Shimano 105 Versus Tiagra: Which Groupset Is The Best In 2023?

“No Road is too long if you have a good company” similarly, Riders are very particular, as a cook in their choice of components while they enjoy the road and the view.

If a rider wishes to purchase their first groupset for biking, “Shimano 105 versus Tiagra”is a common issue every beginner will face. If he has already used Tiagra, he might want to upgrade to Shimano 150. At the same time, he might wonder –

“Should he upgrade to Shimano 150 from Tiagra?”

“Is Shimano 105 much better than Tiagra?”

“What are the major differences between Shimano150 & Tiagra?”

Sprockets on rear wheels are the significant difference between Shimano Tiagra and 150. Tiagra is based on a 10-speed system with 52 teeth, where Shimano 105 is 11-speed with a long chain of 53 teeth. 

In order to assist beginners a bit, we have explored various magazines and the internet. In this piece, We have broadly discussed these groupsets along with an in-depth comparison. I bet this article will clear all of your queries. So, check our article thoroughly to decide which groupset will be best for your road bike and will provide that “Eureka” feeling to you.

What Is A Group Set?

Most of us already know it, but as a brief statement, a groupset is an assembly of parts such as – shifters, chainset, brakes, derailleurs, bottom bracket, cassette, and chain, etc. Companies manufacture the whole set in the same quality materials. Shimano is not much different, has provided six groupsets, including Dura-ace, 105, Ultegra, Sora, Tiagra, Claris.

Basically, Shimano has equipped Dura-ace, Ultegra, and 105 with hydraulic disc brakes. On the contrary, Shimano Tiagra is equipped with hydraulic discs as well as cable discs. These are just names, so there is no need to get confused, as we will explain as we further move down the track.

Where Do Shimano Tiagra and 105 Stands In The Range?

Everyone wants the best of what one can get. So it’s a fundamental question? Among all the groupsets of Shimano, Claris and sora stand at the cheapest segment. Then comes Tiagra at a mid-budget range. Shimano 105 is an upgrade of Tiagra.

Though Tiagra is more affordable, the cost difference between them is too minor. At the highest price segment, a rider can purchase Ultegra and dura ace. Many professional riders prefer spec dura for their outstanding qualities.

All of us are aware of the myth- the more you play, the more benefits you get. That’s what happens in the Shimano series, but that doesn’t mean you will be ripped off. Shimano goes by the name. Its name itself is a synonym for quality in today’s competitive bike world. As Ultegra and Dura-Ace are expensive models, they are comparatively lightweight than Tiagra.

Shimano 105 versus Tiagra: Check The In-depth Comparison Now! 

Tiagra and 105 both are pretty renowned in the Shimano series. As we know, many riders want to upgrade to Shimano 105 from Tiagra. 

“Should I invest or not?” is the primary query with such consequences. Check the points below to figure out the whole comparison in detail.

Speed & Gear:

  • Shimano 105 is an 11-speed set. It contains 11 sprockets that offer 22 gears, including two front chainrings. However, all the gears are not that much help, but it makes the progression from different gears very easy. This also is quite a bit helpful in ascending steep roads.
  • Shimano Tiagra is a 10-speed system where the number of gears has been reduced by combining two.
  • Tiagra offers both double and triple chainrings, where Shimano has provided only double chainset with 150 groupsets. Having extra gears provides several marginal benefits to the consumer. Gears tend to improve the momentum making the ride smoother.


While discussing Shimano150 versus Tiagra,brakes can’t be ignored as they are a safety belt to your life. They are an important factor that will assist in making the right choice.

  • Though 105 seem to be heavier, they are relatively more efficient than Tiagra. 
  • Shimano manufactured the  105 brakes basing on the same technology as Dura Ace’s double pivot system. By using this technology, a rider can slow down the bike without stopping it.  All he needs to do is press the lever. This symmetrical design offers a tight grip irrespective of riding, weather, or terrain conditions. A rider can enjoy superior power & control over the brakes in a balanced design. Such a system is also great to avoid wheel-lock.
  • Tiagra brakes perform well on 28 mm wide tires, where Shimano 105 can even run up to 30 mm wide tires.
  • Shimano 150 offers brakes for drop handlebars. Tiagra groupset provides brakes and levers for parallel handlebars.


