How To Choose A Tennis Racquet For Beginners

Tennis is one of the world’s greatest sports. To play this game well, you need to be armed with the best tennis racquet. A good tennis racquet is not only one of a good model. It depends a lot on budget and also on the player. 

Beginners find dozens of racquet options to choose from, but you have to investigate which one will work best for you. To help you with that, I will show you exactly how to choose a tennis racquet for beginners.

Choosing The Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners

It is easy to find racquets on the market, but the right racquet will be dependent on the player’s grip size, weight, etc. The player needs to be clear on all aspects of these dimensions. Below are some tips for getting the right racquet:

Grip size:

To find the right racquet the beginner has to know what size of grip fits them best. To measure the grip size place a ruler from the top of your ring finger. Make it perpendicular to the second stroke of your palm. 

This is how you measure your grip size. However, you have to play tennis as a junior player with different sizes and figure out which is best for you. If your grip size is too large it will be harder to maneuver the racquet and hold it. 

If your grip size, however, is too small you would hold the handle too tightly; you as a beginner can get hurt very easily. We suggest getting a small grip size and you can, later on, buy overgrips that are attached on top of the grip. 

These can be cost-friendly and at the same time are easily replaced. I suggest changing the overgrip after playing 10-20 times so you can have a fresh grip. Replacing the overgrips can be a bit puzzling the first time. It is better to have someone show you how it’s down.

Once you get the hang of it, you can replace the overgrips yourself easily. Beginner players like to use grip size 1 if they use a full-size bat. Female players go for grip sizes 2-3 usually. Male players like to use grip sizes that are a bit larger usually. They opt for a 3-4 grip size.


In most other “how to choose a tennis racquet for beginners”articles, they will say this is not an important point. But I beg to differ.

Beginners usually use racquets with larger head sizes. A larger head size allows racquets to easily hit the ball. They are generally easier to play with. Make sure the racquet is not too large though because this can increase its weight.

A smaller head size would allow a much more controlled hit to the ball. The larger racquet would make sure to strike the ball. As the player is still getting a hang of their technique, this is very useful to learn.

A larger head-size is usually one between 95-110 inches in size.


If you buy a heavier racket it will give you better control but it will be harder to maneuver. A lighter racquet is usually a beginner option. This also depends on how much weight the player wants to deal with.

Light-weight racquets are easier to swing, especially for children. At the same time, lighter racquets can also ruin your learning of certain techniques. Racquets are usually easier to play with for beginners and wear them out less.

Many manufacturers usually sell the same products in different weights. You will not have to worry about which racquet will be best to buy. Lighter racquets are usually about 310g or below.

Heavier racquets are the ones above 320g.


Long racquets are usually harder to control. They can however be lighter and easier to pick and move around. The longer racquets allow the ball to be struck from higher distances and can reach and be maneuvered at different angles.

I recommend if you want a lighter racquet to go for a longer racquet which will also be less on the heavier side. However, this might be a bit difficult to be maneuvered. For adults, the racquet length for beginners can be 27-29 inches.


Racquets that are heavy on the head tend to be lighter. They provide more power and so are able to move. They give power to the groundstrokes. Lighter-headed racquets are usually heavier to hold. 

They can be easier to move and maneuver. 

However, they might wear out the beginner players and be difficult to play with to practice for a longer time. The balance of the player will be something the player needs to find whether they want a head-heavy or head-light racquet.

This can be done by trying out a few different bats. You have to find the right one for the player through practice and increasing expertise. Beginner players usually require less physical strength. Therefore, it is better to go with a head-heavy racquet.

A head-heavy racquet’s power will be able to teach beginners about striking the ball. It will gain experience in harnessing that power. Head-light racquets can give you a better spin if you have a bit more experience. The lighter racquets have more weight in the handle and can reduce more shocks. 

Tip for using racquets with better quality play:

  • A racquet that already has strings attached to it can be very low in quality.
  • It is usually strung at the manufacturing factory so it is often done without much notice or patience. These strings can be cheap but would not be good to play with. 
  • You can actually buy the racquet without strings.
  • Your racquet strings can be strung by paying a professional for it.
  • This can give you a better experience with striking the ball.
  • That’s an option you can look into if you want a better quality racquet that gives you the best play.
  • This way will be a bit less cost-efficient but it will give you a high-quality performance.
  • Such a racquet is called a ‘frame only’ racquet. 

Online Shop Ur Physical Shop

If you go to an online shop you will find a huge variety of selections of colors and sizes. Also, there is the comfort of finding and getting the racquet from home.

However, if you buy it from a physical shop they may let you play with it for a little while. You will get the feel of it and make a purchase, knowing you can actually use it.

This option might not be suitable for everyone as there are not many tennis racquet shops available everywhere. If it is an option you have in your area, you should check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the racquet size that I use?

Beginners are encouraged to get racquets that have bigger head-sizes which allows them to strike the ball easily without experience. It also helps them develop skills. Usually, female players like to use lighter racquets that range from 150 to 180 g. Male players opt for a bit heavier ones from the range of 170 to 200 g. 

What is the method of measuring grip size?

You have to place your tennis racquet fingers together. Use a ruler to measure from the start of the ring finger to the second stroke of the palm. This length is the grip size. 

What is the cost of a good tennis racquet?

A good tennis racquet is usually in the range of $80 to $230. Usually, the more expensive ones are made of graphite. For beginners, aluminum bats are compatible to use. These are about $30 to $70.

Should I use a lighter or heavier tennis bat?

For players who have some experience, more than 11 oz. is necessary. This is usually in the range of medium to very heavy. For beginners, I recommended lower than 11 oz. These are lighter to medium-heavy racquets.  

Do I need to restring my racquet?

This depends on how many times you play tennis in a week. You need to restring your bat if you play about 3 times per week. This is only once in a year. 

There are many options to choose from when you are looking for a tennis racquet as a beginner. It can be a bit confusing at times. Do your research and find out which one is best for you. 


Tennis racquets can be costly. However, if you spend your money on a good one you actually use, it can be worth it. Since beginner racquets are not that expensive, if you later on discover you want to move on to another sport, you won’t be losing a lot of money.

It is important for beginners to use a tennis racquet that feels easy to use. As you develop your skills further you will be able to use better racquets. Once you increase in skill level you might be more willing to pay a bit more for your racquet. Nevertheless, I hope now you know how to choose a tennis racquet for beginners.

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