Garmin 735 Versus 935

If you’re reading this, you have likely decided to take the discussion of Garmin 735 versus 935 to the next level. This article should and will provide you with the nuances of both smartwatches made by Garmin. By the end of your reading, you will know the brand that takes the day.

Garmin is a renowned brand that needs no introduction. As a reputable brand of smartwatches, Garmin delivers items of quality – ones that perform exceptionally. Garmin has been able to provide models that take care of people from all walks of life. It diligently and delicately serves its audience. While it may be arguable, Garmin is probably the best smartwatch-making company in the market today.

Individual Overviews of the Smartwatches

Nigh is the time to look at both brands separately before we settle the score:

Number One: The 735 Model, or the Garmin Forerunner 735XT

In 2016, Garmin launched the Garmin 735XT. At that time, it was not the most advanced, forward-moving steps. Compared to the other companies that offered high-end products, Garmin 375 stood out as a smartwatch meant to satisfy its customers’ basic needs. Also, it serves triathletes well.

This smartwatch has an impressively sleek design that makes your wrist attractive. As compared to the former chunky designs, this 735 is very nice-looking and is quite stylish. Because it is not as chunky as the other Garmin watches, it has reduced weight. The watch comes in two colors: a blue one (includes a turquoise-colored strap) and a black one.

You should know that the Garmin 735 is not a touchscreen. To navigate through it, you will use the buttons that come with the watch. That is probably a caveat, seeing that many people like smartwatches to be a touchscreen. The watch’s face can be customized, and there are several downloadable options online.

The watch is waterproof, and the rating is at 5ATM. This means that you can hop, step, and jump into the water without having to worry about anything. As a triathlon watch, it is quite affordable. It can be used by swimmers, runners, and cyclists, meaning that there are no restrictions as to who should use it or not.

It comes with the VO2 Max, and you should know this if you are a sucker for smartwatches. This feature lets you see the level or levels of oxygen that your body can metabolize. For short, it does the math involving effective oxygen use by your body. Also, it gives you advanced cycling, swimming, and running dynamics like contact time balance and stride length.

The watch comes with a heart rate monitor that works underwater, meaning that it will keep tables on all the underwater activities. Garmin has made it an excellent swimming smartwatch since it helps in stroke-type identification, pool swim metrics, swim workouts, among others. Other noteworthy activity features include step counter, move bar, and auto goal, which are impressively useful. Also, the watch helps in sleep monitoring. When you wake up, you will get metrics like total restful sleep, the in-sleeping periods of movement, and total sleep. The Garmin 735 will be your round-the-clock partner.

Let’s talk about the heart rate monitoring feature of this Garmin 735 watch. It comes with the Elevate heart rate tracker (wrist-based) to keep tables on your heart behavior. The LED sensors found at the watch’s back pick out the pulses from the wrist. This implies that there is no need to get a heartrate tracking chest band.

Garmin 735

Brand : Garmin
Color : Black/Gray
Are Batteries Included : Yes
Display : 215 x 180, Color display
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 0.47 x 1.75 x 1.75 inches
Battery life :14 Hours

The Ups of the Garmin 735

  • Affordability: While it may not be the most pocket-friendly watch on the market, it is quite affordable. This is as compared to the 935 model, which is its upgrade.
  • Weightless: While using the word ‘weightless’ may look like an exaggeration, that is not the case when one is wearing the Garmin 735. Having this item on your wrist feels like you have nothing there. This implies that you can wear the smartwatch for a long time without touching it.
  • Sleekly sporty design: The people who appreciate and like sporty and robust design, this is one item that you shouldn’t leave behind.
  • Heart rate monitoring: As mentioned in the previous portion, this watch works with the Garmin Elevate. Your heart rate won’t need a chest strap to be monitored.
  • Resistant to water: The watch itself has a 5ATM rating in terms of waterproofness. This means that the item can tolerate any water pressure below 50 meters.

The Downs of the Garmin 735

  • It lacks a barometric altimeter: Compared to its upgrade, the Garmin forerunner 935, this Garmin 735 does not have a barometric altimeter. This means that you cannot get the most reliable information in terms of incline and decline.
  • There is no Wi-Fi feature: While the Bluetooth feature included functions well, some users have found this lack of Wi-Fi connectivity to be a downside to the item.

