ESPN Foosball Table Professional And Unbiased Review 2023

Many of you are in love with ESPN products and searching for the best ESPN foosball table for playing and practicing. As of you all know that ESPN products are the most popular and durable product in indoor games. So, I think you are here to know more about the foosball table manufactured by ESPN.

The most fascinating feature of ESPN products is that you can use roughly, but they won’t betray you with the quality and performance. If you want to have the best performance, then you need to go with the ESPN foosball tables indeed.

In this particular review content, you will get to know more details about the ESPN foosball tables that I have found out. Again, a complete guide will help you to choose the perfect one for you. This guide is going to be the best as I will talk about some major considerations. So, don’t miss it otherwise, you won’t be able to choose the perfect foosball table by yourself.

ESPN Foosball Tables: Feature Update

From here, you will get to know the selected product from ESPN, and you will also can have knowledge about the pros and cons of the products. I hope you will get all of the information from here. So let’s start-

01. ESPN 56″ Arcade Foosball Table

ESPN 56″ Arcade Foosball Table
ESPN 56″ Arcade Foosball Table
ESPN 56″ Arcade Foosball Table

This ESPN 56’’ Arcade Foosball table is one of the best in the market with a gorgeous look. You will get the traditional soccer feature from this table. With the traditional bead, you can enjoy a nice game from this foosball table. Again, the size of the table is bigger than the ordinary table, so you can play four players comfortably.

The ESPN 56” foosball table will give you an authentic game room experience which will help you to improve your gameplay. The steel rod is well built, and the handles are very comfortable to hold. You won’t face any corrosion issues from this foosball table.

The stability of the legs of the table is also very good and well designed. The legs are of 5 inches levelers with super durability. However, if you are thinking of joining competitive playing, then this can be your choice. The design of the table is also very amazing, and the edges are well-finished.

Now, the scoring system tracks every single point because of have the traditional bead scoring. The weight of the table is 92 lbs. and the table is finished with PVC lamination.

The Pluses
  • Amazing build material.
  • Traditional bead scoring system.
  • Easy to use with comfort.
  • Stable legs.
The Minuses
  • Little bit heavier.

02. ESPN 54″ Arcade Foosball Table

ESPN 54″ Arcade Foosball Table
ESPN 54″ Arcade Foosball Table
ESPN 54″ Arcade Foosball Table

If you are a defensive player or want to master the defensive gameplay, then this table can help you. The foosball table is made with quality material, and so on. It is designed to play and practice comfortably. You can give rotation easily with this table while playing. The steel made rod will help you to play intensely.

By this amazing foosball table now you can practice more and more with your friends and family. This is a medium of fun and entertainment where four people can join and enjoy. The two-toned colors will please your eyes, and the PVC lamination is also good to see. The legs will provide you extra stability and durability.

In this table, you will get the traditional bead scoring system to track every point perfectly without missing. The handles of the steel rod are very comfortable and easy to grab. This foosball table will be your tremendous inclusion to your game room if you are truly like the ESPN game room.

The table surface is smooth and that’s why the ball moves very perfectly. Again, there is no corrosion issue with this foosball table. The dimensions of the table are56″ x 28. 75″ x 34. 5″.

The Pluses
  • Easy to play.
  • Pressboard laminated.
  • Simple design but very much durable.
The Minuses
  • It can get damaged for excessive pressure.

03. MD Sports ESPN Foosball Table

MD Sports ESPN Foosball Table
MD Sports ESPN Foosball Table
MD Sports ESPN Foosball Table

Are you looking for a gorgeous, designed foosball table? If you are thinking so and the answer is yes, then this product might be your best among all the products because of the design and feature. The build material of the table is very good, and the coating is also done perfectly. So, there is no issue with corrosion and friction while playing. The table surface is smooth enough to play commercial matches.

The ESPN foosball table parts are also very well built, and they will show you extreme durability. It has all the accessories with the foosball table, and you can enjoy playing with it. The table has the panel leg support, which increases the stability of the table. There is a chrome rod feature which helps to play robot style gameplay.

The weight of the foosball table is 41 lbs. and the dimensions are 54 x 26.5 x 33 inches. You can take this table for its amazing support and durability.

The Pluses
  • Hollow 0.5 inches rod very comfortable to hold.
  • Leveling feet offers extreme durability.
  • Smooth table surface.
The Minuses
  • Not perfect for competitive.

04. Sportcraft ESPN Foosball Table

Sportcraft ESPN Foosball Table
Sportcraft ESPN Foosball Table
Sportcraft ESPN Foosball Table

What about a full-size arcade foosball table? Yes, this is one of the best tables from ESPN, which is full-sized and perfect for the tournament play. You can use this as a commercial use also. The table surface is made of melamine, and they are super smooth. Now, you can enjoy a beautiful game with the quality product itself.

There is an inset bead style scoring system available for this foosball table, which ensures the score tracking perfectly. The legs of the table are stable and durable enough to hold the tabletop. There is no glass on the tabletop. This foosball table is portable as it is very much light-weighted. All the legs are on one level, and that’s why you are going to get a leveled playing surface.

the products weighs 103.6 lbs. and the dimensions are 53.5 x 30 x 7 inches. You can take it for its gorgeous design.

