Is Tennis A Rich Person Sport ?

Tennis is a racket played on a court with lines and a net in the middle. It’s a two-on-two game involving two pairs. And it has a reputation for being a costly sport throughout its existence. But now, people with little resources are opening up slowly.

It is a rich man sports because it needs a wide range of equipment. Racquets, balls, shoes, and strings are just some of the equipment you’ll need, as are court costs. With individual classes or competitions, the cost goes up much higher.

This article is tennis a rich person sport thatwill hopefully help answer your question. Let’s get to it.

Why Is Tennis Expensive?

Many people think tennis is a “rich” sport because it started in the upper class at Wimbledon and because royalty often shows up there. Interestingly, tennis is for those who have a higher education. Because of their wealth, they can easily afford to participate in these rich activities. 

And tennis isn’t affordable for beginners. Everything to do with the gear and the activity itself is costly. Just take a look at these necessary activities.

  • Renting a tennis court
  • Buy Tennis Equipment’s
  • Expenses of travel

Reasons why tennis is a rich sport? 

Tennis is, without a doubt, a high-class sport. Below are some reasons for being so expensive. 

The Cost of Game

Many people see tennis as an expensive sport, yet a casual player may not understand this. You just need a racquet and a few tennis balls to get started, but if you want to play seriously, you’ll need more.

They won’t hold up for long if you buy the cheapest racquets available. Because tennis racquets don’t endure re-stringing, you have to replace them whenever a string breaks.


Tennis balls have a minimal lifetime, which many beginners don’t anticipate when buying a can of balls. When it comes to tennis, fresh balls are only utilized for nine games before they are thrown away on the pro circuit.

You have to use a fresh can of the ball every time a game is played by those who aren’t serious. A month’s worth of golf balls might easily cost a hefty amount. 


A racquet player must always have two identical racquets on hand to be competitive. If a string breaks or a grip becomes too slippery, you’ll have a backup plan.

The number of racquets in a player’s hands increases as their skill level rises. In some situations, professional players arrive at a tournament with dozens of racquets. A racquet costs a lot initially, but the actual expense is having it re-stringed over time. The average time between re-stringing for a racquet is roughly two years. For strings, the cost varies widely based on factors like material, quality, and name brand.


When a string loses too much tension, a skilled player may cut the string. Even if you play for fun, you must pay an amount for racquet maintenance.

Finding a good stringer who will do the job for less money is also challenging. That means that even at the low end, getting a racquet re-strung each time, you have to pay a reasonable amount every time. 

Other little expenses, like vibration dampeners and over grips, add up over time. People who play in hot and humid regions may require extra over grips.

Fees of Court

Tennis courts may quickly become too costly to rent in certain parts of the world. If there are no public courts, the sport is immediately limited to those who can afford it. It’s unlikely that most individuals can afford to pay a high hourly cost to practice or play a match many times a week.

At places that charge to play tennis, membership programs are the cost-effective option to play regularly. To avoid having to limit how frequently they can go, this will enable players to utilize it without restriction.

Getting regular court time is a significant expense, yet it’s necessary for some regions. In colder climates, it’s sometimes necessary to have one so that a child may play outside even in the dead of winter.


When shopping for tennis clothes, you will see the prices are slightly higher than the normal ones. Most tennis players wear some headgear to keep sweat out of their eyes and shield themselves from the sun. Wristbands may be worn on either one or both wrists, as well. Also during play, ensure there are pockets or other means of securing an extra ball.


And the most important thing is a good pair of shoes is very necessary to avoid injuries. Shoes matter more than anything else when it comes to playing a sport at a high level.

Tennis players put a lot of stress on their legs and feet, and because they move in so many different ways, a shoe has to be able to handle tennis. Don’t even try to play tennis in sneakers or running shoes because they won’t give you enough support on the sides. Even worse, they will wear out quickly, especially on hard courts.

The Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Tennis For Rich?

Tennis is a rich man sports, but it is also one of the most accessible since all you need is a ball, a racket, and a court to play it. But the truth is it isn’t a luxury sport. If you have a tennis racket and a can of balls, you can play in public parks where you can play for free. But if you want to become a pro in tennis then there are some expenses which make it a bit more expensive for normal people. 

What Sports Do Rich Play?

Polo and golf are still rich people games. There are just some sports that cost a lot more money than others to join. To someone who doesn’t know much about the polo game, it looks like a mix of hockey and golf played on horseback. 

Do You Need To Be Rich To Become A Tennis Player?

That all depends on where you’re from since there’s only one problem with the sport: the court. Tennis isn’t a luxury if your country provides several public courts where you may learn the game. Because it’s not taught in schools and there aren’t many free courts, it might be pricey if you want to learn it in clubs.

Is Tennis An Upper Class Sport?

One would wrongly think that tennis is a highly competitive sport centered on limelight and prizes but this is not the case. Tennis is one of few sports played by members of the upper class in the country.

The Last Words

Is tennis a rich person sport? No, you got your answer. If you want to reserve a tennis court, don’t expect it to be inexpensive. Renting a tennis court by the hour is always expensive, regardless of where you go. But tennis is not a sport that requires a lot of money.

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