Shimano 105 vs. Tiagra crank is a common confusion among the buyers. Shimano has manufactured both 105 and Tiagra with high-class aluminum. Both of the cranks are premium and lightweight.

  • Shimano 105 is much lighter than the Tiagra.
  • A buyer can go for Tiagra that comes with three chainrings (30, 39 & 50 teeth) along with 30 gearings. This whole thing works on a 10-speed system. The Shimano 105 is a modern 11-speed groupset that offers only two chainrings. If a rider possesses gears of at least 30 teeth, they will be pretty handy for him while passing through steeper slopes. 
  • Tiagra comes with three chainrings where Shimano 105 is much longer (around 160 mm). The prolonged length is an excellent feature for those who are relatively short or have a hard time on the slope because of a lack of strength in their legs.

Front derailleur:

  • The front derailleurs of both manufacturers are mostly alike. The only concern here is Shimano vs. Tiagra weight. Shimano 105 is several grams lighter than the Tiagra.
  • As we know, Tiagra is a 10-speed system that can take the chainring of 52 teeth. The 105 derailleurs can take a lengthy chainset containing 53 teeth. 

Rear Derailleur:

The rear derailleur of the former 105 was so same as the Tiagra one. However, the derailleur of modern Shimano 105 (R7000 version) has most specifications of mountain bikes. 

  • The rear derailleurs of Shimano 105 are manufactured by using shadow technology that will make the ride stable. Thus, such derailleurs are called shadow derailleurs. It mainly tends to reduce rear damage as rear derailleurs are pretty compact. 
  • In the short cage version, both 105 and Tiagra can reach up to 30t cogs. 
  • In the extended cage versions, rear Tiagra derailleurs can get the riders up to 34t cogs. On the contrary, many consumers of Shimano 105 have claimed to reach beyond 34t cogs in the lengthy cage.


Both Tiagra and Shimano 105 are equipped with Nicole plated cogs. However, Shimano 105 offers an aluminum lock ring which makes it much lighter than Tiagra.


Well, as everyone says, it finally comes down to money. Price is an essential concern indeed. Either you will invest or not is totally up to the budget. As we know, Shimano 150 is a slight upgrade of Tiagra. Both of them are of the same quality and exceptionally durable. Both of them will highly satisfy you. 

  • A user has to pay a few dollars more for 150. According to research, if a buyer wants the groupset only, he has to pay around $625 for the 150 sets. On the other hand, he can get a Tiagra set just by paying $560. I bet everyone would like to choose the upgraded one instead of saving $65.
  • Most people purchase the sets along with the brand new bike or a second-hand one. So the price of all equipment reflects on the whole thing. For example, the bike equipped with Shimano 105 is considered to be a high-spec one. So, the overall price rises initially. As per research, a buyer can purchase a Tiagra equipped bike by spending less than 1250 Euros. On the contrary, a brand new 105 equipped bike will cost around 2000 Euros. 

So, are you willing to purchase a Shimano 150 bike by investing more Euros? Or would you choose the Tiagra one instead?

The Shimano 105 group offers many outstanding features like – lightweight, renovated rear panel, 11-speed, light levers, etc. These qualities give more clearance to the bike while riding. However, these upgrades are not a new thing. We have already experienced such features in Dura-Ace or Ultegra. Well yeah, Shimano has indeed brought the premium features to the mid-budget range. In such consequences, it feels like 105 has obtained the previous versions again. Most customers think that Tiagra showed more improvements in lesser price.

Can You Differentiate Them Easily?

The appearance of the bike is an essential thing to every rider. Who doesn’t want their bike to look fabulous? 

Shimano 150 doesn’t appear as something new as we have seen the same design in previous generations.

