Foosball Table Dimensions : Most Useful In formations About 2023

Aside from being the best of friends what does Monica Geller, Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani have in common? I’ll give you ten seconds to think…

Time’s up! If you guessed it then YES, they all loved their FOOSBALL! I first discovered foosball in the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (best sitcom ever!). I was wondering, what’s this thing Joey bought instead of a dining table, yep it was a foosball table. I’ve played a little bit of foosball myself, it’s fun actually. In case you didn’t know the sport and yes it is a sport, not just some game, it started out in 1921 due to soccer’s popularity in Europe. They even have a World cup for it right now!

Foosball is also called table soccer or table football and it’s actually for all walks of life, for professionals or for those casual players. In this article, we are going to talk about the most important element of the game, what else but the foosball table itself, AND the different dimensions that it comes with.

Tip: You can even eat on it (ask Joey), it’s multi-purpose. Let’s get going!


This is a pre-buying guide for everyone interested in having or playing the game. This will help you make sure you get the right table for you. Getting the right measurements either for your game room, for your pub, for your son’s bedroom is key not just to get the most fun out of it but at the same time save space and be more efficient in setting it up.

We say this because it could get confusing, why is that you say? Because there’s a ton of foosball sizes and dimensions available out there for you. So determining what you really need is highly recommended.

So we will establish this now, we will be discussing five types of foosball tables, their dimensions and even give you some highly recommended brands to choose from!

The different types of foosball tables are: the Regulation size, the Standard size, the Full sized table, the Foldable and the Table top type. I know that up to this point you may already have one in mind but let’s get to the specifics.

Bonus TIPS: When planning for the room, consider length, height, width of the table. Also consider extra legroom, player spacing and other furniture you may want in the room with it. Also, don’t forget about the rods which can add about 12 to 18 more inches in terms of the width. Overall you will probably need a 10 feet by 7 feet space for your standard foosball table. And just to give you an idea, foosball tables go from 60 inches to 20 inches in length.

Foosball Tables And Their Dimensions


Dimensions: L 56”x W 30”x H 36”

As the name implies, Regulation size foosball table is probably the most widespread of the types. Its sizes are based on what the North American Foosball Association implements. Remember, 56 30 36, it’s what’s commonly used for professional foosball games.

It’s for bars, pubs, game rooms that can afford the space needed for it. If you’re preparing to gear up for professional foosball then this is probably the table to buy. Make sure to have enough room for it as you will need it to practice properly. There are professional stances you need to practice on to get your foosball game going. Should weigh around 360 lbs., so you should probably be decisive on where to put it as moving it around could be a chore.

You’re most likely to play with a lot of buddies so make sure to consider that 10 ft. by 7-8ft. space that’s ideal for this setup. Also, make sure to have room for you to pick up the ball if it falls at the side. And before we forget, get that music started, get that ice cold beer ready as you’ll probably spend a lot of time enjoying this baby!

Some highly recommended brand out there in the market are:

  • Tornado
  • Dynamo
  • Bonzini
  • Garlando
  • Rene Pierre
  • Warrior

Highlighted Foosball Table Brands And Models:

Tornado Sport

Almost always on top of the list of 5 stars foosball tables, The Tornado brand is always considered one of the best if not the best out there. This model only weighs 205 lbs. and being a regulation size it’s the perfect investment for you if you want to start in this sport. Certified by the World Championship Foosball Federation of the USA it’s for everyone who wants it for fun or goes professional for it.

It’s a great quality table and it’s made of Melamine Mahogany. It is a 1 inch thick cabinet, has sturdy legs with leg levelers. And it’s in the sweet spot in terms of pricing. A good bang for that buck!

Tornado Tournament 3000

Highly considered as the best professional foosball table out there as the Tornado brand is. This modem is mostly used in professional games. Very durable because of its thick commercial grade split cabinet, this table is tailored fit for professional matches. Weighs 305 lbs. this table is a bit pricey but since it’s most likely used for tournaments that shouldn’t be a hurdle.

Warrior Professional

If Tornado Tournament 3000 is the best professional foosball table this one right here is considered as the best commercial model. Again a little bit on the sweet spot of foosball table pricing, the Warrior Professional is fast and easy to assemble, highly durable and professional grade quality. It has a Rod guard system that helps prevent accidental injury.

Tornado Classic

A little bit lighter at 225 lbs. this is Tornado’s commercial model that could be acquired at a cheaper price. Still, with all its patented features, this table is meant for your play room at home.


Dimensions: L 54″ x W 29.5″ x H 34.5″

Just a little bit smaller than your Regulation sized foosball table. This table is what you’ll usually see in your office pantry or game room. Perfect for your son’s room and for recreational purposes. But don’t look past it if you’re a professional as it’s also sometimes used in tournaments. Should be a bit more lightweight and simple looking but still the same level of enjoyment.

