How Much Does A Snooker Table Weigh: The Weight of Snooker Tables: A Comprehensive Guide

Snooker is a cue sport that originated in the British Army in the 19th century and has since become a popular game worldwide, especially in the United Kingdom and China. Snooker tables are an essential part of the game, and their weight is an important consideration for various reasons, including transportation and installation.

Understanding the Structure of a Snooker Table

A snooker table is a large, rectangular table with six pockets and a bed covered in green baize. It has a wooden frame with a slate bed and cushions made of rubber. The cushions are the raised edges surrounding the table bed, and they are covered with a fabric material. The bed is the flat surface of the table where the balls are placed and hit with cues. The baize is a woolen fabric material that covers the table bed, and it is commonly green, although other colors can be used.

Factors Affecting the Weight of a Snooker Table

The weight of a snooker table is affected by several factors. The size of the table is a significant factor, with larger tables being heavier than smaller ones. The materials used in the construction of the table also play a role in its weight. Tables with a wooden frame and slate bed are heavier than tables with a metal or plastic frame and a MDF bed. Additionally, the weight of the cushions, pockets, and baize can also affect the overall weight of the table.

How Much Does a Snooker Table Weigh?

The weight of a standard full-size snooker table is approximately 1,000 pounds or 450 kilograms. The dimensions of a full-size snooker table are 12 feet by 6 feet (3.6 meters by 1.8 meters), and the slate bed alone can weigh between 500 to 700 pounds (227 to 318 kilograms). However, the weight of a snooker table can vary depending on its size and materials.

Here are some examples of the weight range for snooker tables of different sizes and materials:

  • Mini snooker table (4 feet by 2 feet or 1.2 meters by 0.6 meters): 50 to 150 pounds (23 to 68 kilograms)
  • Small snooker table (6 feet by 3 feet or 1.8 meters by 0.9 meters): 200 to 400 pounds (91 to 181 kilograms)
  • Full-size snooker table (12 feet by 6 feet or 3.6 meters by 1.8 meters): 1,000 pounds or 450 kilograms

Why Knowing the Weight of a Snooker Table is Important

Knowing the weight of a snooker table is essential for various reasons. First, it helps determine the appropriate mode of transportation for the table, especially if it needs to be moved between locations. The weight of the table can also impact the installation process, as a heavy table may require more people and specialized equipment to move and position it. Additionally, knowing the weight of the table can help with maintenance, as it can inform the type of cleaning products and methods to use to avoid damaging the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different materials used to make snooker tables?

nooker tables are typically made of wood and slate. The frame of the table is made of wood, and the table bed is made of slate. The cushions are made of rubber, and the pockets are made of leather. The baize, which covers the table bed, is typically made of wool or a wool-nylon blend.

What are some of the best ways to move a snooker table?

Moving a snooker table can be a difficult and complex task, and it’s best to hire professionals to do it. The table needs to be disassembled, and the slate bed and frame should be moved separately. Special equipment such as dollies, straps, and hoists may be needed to move the table.

How much space is needed for a snooker table?

The space needed for a snooker table depends on its size. A full-size table requires a room that is at least 22 feet by 16 feet (6.7 meters by 4.9 meters), while a half-size table requires a room that is at least 16 feet by 12 feet (4.9 meters by 3.7 meters).

How much does it cost to buy a snooker table?

The cost of a snooker table depends on its size, materials, and quality. A full-size snooker table can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 or more.

How do you maintain a snooker table?

To maintain a snooker table, it’s important to keep the table bed clean and free of dust and debris. The baize should be brushed regularly to keep it clean and smooth, and the pockets should be checked for any damage or wear. It’s also important to keep the cues and balls clean and in good condition.

How do you replace the baize on a snooker table?

Replacing the baize on a snooker table is a complex process that should be done by a professional. The old baize needs to be removed, and the new baize needs to be stretched and glued to the table bed. The cushions also need to be covered with new baize.


In conclusion, snooker tables are essential components of the game of snooker, and their weight is an important consideration for various reasons. The weight of a snooker table is affected by factors such as its size and construction materials, and the weight of a full-size snooker table is approximately 1,000 pounds or 450 kilograms.

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