How Many Sets In US Open Tennis?

In this modern century, the United state has come up with new open-tennis tournaments. It is basically a sophisticated version of the previous US national championship. The tennis authority of the US first came up with the National Championship for men (single and double matches) in 1881. As you have come across this article, I believe you are curious about US open tennis and its scoring system. Almost all beginners have a common query, “How many sets in US open Tennis?”

Men’s matches of the US Open Championship consist of three or five sets. On the contrary, women’s matches and mixed matches usually consist of three sets.

Well, I bet this answer wasn’t enough to quench a beginner’s curiosity. Don’t worry, as we have discussed the tennis scoring system, US open tennis, and other common queries in this article. Either you wish to be a player in the near future or just an expectation, this article will be helpful indeed. So, check up on our article below and enjoy the game right away!

US Open Tennis:

The US Open tournament is the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament among four grand slams. The US championship generally consists of five matches. This includes – single matches of Men and women, double matches of men and women, and mixed doubles. The authority of the US open championship also arranges matches for wheelchair players, senior, junior. From 1978 the authority organized the tournament on acrylic hard courts. The hard Court of The hard Court of Billie Jean King tennis ground is considered as the main center of the US open tennis championship.

How To Play Tennis?

Tennis is a fun sport where two individuals play singly or play double matches as a team (two players in each). Each player must need a corded racket to assist him in passing the rubber ball covered into the opposition’s court.

In the game, each player or team can bounce the ball once before the rival strikes the ball and return it over the net. In order to win a game, players need to gain enough points. Winning enough games will lead them to win a set. At last, after winning the sets, they will win the match. If a player is unable to pass the ball into the rival’s court, the opposition will gain a point. 

Tennis scoring system:

As we know, the tennis scoring system is a bit different than any other game. While discussing tennis, coming across several terms like deuce and love is pretty natural. 

What is tennis love?

Tennis love is not as sweet as actual love. It actually means zero points which will lead to losing the game. Obviously, every player would like to avoid love in tennis. Every starter would wonder, “Why do they even call zero as love in tennis?” Well, we can’t really answer why. Maybe they just wanted to bring a bit of fun to the boring scoring system. However, it’s just a guess as tennis love is a topic of jokes and memes.

Tennis love might not be a loan word. All of us are familiar with a phrase – “neither for love nor money.” Here, the concept is: the person with love doesn’t possess money. This phrase can be a possible explanation of tennis love which means “zero.”

Terms of Tennis Scoring System: 

In order to get a clear concept about US Open tennis, being familiar with scoring terms and points is a must.

Scoring TermsPoints
Deuce 40-40

What is deuce? 

Deuce is the consequence when both the player and his rival have gain 4 points and reached 40-40. After reaching the deuce, an individual or team must be ahead by 2 points in a row to win the game. The game will continue until one of the teams reaches a 2-point advantage.

If the server gains the deuce point, the authority considers it as it is Ad-In. On the other handout, if the server loses the point and the receiver gains the deuce, it is termed as Ad-Out. The team or individual with Ad-In or Ad-Out will become the winner after gaining one more point. Otherwise, the game will be back to deuce.

How to win the match?

An individual or a team needs to gain four points (minimum) to win the game. If he has scored 40-love, 40-15, or 40-30, gaining one more point will lead him to victory. In case both teams have reached the same score in a game or set, the authorities call it “all” while announcing the results. For example, if an individual and his opposition party have scored 15, the authority will announce the score as “30-all.”

Let’s check the format of the US Open Tennis Tournament! 

After catching up with the scoring system of tennis, you might be concerned about winning the match. A Player needs to win at least six games to conquer a set. If both teams have scored 5, the winner will be the one who will reach 7 points first. What If the players reach 6-all? With such consequences, a tiebreak set is the only solution to decide the victor.

The authority first introduced the tiebreak set at the US Open Championship in 1970. At first, the tiebreak set was at 9 points, where the teams or individuals must score five points to be the winner. 

In 1976, the authority of the US Open Championship decided to switch to the 12-point tie break system. Here, the player who will reach seven points first by being ahead by two points will be the winner.