Highlighted Foosball Table Brands And Models:

Hathaway Hurricane

Considered as the best started foosball table it’s still made as durable, as stylish and as professional like any regulation sized foosball table. It’s the perfect birthday gift for your kid, perfect for entertainment. It is generally cheaper than most foosball tables out there even for standard sized tables.

EastPoint Sports Newcastle Foosball Table

Slick looking, durable and high performance player rods, this foosball table is a must have for your game room. At 76 pounds, it’s easy enough to move around and it is relatively cheaper for its quality.


Dimensions: (can go up to) L 60″ x W 44″ x H 37″

A Full sized foosball table is the largest a foosball table can be. Usually a plus 4 inches on length, this type of table is highly regarded to have some of the best quality there is in terms of durability. But wait, would you believe me if I say that this weighs a lot lighter than your usual regulation sized tables? Yes, this iteration can weigh significantly lighter than what’s normally used for professional tournaments.

Highlighted Foosball Table Brands And Models:

Imperial Garlando G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table

With a high quality 1+1/2″ thick multi-layer plywood cabinet coated with plastic laminate and 1+1/2″ thick slanting Beachwood legs for high stability you can’t go wrong with it. It’s got professional plastic handles, leg levelers, 2/3″ diameter high stress resistance steel telescopic safety bars coated with anti-rust chromium-plating and steel roller bearings to improve that game speed, it is a must have for your game room or bar. As mentioned, it is also relatively lighter and guess what, cheaper.

EastPoint Sports Liverpool Foosball Table, 60-Inch

The EastPoint Sports Liverpool Foosball Table is a 60-inch model that’s also an official competition sized foosball table for 2 to 4 players. It’s sturdy and durable made to last you a long time. With bear scoring style and high performing player rods.

Another model for the same brand is the EastPoint Sports Ellington Foosball Table Game which is relatively cheaper and lighter compared to the former.


Dimensions: L 51.57” x H 33.86” x W 27.95” when spread out / (about) L 12.99” x W 27.95” x H 66.93” when folded

As the name implies a foldable sized foosball table is made for convenience and portability. It’s perfect for those who may want to go out and play with friends and for those living in tight spaces. This is for a fun board game afternoon but instead you brought something cooler, foosball!

It’s still got the standard foosball components and is relatively smaller than its counterparts.

Highlighted Foosball Table Brands And Models:

Kick Majesty 55″ Folding Foosball Table

This one’s a full sized foldable foosball table. Measuring at L 55″ X H 35″ X W 29″ it’s a great table for leisure and practice for that professional game. It comes with counter balanced men set and uniformed men set. So for that enjoyable foosball afternoon, this is highly recommended.

Kick Monarch 48″ In Folding Foosball Table

Next is a model best suited for kids. Great pick for smaller places and at the same time for kids. It has integrated leg levelers and choice 1 or 3 man goalie setup. It’s also so easy to store when done playing.

Funmall 48″ Four-In-ONE Combo Game

Lastly for our top picks is an all-in-one foosball table bonanza, but, let’s concentrate on the foosball aspect of it. This one made our list simply because it’s a great value for your money. Relatively cheap and efficient this is a great way to learn and foosball and some other sports we’ve come to love. It comes with pool billiard, slide hockey, and table tennis!


Dimensions: Varies from 40 to 20 inches in length

Table-top sized foosball tables obviously are the most versatile, most convenient and quick way to play and learn foosball. It’s for kids, teenagers or even adults maybe just wanting to have a leisurely afternoon. You can bring and play it anywhere. It comes in varying sizes with the smaller ones at 20 inches and larger ones at 40 inches. It’s excellent for children!

Highlighted Foosball Table Brands And Models:

Sport Squad FX40

Weighing at a mere 15 lbs. at dimensions of L 40″ x H 8″ x W 20″, this model maybe larger but is the closest to the standard foosball game you can get. It’s easy to setup, has chrome plated steel rods and features ergonomic rubber handles. It’s the best table top game you can bring or have on parties.

Kick Squire 33″

Easy to assemble, portable and good quality table-top foosball, dimensions at L 33″ X H 8″ X W 20″. It has a convenient front ball return on each end of the table, no slip grip handles and 1 or 3 goalie setup.

Giantex 27″ Foosball Table

At dimensions of L 27″ X  H 9″ X W 15″ this is the smallest of the highly recommended models. Durable, easy to play and fun for all ages. 6 rows of 3 rows per team and 9 players a-piece, it’s a sure fire way to have some foosball fun.

Last Words

There’s a reason why foosball has come a long way since its inception, it’s fun, both at a professional level and just as entertaining for casual players. I mean, who wouldn’t want to control an entire football team with their hands? And don’t get me started on the level of competition, just asked Joey and Chandler when Monica beat the crap out of them in this game, not just once, twice, but many times. A testament to foosball’s enjoyability.

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