Number Two: The 935 Model, or the Garmin Forerunner 935

This is a model that is well-known in the market. It serves multi-sport functions, meaning that serious athletes are buying it like nobody’s business. Without the shadow of a doubt, this is the best smartwatch for triathletes. The Garmin 935 can be likened to the Fenix 5 in terms of performance and features. However, the Fenix 5 comes with a metallic body instead of the plastic one of this forerunner.

Also, this 935 model is a smartwatch that has a round face and has a glass-made lens. The makers of this forerunner use a fiber-reinforced polymer to make the case together with the bezel. They use silicone to make the strap.

Some of the metrics the Garmin 935 offers you are like ground contact time, stride length, balance, vertical oscillation, and ratio too. It achieves all that thanks to the built-in barometric altimeter, which uses atmospheric pressure to calculate vertical movements. The multi-sport functionalities offered by this watch make it the best smartwatch out there in the market.

The Garmin 935 comes with a battery that can last up to a fortnight if set in the standard watch mode. This detail is as exceptional as it is exciting. As compared to the Garmin 735, this model’s battery and make has a golf mode. This means that it is the to-go watch for golfers.

Like the Garmin 735, this model supports the Elevate technology, meaning that it comes with a built-in heart rate monitor. The technology does not fail and delivers accurate data to you. The Running Dynamics Pod is also another thing that the watch supports.

However much a built-in heart rate monitor works, it cannot deliver what a chest strap can. So, the watch comes with chest straps, meaning that the accuracy of the data given is to the tune of 100%. The other advanced features delivered by the watch are the heartrate variability stress test and the lactate threshold.

Garmin 935

Brand : Garmin
Display : LCD
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 0.5 x 1.8 x 2.1 inches
Connectivity Technology : Wi-Fi
Map Type : Worldwide
Battery life :15 days

The Ups of the Garmin 935

  • Incredible performance by the battery: I say hats off to the battery life of the Garmin 935, which significantly improves its performance. In smart ‘watch’ mode, the battery can last up to a fortnight. In UltaTrac mode (with an on GPS), it can stay for up to 4 days (specifically, 44 hours). In the HR/GPS mode, it will run for about 21 hours. This means you indeed can spend the whole day with the watch as it serves you best.
  • Waterproofness: Like its predecessor, the Garmin 735, this item has an impressive 5ATM water resistance rating. This implies that the watch will still be fine when you step into a 50-meter deep water body.
  • Impressive features for swimmers: If you are a swimmer, this should be your to-go item. When you don this item in your dives, you get to enjoy the watch’s triathlete properties. Models like these are not very many out there.
  • Wi-Fi compatibleness: This 935 model, unlike its predecessor, supports Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that the transfer process of data happens smoothly and efficiently. This means that the syncing of data doesn’t take a lot of time, making the watch a good one to have.

The Downs of the Garmin 935

  • The watch’s cost: As you have seen from the description above, the watch has many excellent qualities and comes with a price. It may be cheaper than Fenix 5, but it is expensive altogether.
  • The watch’s design: Other smartwatches of the same price range have better designs. However, the Garmin 935’s design is essential and unlikely to draw people to it. With a plastic body, some users feel like it shouldn’t be as expensive as Garmin 935 sells.

And the Garmin 935 Takes the Day!

Comparatively, the Garmin 935, which is technologically advanced, wins the comparison. Because of its triathlon functions. The 935 model is like a little powerhouse wrapped up in your wrist. It has customizable features that will make you enjoy its performance to the fullest!

The most outstanding is the battery life of the unit, which can go up to 4 days. Anyone looking for a great outdoor GPS watch should stop at the Garmin Frontrunner 935. Most of the triathletes will be enticed by its quick-release mechanism, meaning that you won’t spend time adjusting metrics and gear as you move from running to cycling and then to open water swimming.

The Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it worth buying the Garmin 935?

Absolutely yes – this watch features, like distance and heartrate sensors, smartphone compatibility, GPS tracking, speed, and data space and analytics, will ensure that you achieve pro status.

2. Can the Gramin 935 model have music in it?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with internal music storage. If you want the beat, however, you can use Bluetooth to control the playing music.

3. Which model is better – Fitbit or Garmin?

Garmin is a better item when it comes to sleep tracking. While Fitbit devices employ a heart rate sensor to keep tabs on your breathing exercise, there is no information processing. However, the Garmin devices do everything: tracking, processing, and presenting the stress data captured each day.

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