Dynamo Big D Foosball Table Reviewed By Professional

Foosball tables are all the rage these days. And we have had requests pouring in for a proper foosball table. One particular company and model that we have been seeing a lot from you guys is the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table. 

So, we are here to deliver! Hello and welcome to our article where today we are going to do a detailed and thorough Dynamo Silver Medal Foosball Table review for you guys!

The Foosball Table seems like a great product. But seeing isn’t believing. We are going to break down every little detail of this table so that you know what you are spending your hard-earned money on. Sounds good? Let get started!

The Dynamo Big D Foosball Table Review

At First Sight: The Dynamo Big D Foosball Table

Dynamo Big D Foosball Table review
Dynamo Big D Foosball Table review
Dynamo Big D Foosball Table review

The Dynamo Gold Medal Foosball Table is a full-size and regulation size table. There is absolutely no doubt that it is a monster of a table. Mind you, it does not come preassembled so you will need to do a little assembling once it arrives. 

Now for the face value. Looking at it, the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table looks quite durable and sturdy. You have a bright and sharp green interior which is enclosed by wooden side panels. The panels have a Gunstock Savoy laminate finish which looks sleek and elegant.

Definitely a great match for modern to contemporary decors. Then, you have the legs which seem to be made out of heavy metal; legs look and feel strong enough to stabilize the weight of the entire foosball cabin easily. You also have levelers under each leg.

Alright! That’s it for the first impressions. Let’s now dive into the details!


Knowing the exact size and weight of your foosball table is very important. And the Dynamo Striker Foosball Table is definitely a pro-sized foosball table. It measures 56 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 36 inches in height. 

As for the weight, the table weighs a little over 200 pounds. Apart from this, you have the super thick and sturdy cabinet panels which measure 1 ½ inch thick. You also have a ¾ inch laminate playfield which is bright green and white to resemble a football field, duh!

The important thing to remember here is that you make sure you leave some space open for the players as well.


Next, comes the construction aspect of the product. The Foosball Table, as we said before, seems to be a very reliable and well-built table. However, getting into the details is important. 

The Dynamo Big D Foosball Table has blue and red players on the rods. The rods are very solid yet easy to maneuver. They come with equally solid handles which have slight ridges and texture to them to offer the ultimate grip while providing utmost comfort.

On the width of the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table, you will find a scorekeeper for each player. They are abacus style scorekeepers which have up to 5 beads on each.

On the length of the table, you will find a single cutout for the ball return system. If you take a look down, then you will find that the Foosball Table features some very interesting levelers.

These levelers are adjustable and commercial grade. These will help you ensure that the product is nice and level, and at the perfect angle even on uneven floors.

What we didn’t like, however, is the lack and absence of counterbalanced players. The Dynamo Foosball Table, being a commercial and regulation size foosball table, definitely should have featured counterbalance players. Shame, really.

User comfort

The play field

The ¾ of an inch laminated playfield is definitely amping up the game. The surface of this laminate is extremely smooth and nonresistant. As a result, your kicks and shots are more potent and powerful.

The ball

One thing we really liked about the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table is its ball. The ball is a classic yellow, but what makes it so great is that it is very subtly textured. This gives the players a lot of control while playing.

The Pluses
  • Regulation size
  • Versatile playing configuration
  • Well-built
  • Commercial grade levelers
  • Easy to play on
The Minuses
  • Does not have counterbalance players



The Frequently Asked Questions

How complicated is the assembling process of the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table?

The instructions that come with the Foosball Table is very clear and straightforward. Something many foosball table manufacturers just can’t seem to accomplish. If you follow the instructions to the T, then you would not have to spend half the day putting the table together.

Where exactly is the Dynamo logo placed?

Yes, the playing field of the Warrior Foosball table is laminated.

Does the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table feature cup holders?

No cup holders are available with the Dynamo Big D Foosball Table.

Final Words

And there you have it, guys. Our detailed and honest Dynamo Big D Foosball Table review! Alright then. What’s did we learn from our review today? Well, first of all, the Dynamo Foosball Table is undeniably a worthy foosball table. 

It is commercial grade, made with quality parts and components and is very easy to play on. Having said that, one massive blow to its image is that it is lacking counterbalanced players. Something we’d expected from a pro size and commercial grade foosball table.

Either way, we still think the Foosball Table is particularly a great table for new players as well as expert players. We recommend it! This wraps up our Dynamo Big D Foosball Table review.

We hope our review answer everything for you. We will see you again next time with yet another detailed review of your requested products. Cheers!

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