Best Hockey Foosball Table 2023

The hockey foosball table is an excellent addition in an indoor game room. This table is designed for both adult and kids. Currently, a large number of American parents are encouraging their children to play indoor hockey. Likewise, this game is equally popular to the adult. 

 Hockey table is designed with best access ability.It has the most adjustable functions. You will feel the real fun of playing hockeyin the outdoor ground. However, there have some versatile hockey tablecomes with multiple game option. For example, the basketball, table tennis and chessare notable versatility. 

Are you searching for abest hockey table, then you are the exact place now. We have covered some quality foosball table for a hockey game. Also, you will get an in-depth buying guide about hockey table. So, you can check out our latest updated guide now. 

Top Five Best Hockey Foosball Table Reviews

 As the demand for hockey football has increased, so has itsproduction. As a result, there has a lot of hockey table on the market. But all are not built-in quality. It is why we have researched on it to figure out the best hockey table. We listed the top 5 tables. Let’s check these. 

1. MD Sports 48 Inch 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Game Table

MD Sports 48 Inch 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Game Table
MD Sports 48 Inch 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Game Table
MD Sports 48 Inch 12 in 1 Combo Multi-Game Table

Firstly, MD SPORTS is the famous brand and leader in this industry. They have reputations for providing optimum quality of indoor and outdoor games. Likewise, this MD Sports 48 Inch 12 in 1 Combo is made with durable material and full of features. 

Mostly, it is a fun and innovative product at a great value. With all in one part, this Multi-Game Table offers 12 different games in one table including Foosball, knock hockey, air-powered hockey, table tennis, basketball, and more.

At the same time, The Hockey foosball table also offers all the gaming accessories so it won’t disturb you while play and you don’t need to buy separately. Besides, this Hockey foosball table allows you to easily storage as it comes with archery storage function. 

It has one storage bag at one end of the table so you can keep all your accessories nicely and safely.

Most importantly, the table offers easy to assemble 3.5-inch leg with leg levelers. That’s the way it ensures the table surface is level on any floor.

Verdict: with the change of mood this table will allow you to change the gaming option, but it won’t let you change the table. We are grate fu it suitable for both young and kids.

 Key Features

  • No tools need for assembling foosball players as it allows for faster set up
  • For firm grip during foosball play, it has Quality 0.5″ steel rods with rubber handles
  • Extremely easy to change from one game to another 
The Pluses
  • Wide variety of game options.
  • Re-enforced leg design.
  • Reasonable price.
The Minuses
  • Hard to put together.

2. IFOYO Multi-function 4 in 1 Game Table

IFOYO Multi-function 4 in 1 Game Table
IFOYO Multi-function 4 in 1 Game Table
IFOYO Multi-function 4 in 1 Game Table

This IFOYO Multi-function table allows you to play four different games on a single table with your friend and family. The games are Foosball, Billiards, Air Hockey, and ping pong. With very easy to swivel features, the table offers you to change the mood of the game within seconds. 

Besides, the critical part of this hockey table is it is very sturdy and stable. As the manufacturer made the table with medium density fiberboard, it will offer you long-lasting fun. Thanks to the exceptional design that makes it a space saver. 

Thus, the air hockey table is suitable for both the game room and kid room. You don’t need to worry about the fitting as the table comes with all accessories and instructions. To boost your confidence, the brand offers three months warranty as well. 

On the other hand, the multi-table includes folding leg to allow you easily store and transportation. With the weight of 51 lbs. and standard dimensions, the IFOYO Multi-function table is also perfect for kids.

Verdict: only assembly, easy operation, and easily convert feature makes the IFOYO Multi-function table an excellent choice within the price.

 Key Features

  • Its folding lag allows for easy store and transportation
  • With a lightweight and small in size, it perfectly fits in a gaming room
  • Very durable and stable
The Pluses
  • Sturdy MDF Construction.
  • Portable Design.
  • Multi-Game Table.
  • Easy to Swivel.
The Minuses
  • With 3ft high, Foosball sits top of the pool table. So, it’s hard to play for kids.

3. Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop

Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop
Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop
Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop

The Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop is best for its rotating feature that offers four different surfaces to play. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring the action and excitement as well as ideal for any gathering. With high quality and non-toxic material, the air hockey and foosball table are incredibly sturdy and reliable. 

Besides, it will serve you for a long time without getting any damage. At the same time, its four legs ensure additional stability. Thus, the table will fit with the floor and outdoor surface perfectly to provide you with a unique entertainment option. 

The highlight feature of this Hockey foosball table is it comes from versatile and simple-to-use interactive furniture. The feature ensures lots of enjoyment both for Kids and adults. The Multi Game Table comes with a light brown laminate wood effect with similar color short legs. Besides, it has a standard green color playing surface with red and yellow color teams.

Verdict: with the short of height this Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop will be great as a birthday or Christmas gift for kids. 

 Key Features

  • Comes in a complete package with everything that required
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Great for kids to grow their education
The Pluses
  • Realistic foosball table.
  • Ergonomic handle grip.
  • Multiplayer game.
  • Better coordination ability.
The Minuses
  • Some individual may feel it short in length.

4.Giantex 48″ 3 in 1 Game Table

Giantex 48″ 3 in 1 Game Table
Giantex 48″ 3 in 1 Game Table
Giantex 48″ 3 in 1 Game Table

The Giantex Game Table is another great addition from Giantex. With the large size, this Game Table is made with the perfect design that is ideal for home or game room and any other events. Besides, the game table offers three different games, including an air table, pool table and, soccer table. With 48 inches in length, the versatile and easy-to-use interactive foosball table is allowed to correctly place in a game room, playroom, or garage. So, it’s an excellent opportunity for both kids and young to bring endless fun. 

If you are searching for air hockey and a foosball table with sturdy steel rods, this table will be perfect for you. The game table comes with sturdy steel rods with robot style players. So, it will provide you break less fun all over the year. 

At the same time, the table includes four leg levelers for easy assembly. With the easy setup feature the Giantex in 1 Game Table allow you to change the game option within a short time.

Verdict: with the short of height, this Giantex 4 in 1 Multi Game Tabletop will be a good choice for a birthday gift or another occasional gift

 Key Features

  • Help to promote both cooperation ability and coordination sense
  • Its vivid football field creates an exciting atmosphere
  • For a better gaming experience, it has lock claps
The Pluses
  • RSturdy Steel Rods.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Includes complete accessories
The Minuses
  • Not appropriate for kids under seven years old.

5. Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table
Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table
Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table

Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table is the most durable Hockey foosball table on our list. Significantly, the company made the table with 100+ years of game and toy-making experience and expertise. 

Most importantly, this dome hockey table prevents messes and spills from beverages and keeps the playfield dust free. At the same time, its dome is too shattered resistant and provides clear vision from all angles of play. Even you can easily remove it after game assembly.

The key feature of this hockey foosball dome is its Scoring unit. The quality makes play excitement with sound and lights. On the other hand, its legs are made with Miterfold construction and covered with Black Vinyl with leg boots. 

As a result, you will get comfortable and accurate levelling. For providing you with a bonus, the superbubble hockey table offer realistically painted players and a chrome support bar. It ensures a level surface, so you get a better experience of gameplay.

Verdict: the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table will take your foosball gaming experience into another level with its Sturdy, shatter-resistant plastic dome, light, and sound effect.

 Key Features

  • It has one set of solid colored players
  • Lightweight and standard size ensure both easy transport and perfect fit
  • Solid Fiberglass Rods ensure durability
  • Its Gears Include an Internal Slip Clutch to Avoid Damage
The Pluses
  • Lots of colors available
  • High-quality hockey table
  • Removable dome
  • Awesome Scoring unit
The Minuses
  • A bit pricy than competitor

The Buying Guide

Maybe you will easily find a lot of option for a hockey foosball table. But it may seem daunting to choose the right hockey table. We are also facing a problem when we are in the research. However, we have done our research and figure out the top best table for you. So, today we are going to tell you about the secrets which we have followed. Hopefully, you will able to get the best one.