The Pluses
  • Easy to level the legs.
  • Smooth playing surface.
  • Handle grips are comfortable.
  • Full-sized arcade table.
The Minuses
  • You may find slight corrosion issues.

The Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What You Should Know About Foosball?

– You should know about the types and sizes of the foosball table so that you can select the best one for your home, office, club, or game room. Again, you should know about the standards of the foosball table and the leg measurements also.

2. Who is this product for?

– Those who want to play foosball for fun or competitive can take this product.ESPN products are always good in quality, and the foosball tables are also made perfect for playing a decent game.

3.Can the legs are adjusted with levers?

– The best foosball tables have the feature of adjusting the legs with the lever method. Here, you should know that all the surface is not flat enough to place the foosball table. So, adjusting of legs is a must for every foosball player.

Ultimate Buying Guide: The Best ESPN Foosball Table

Before buying the foosball table, you need to know many important things about the foosball table in detail. There are many types of the foosball table, and many sizes also available. Again, you will find a different style foosball table. Moreover, from this portion you will know about the foosball table and what you need to see before buying a foosball table. So, let’s dig into it-

According to Type

  • Family type
  • Commercial type
  • Tournament type

Family Type

This kind of foosball table will be perfect for you. It has the perfect hight which is suitable for the kids, and that is why they can play comfortably. Again, you can enjoy your game in your free time with your family member. The height of the family type foosball table is about 80 cm from the ground. The playing surface is not so much smooth to have a first-class gaming experience. There is no glass on the tabletop, and so you may face many problems.

Commercial Type

The commercial type table is used in the office or club to enjoy the game at leisure time. Again, this type of foosball table is available in the market with a tabletop glass. For the tabletop glass, none can steal the ball from the table. Again, the table surface is very much smooth that you can play with comfort. The rod handles are also very comfortable to grip. After all, this type of foosball table is very much popular with the people who want to play foosball from their hobby.

Tournament Type

This type of foosball table is well known for playing competitive matches. The price of this type of foosball table is higher than other products. You should take this tournament type foosball table if you want to play professionally. The size and other measurements are different in this type of table. Again, the build quality and the stability of this type of foosball table are very amazing, and you won’t face any cohesion issue at all. So, I will recommend you take this tournament type foosball table if you are serious with your passion and want to join the world league. Otherwise, you should go for a commercial type foosball table.

What you Need to Consider

  • Weight
  • Ball
  • Playing Rod
  • Table Surface
  • Durability and Stability
  • Scoring System
  • User Experience


The weight of the foosball table determines how much portable it is. If you don’t pick the perfectly weighted table, then it may cause you trouble. On the other side if you are thinking about making a game room, then portability is a must.  

Sometimes, using impure materials increase the weight of the table. If you are going to buy a commercial type foosball table, then you need to be very concerned about the weight as you are going to use it at the office or club. For tournament type foosball table is heavier than other types.


Most of the table comes with balls for playing foosball. Different balls have different diameters for various types of the foosball table. The best foosball table comes with the best ball, and the ball fits very well on the table.

You can choose a table that offers you at least one ball, and various tables provide two or more balls with them. The quality of balls is also considered as there might be a chance of destruction of the balls. However, check the number and quality of balls before buying the foosball table.

Playing Rod

The playing rod of a table determines how comfortably you can play with that foosball table. The playing rod build quality ensures corrosion resistance. If your table’s rods are made of good quality, and they are coated with number 1 materials, then it will be the best for you.

Again, the best table rod has the best handle for gripping. Most of the foosball table comes with cork and rubber made handle, which is very comfortable to hold.

Table Surface

The smoother the surface will be, the more you can play without lagging. The table surface depends on the finishing materials of the table. A smooth surface will always be the first demand of a foosball player. The smoothness of the table improves the gameplay, and as a beginner, it will help you a lot.

So, before buying a foosball table, you need to check the table surface, and if it is not smooth enough, then don’t purchase it.

Durability and Stability

The durability of a product should be one of the primary considerations. A foosball table should also be very durable. The durability depends on the build materials and the design. The design will provide you extreme durability while playing or practicing. 

the stability of the foosball table depends on the quality of the table’s legs. The more stable legs will be, the more table will be stable on the ground. If you don’t get the stability, then you can’t play comfortably. So, before choosing the best you need to check durability and stability.

Scoring System

There are various types of foosball tables available in the market, and some of them come with the bead scoring system. A Scoring system is necessary to track the point. If you don’t track the point, then there will create problems that can’t be solved easily. So, better it would be you need to go for the best ESPN foosball table that comes with the best scoring system. If you check the ESPN foosball table instructions, then you will see the scoring system are added there.

The best table has the feature, and it works perfectly without any error.

User Experience

Before you are going to buy a foosball table, you need to make sure that the product has a verified user experience. If others have a problem, then there might create an issue of facing a problem for you too. So, you should be careful about the user experience and make sure that the product you are buying has a nice record.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have come to know about the best ESPN foosball table and found out the best one for yourself. Before buying a foosball table, you should follow the buying guide and fix the purpose of playing. If you want to join a competitive game, then you need to practice more and more so that you can improve your gameplay.

By practicing hard, anyone can achieve their goal, and if you have the best table, then you can learn faster. 

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