Kick Foosball Table Review 2023

A foosball table serves as an excellent recreational item that appeals to both children and adults. You can have fun weekends and game nights with friends and family and spend hours challenging each other.

There are many brands in the market that manufacture foosball tables but there are only a few that players would actually recommend. Among the trusted names, KICK has earned great reputation with their mid-range foosball tables that are affordable and carry good value for the price.

The Kick Foosball Table Details Review

Today we have chosen the kick foosball table review for an in-depth. It is an attractive table at first glance and seems to have good features to match. Let us dig in further and see how well it scores in the end.


The first thing you will notice is how beautifully this table is built. It has an elegant design that will enhance the look of any room and its soft aesthetically appealing wood detailing will blend in really well with all surroundings.


Kick Foosball Table Review
Kick Foosball Table Review
Kick Foosball Table Review

Made from MDF and hard wood and weighing at over 100lbs, this kick triumph foosball table review is built to last. The board thickness is ½ inch and the playing field is constructed of a hard and thick surface that will allow players to enjoy smooth and fast games with no dead spots to slow them down.

Anything less than ½ inches when it comes to board thickness is considered below average and makes the table prone to damage. Luckily with this product the board thickness is appropriate and it allows the table to stand strong and durable through every day wear and tear.

The heavy weight of the table makes it very stable and keeps it from moving which is an advantage during aggressive games. The standard dimension of the product is 55’’ L X30’’ W X36’’ H which makes it ideal for people of all ages to use with enough playing area for everyone to enjoy.


The semi-solid stainless steel chrome plated rods that hold the players are strongly built and do not carry any risk of bending or getting damaged from everyday use. The rods are not as fast or light as hollow rods but they are tough and glide through back and forth with good speed and precision. 

The handles on the rods are made of non-slip wood with screws so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip even when playing with sweaty hands.

Counterbalanced men

We love this feature on this table. Having counterbalanced men on an affordable foosball table is a bonus, provided they are normally only found on more expensive models.

The counterbalanced men, with extra weights in their heads keep them upright during games which allow players to play with more space and score easily.

Non-balanced men tend to wobble and cause the table to get clumsy which makes passing and scoring difficult. The 26 men come in 13 red and 13 blue uniforms.

Other Features

Goalie: You get the option of playing with 1-goalie or 3-goalie with an included ramp kit.

Leg levelers: You can adjust the height of the table a few inches to suit your preference. This is great for youngsters who may need to lower the table to their height in order to play comfortably. The leg levelers also offer great balance and an flat surface to play on which come in very handy when the table in placed on uneven floors.

Ball returns: The ball returns are placed on the sides for easy retrievals


Enter your text here. The KICK foosball table also has a few useful additions which makes things easier and more fun for the players. 

For example, the slide scoring tally situated on both ends help to keep track of the scores so you can concentrate on the game better, and for those who love to sip on drinks during games, the cup holders also located on each end, can come to great use.

Game Play

The excellent quality of the table can be noticed through its smooth and balanced game play. this product comes with all the essential features required for the best gaming experience. 

The strong and sturdy legs provide stability while the stainless steel rods with wooden handles glide effortlessly and provide control for fast games. The surface is smooth with no bumpy rises that would otherwise slow down games.

The counterbalanced men provide extra space and less interruption during a game, making them the cherries on top of all the outstanding features of this kick onyx foosball table.

The Pluses
  • Affordable.
  • Attractive design.
  • The construction of the table is strong and durable.
  • Leg levelers offer balance and the option to adjust the table’s height.
  • Smooth gliding rods with no-slip wooden handles for speed and control.
  • Counterbalanced men.
  • Has all the functions of a standard competition table.
The Minuses
  • The table is a little complicated to set up and the.instruction manual does not provide clear information.
  • Takes a bit of patience to assemble.
  • Not for outdoor use as the elements might ruin the fibreboard.
  • A bit pricey compared to your average foosball table.

The Frequently Asked Questions 

Does this table come assembled?

No, you have to set it up yourself. You may need a friend to help out with the initial build up as the instruction manual may be difficult to understand and the steps may be hard to follow on your own.

Do I have to buy extra balls for the table?

It comes with 4 balls which should be enough to last you a while.

Is this table good for children?

Children or beginners can play on this table but it is recommended for intermediate players.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable table that comes with all the essential features needed to enjoy endless games of table with friends and family then this is an ideal pick. 

Although it is not a professional table and is more suited to intermediate players, players of all levels will find this table refreshing and fun to play on. The best thing about this item is its ability to withstand harsh conditions and rough usage, making it a brilliant addition for your game room.

In short, this table sure looks like it can take a beating and still not budge.

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