The previous model of hockey table does not come with the electronic scoring board. But recently, most of the hockey table comes with the automatic scoring board. This board will be counting the scoring by itself.

So, your particular want to get the updated model. In this case, we recommend to check out the electric scoring mechanism. However, if you have limited expenses range then you can choose the best manual scoring board. 

Fan VS Blower

Sometimes, you might have applied a lot of force to throw the puck to the opponent. Generally, it happens in the case of a cheaper hockey table. It is essential to buy a roughly good hockey table. However, if you have not high budget, we suggest choosing a table with a built-in fan and blower. Ans also try to pick it with including 110 v blowers.

Power Source

It is essential to know about the power source for your table. For instances, A battery is a power source.Also, Ac current can be best power source for this digital table. Because the digital hockey board is designed to run with electric power. There have some models, which needs AAA or AA batteries o to be run.

Remember, these types of batteries will need a lot of electricity. So, it can waste a lot of energy. In this case, you will get an adapter to reduce the demand for battery power. So, check it up. 


Table size is crucial to consider before buying as you will buy a table for all. But there has a specific table for adult and kids. Luckily, you are getting all in one package. If you believe a particular table, then we recommend the size should be 3-4 feet for the teenager and kids. And this size could be longer a bit for the adult. 

Leg levellers

Leg levellers are an essential factor. Maybe you have a flat surface to set up this table. But somehow you may need to set up this table for an outdoor trip or rough surface. A leg leveler works to keep your table correctly. It would help if you chose a hockey table with leg levellers. 


The outlook or exterior design is fundamental. Because a hockey table is the permanent gear of your game room, so, it will be great if you can pick up an aesthetic table. However, some people ignore this topic. But we recommend taking care of the design. As well as, we suggest to choose your favourite color for this table. 


Some hockey tables are only made for playing hockey. And some models come with versatile benefits. The checker backgammon, cheese, bean bag toss, and much more gaming option having with it. Even this type of table is providing individual playing equipment for several games. So, we believe a versatile table could be the best choice for a multipurpose match.

The Benefits Of having A Hockey Foosball Table

Hockey table is not only good for the recreation but also good for the health. It works to keep well mental and physical health. Here are some crucial benefits to having a table.

  • Living healthier to play regularly hockey games in the indoor game room
  • It can build a relationship among all family members
  • Enjoying the free time with dearest persons or kids in the weekend or occasion
  • Learning additional indoor gaming strategy
  • Reduce the hassle to play in the outdoor games
  • Great enjoying medium in any rainy days
  • Having a versatile gear to play several games 

The Frequently Asked Questions  

What do We like About This Table?

We like huge things in this table. First of all, the realities of different games. Then the facilities of getting all accessories for the individual match. Besides, it provides great useability for both adult and kids. Additionally, we like the modern design and durable construction. 

How much does a premium hockey table cost?

You will get a high-quality air hockey table within $400 to $600. If you can expense this price range, you will get a durable table as well as this will be larger enough for the adult. Besides, there has the versatility of several games within this price point. 

What is table hockey called?

Although most of the American people know about table hockey, many realize it about another name. For example, a table hockey game is also called as bubble hockey, rod hockey, stick hockey and a board hockey game. 

How long do air hockey tables last?

The statistics say that air hockey tables can long last at least 5-8 years. However, durability is depending on some things. Here we would say about the expense of your air hockey table. Generally, the expensive tables are more durable. Besides, proper maintenance is also a significant factor to keep a table long-lasting. 

Do air hockey tables need to be plugged in?

Yes, it needs to be plugged in to run the table functions. Because an air hockey table comes with a battery system, so, it needs electricity to operate the game. 

The Last Words

We have written the top five best hockey foosball table reviews. These hockey tables are ever best from the aspects of quality and price. As well as, each of our listed products has extreme popularity. We have come up with thousands of different models. So, you can take one from our list without over tension.

Our particular recommendation for you to read the buying guide correctly. Because there we have given some specific criteria. If you follow that you will be able to buy the right hockey table.

If you have any information to know about hockey table, please let us know in the comments. We must update this content for you. And if you find this guide useful, you can share it on social media.

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