  • The crankset of Shimano 150 (version R7000) looks similar to the previous Dura-ace and Ultegra. 
  • As a visual comparison, the crank of Tiagra (4700) looks like 105 (5800 version) & Ultegra (6800). So, any casual observer will have a hard time differentiating Tiagra from any other high-class models. 

In this context, we didn’t compare other aspects like gear, derailleurs, and levers. In the case of visual differentiation, a crankset/chainset is the thing that grabs attention the most.

How To Decide Between Shimano 105 & Tiagra?

Nowadays, most people are confused about Shimano 105 Versus Tiagra. Many customers wonder, Is Shimano 105 better than Tiagra? They are having a hard time deciding between them.

If a buyer wants to purchase a brand new bike, he needs to consider gears and other parts, including saddle, wheels & frame materials. If he has a low budget ($1000) and still wants to get Shimano 150, he has to compromise on wheels and frames. Most manufacturers provide cheaper wheels to offer better gears. In my opinion, it isn’t very reasonable to spend on gears while going for a blacksmith’s wheel. If he chooses this option, he must upgrade the wheels later on for a better experience.

If the buyer is ready to spend at least $ 1300, either he can go for Shimano Tiagra or 105. Both of the manufacturers are renowned for their quality materials. So, choosing any of them won’t leave him with such regret. I want to choose Tiagra as it offers better wheels, frames and other equipment.

If a rider has a budget of around $2000 to $2200, he must choose a Shimano 105 equipped bike along with a high-quality frame and wheels. Tiagra is mostly a mid-range bike. So, I personally don’t feel like paying $2000 for Shimano Tiagra bikes.

Check The Table Below For A Quick Comparison!

NO. OF GEARS (SPEED)10-speed system11-speed groupsets
BRAKESLack Integrated brakes/shiftersEquipped with Integrated brakes/shifters
CHAINRINGSAvailable with Three cranksets, three chainringsIt comes only with two chainrings at the front 
WEIGHT300 gm higher because of crankset build 300gm less because of crankset build 
PRICELittle cheaper.Comparatively expensive.


What is a road bike groupset? 

Road bike’s groupset is the second key component a person should see after the bike’s frame. It refers to any electronic or mechanical parts used in changing gear, brake, running off the drivetrain, i.e., brake levers, rear, front calipers, chain, cassette, and front and rear derailleur, and crankset.

What are the significant differences between Tiagra vs. 105 Groupsets?

In my opinion, Groupsets is one of the key differences between Tiagra and 105. All the versions of Shimano 105 are equipped with 11-speed groupsets, whereas Tiagra is still tied to its 10-speed system, which reduces the combination of gears by two.

Shimano 105 vs. Tiagra: Should I Upgrade?

This upgrade depends on some of the conditions.

The prominent go-to buy feature of a bike is its frame. If you are happy with the structure (i.e., it fits you and your needs) and think of upgrading parts by parts, I would agree with upgrading to Shimano 105.

Secondly, Shimano 105 comes with a name, and many people want that unique and incredible feeling and standing out of others. I, too, will agree with this. But it’s not only the brand name; the quality and ease of the ride also make it worth upgrading.

Final Words: 

Like every good thing comes to an end, so did this. I have done my best to include every aspect to help you make a choice. Either a rider wishes to upgrade his bike or wants to purchase a new one; being confused about Shimano 105 vs. Tiagrais pretty natural. 

Both of the groupsets of Shimano have gained massive fame in this modern age. Many buyers may feel like 105 offers the same design that we witnessed in 2015 in Dura-ace. Well yeah, that’s undoubtedly true, but Shimano has brought it in the mid-range segment. If your budget is more than $2000, I would suggest going for a Shimano 105 bike with durable frames and high-quality wheels. 

However, go for Tiagra instead of purchasing 105 equipped bikes with cheap frames and wheels. Never compromise on wheels for the gears. If you just want to upgrade from Tiagra to 105, then go for it. Trust me; you won’t regret it. Thus, take the final decision now and enjoy the ride on your favorite bike!

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