How Many Games In A Set Of Tennis? Let’s Check Out the Tennis Scoring System Now!

Tennis is a fun sport played by racket and rubber ball between two individuals or teams (2 players each). I bet you have opened up this article after growing some interest in tennis. Are you a beginner and want to join the tennis club of school? Or, is it just the curiosity that has brought this content in front of you?

In order to learn a sport, every player has to start with the basics and rules. Tennis rules and scoring system is a bit different than other sports. After observing the play a bit, coming across several words, including love (zero), points, game, set, deuce, etc. Every beginner would wonder, “How many sets in a set of tennis?”

As a simplified answer, each set consists of 6 games (maximum).Well, I know, just this one sentence isn’t ever enough to satisfy the curiosity of beginners. That’s why in this article we have covered general rules and the scoring system of tennis. So, be ready to know the basics of the fun sport. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Tennis & Its Basic:

In order to play tennis, at first, the players would need a rectangular court, tennis rackets, and rubber balls. By using the racket, players have to hit the felt ball back & forth over the net within court boundaries. They can play the sport individually as a single player on each side or team (two players each). Either it’s a single or double play, every player can perform a bounce (maximum) after the opponent has hit the felt ball. This rule may differ a bit in the case of wheelchair tennis. In that play, each player can perform two bounces (maximum). If a player misses the opportunity to deliver the ball in the opposition’s court, the rival will gain a point.

What Are The Tennis Scoring Terms?

As we have stated before – tennis rules, regulations, and tennis scoring terms are quite different from any other sport. Let’s dive in to get a better concept.

Tennis is a 4 point game where a player or team can win by being 2 points ahead. Each tennis set consists of six games, and each match consists of two/three games.

                                                 Point System 
0 pointLove
1 point15
2 point 30
3 point40

The primary five ways to win points in tennis are love, 15, 30, 40, and deuce. Once both players have reached 40, it’s a tie. In order to break the tie, the game will extend till a player gets a two-point lead.

What Is The First Point In Tennis Score?

Generally, everyone craves love in their life. However, in tennis, everyone would like to be away from love. In the tennis scoring system, we consider 0 as love. In the rectangular tennis court, love is never the response as tennis love will lead to loss.

How to Win the Game?

Winning four points is a must to win the game. If the player has scored 40-15, 40-30, or 40-love; scoring one more point will lead you to win the game. If both teams have reached the same points, in the score announcement, the authority uses the term ‘all.’ 

For instance, if a player and his opponent both have reached 15, the authority will announce the score as 15-all.

What Does Deuce Mean?

Once a player and his opponent have reached 4 points, it’s a tie. The score, 40-40, is deuce. After getting deuce, the player would need to score 2 points in a row to be the winner. The server winning the deuce point is called Ad-in & losing the deuce means Ad-out. The team or player with the advantage will win the game after scoring one more point. Otherwise, the game will be back to deuce.

What Are The Types Of Tennis Set?

“How many games In A Set Of Tennis?”is a common confusion among beginners.

As we know, there are six games in a set of tennis. There are two significant ways to win a set.

Advantage Set: 

In the advantage tennis set, a player must achieve victory in six games by two to win the set. Thus, if a tie occurs at the six games, the play goes on until a team wins by two sets. For instance, if a player has got victory in five games out of six, the player has to conquer the next two games in a row. However, in such a manner, the match will go on indefinitely. So, the authorities have established new rules instead to avoid such consequences in 2019. 

Tiebreak Set: 

Most players are not into the exhausted & continuous gameplay. Instead, a tiebreak set is more engaging and fun. The tie occurs at five games; in a tiebreak set, the athletes have to conquer the set by winning two games. 

If both teams end up winning six games, the tiebreak game will begin. Here the scores of consecutive games will commence at zero. The player who will reach seven points first while keeping a minimum two-point difference from the opposition will be the winner.

Who does serve After A Tie-break Set?

While beginning the new set, the teams have to switch sides, respective of the team’s side during the tiebreak set. The server of the tie break set will be the receiver in the first game of the new set.

How To Win The Final Set?

In 2019, the grand slams enforced their own rules and regulations to be the Victor of the final set.

US Rules: 

The player who will reach seven after 6-6 tiebreak, will become the Victor.

French Rules: 

French players use advantage sets without playing any tiebreak games.

Australian Rules: 

The first player who will achieve 10 points will be the winner after a 6-6 tiebreak.

Wimbledon Rules: 

In order to win the final set, the athletes need to score 7 with a 12-12 tiebreak.


How does tennis scoring work?

As per regulation, there are two to three sets in each match. In order to win a set, a player needs to conquer at least six games. Five major terms of the tennis scoring system are – love, 15, 30, 40, and deuce. The score starts from zero (zero) & a player can score up to 40. Suppose a player/team fails to pass the ball to the opponent; he will lose a point. Thus, the opponent will gain a point.

According to tennis scoring terms, in tennis, there are just four points where love means zero. 15 is considered as the first point, then comes 30, which is point 2. At last, 40 is point 3, and then comes the game point. 

How many sets are needed to win in tennis

We play tennis matches in two to three sets where the players must conquer two sets to be the Victor of the match. In Grand Slams, men play five sets while women’s tennis consists of three sets. In the team play (Double matches), athletes play three sets with a tiebreak of 10.

What Are The Rules for Challenges In Tennis?

When a player challenges in tennis, he must abide by following rules and regulations.

  • No player can receive more than two challenges per set.
  • The player will lose the challenge indeed if he is incorrect.
  • If he is right, the same number of challenges will remain.
  • Every player will gain an extra challenge while playing tiebreak games in any set.
  • The player can’t carry challenges from one set to the other.
  • He can only perform a challenge during the final shot of the rally.

Final Words:

People love to play tennis worldwide, especially in the USA, Australia, and France. Either it is a beginner who aims to be a pro in tennis or just a curious soul, our content will undoubtedly assist you. In this article, we have discussed the most asked questions: “How many games in a set of tennis?”and other basic rules. I’m confident that our article can quench the curiosity of every beginner and give him a clear concept. 

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