and a headband included. Then, get an extra shoe pair and clothes for change, because games get you sweaty.

You can also have a water bottle or a snack to ensure that you remain energized and hydrated. On top of that, have your keys, some money, and the phone. Most tennis bags come with special pockets to accommodate various needs. Another rarely carried item is bandaging, which may come in handy if you get blisters anywhere in your body.

5. How may I know if a tennis bag is good?

The primary things that this bag should have are the following: quality zips together with a high-end fabric material. Also, its zip should be a quality item. You will appreciate it if a bag has enough storage space and comfortable carrying around.

6. What is the best way to maintain the bag?

The first thing to do is removing all the content once you are back from the game. If there are dirty shoes and sweaty clothes, remove them so that the bad does not stink. Once you do that, get the bag hanged outside so that it breathes and gets fresh air.

You can also choose to wipe the bag before hanging it outside. If you do, ensure that all stains and spots are scrubbed off thoroughly. The tennis bag should always be placed in an airy place. Air-tight storage space will make the bag start stinking.

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