The finals of the US open match is a certain thriller. Players have to go through a 12-point tiebreak set to decide the result of the final set when the final score is 6-6. However, we saw several changes in Grand Slams in 2019.

Who wins the final set in US Open tennis? 

At the beginning of 2019, each grand slam came up with its own rules to be the winner of the final set. During the final set of the US Open tournament, the player who will reach 7 points first at the tiebreak of 6-6 will be the winner. Other grand slams (Australia, France & Wimbledon) follow different rules to win. 

How to score a tiebreaker set? 

As we know, the tiebreaker set is played when both teams have reached 6 points. Either it’s a single match or double; players need to switch every time they reach six points. During tie break sets, there are the same scoring points, including “zero,” “one,” “two,” “three,” etc. 

The receiver of the 12th game or the game where the tie occurred (6-6) will become the server of the tiebreaker. Similarly, the server of the previous match will receive the felt ball first during the tiebreaker.

In order to decide the results of the set, players need to go through a 7-point tiebreak. Thus, the team who will reach 7 points at first will be the victor of the tiebreaker.

Once both teams have reached 6, an individual must be 2 points ahead to win the tiebreak. For instance, during the final tiebreaker set, the scores might be 9-7, 10-8, or 8-6.

How many sets in the US Open match? 

“How many sets in the US open final?” “How many sets in US open Tennis?”

These are the common queries among beginners. Men’s and women’s matches differ in this context. During Men’s matches, they have to play a maximum of three or five sets. We have seen them playing best of three sets during the women’s tennis tournament and mixed doubles as well.

How many sets in the women’s US Open final? 

During the finals of the US Open tournament, men play a maximum of 5 sets. Now you might be wondering, How many sets in the US Open women’s matches?We have already answered, female players have to play three sets instead, but why? Why do women play only three sets during matches?

Many people think that it’s about endurance, but it’s really not the case. Obviously, women can do it physically as they have better endurance than men. Basically, several sexist men of ancient times used to think that five sets will be hard for women. The tradition is still going on. Moreover, female tennis is not as popular as male one. The grand slam of the US featured five sets for women from 1891 to 1901. However, we didn’t witness any 5 set tennis matches of women significantly.

How To Qualify for the US Open Tennis? 

Basically, there are three ways to be qualified for the US Open tennis.

  • At first, a player needs to rank among 104 players who have signed up for the grand slams tournament.
  • In order to get qualified, they must be Victor in 3 rounds.
  • A player can enter the US open tennis by receiving a wild card.

Every year, 128 individuals can play in the grand slam. Among them, 104 players enter the US open tournament through ranking. Sixteen players enter by being the winner in 3 rounds. At last, eight players qualify by receiving wild cards.


How many times does a tennis player hit a ball during a match?

Double hitting is not allowed in a tennis match. Thus, a player or a team is not supposed to hit the ball more than once. Even during doubles, each teammate can not strike the ball. 

During wheelchair tennis, an individual can get two strikes maximum. This is one of the basic rules of tennis. If an individual fails to pass the ball to the rival’s court by one bounce, the opposition will win a point.

Which match is the longest tennis match in history?

The Wimbledon match of tennis in 2010 is considered the longest match in history. This historical tournament took place between Nicolas Mahut and John Isner. It went on for 11 hours and 5 minutes, where two individuals contested more than three days. Obviously, the match was quite intense and tiring physically. Even spectators had great fun watching this intensive tournament.

Is the Australian Open 3 or 5 sets?

Australian authorities arrange five sets during Men’s single matches. On the contrary, Women’s tennis matches consist of 3 sets.

Final Words: 

“How many sets in US open Tennis?” Being a beginner, this is a common confusion. In this article, we have highlighted all the major rules of tennis, including their scoring system. We have also highlighted the general format of the US Open tournament.

As you have read this article so far, I believe you have become interested in US open tennis or maybe want to be an amazing player soon. I’m confident that our article was highly informative content to quench curiosity. So, are you ready to enjoy the intensive matches of the US Open championship in the stadium?

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