Fix It Possible To Use A Tennis Ball To Unlock Car Doors?

Though a key is one of the most valuable tools, losing and misplacing keys is a common consequence everyone has faced. Suppose a car owner has left his car in the parking lot and remembered that the key is still inside the car. I bet he will feel really frustrated for being so careless. 

Are you facing the exact consequences right now? I guess you have come to our article while searching for easy hacks to unlock the car door. Whenever “picking car locks” comes to mind, the first thing a user would think is Using atennis ball to unlock car doors.” Is it even possible? 

Well, that’s what our article is about. So, stay tuned with us to know: Is the myth of picking car locks real or just a renowned rumor?

Unlock The Car With Tennis Ball: Origin Of The Myth!

Losing or misplacing the key creates a frustrating situation, and I believe everyone can relate to it. After losing the key, a car owner has some limited options in hand. He can call the tow service to sort the issue. Then again, his phone might be inside the car as well. 

Well, he can ask for a phone from a friend or passers-by and make the call. Some people advise using the coat hanger technique, but those tricks don’t work in most cases.

 Lastly, he can walk back home and get the spare keys. All of these solutions seem like a hassle. In such consequences, everyone wishes for an easy and cheap trick, and that’s when “unlock car with tennis ball” will come to mind.

The myth of “tennis ball unlock car” began in February 2016. At that time, some YouTubers, bloggers and other social media users started sharing a video rapidly. In that video, a guy claims to pick the car lock just by using a tennis ball. Well, this video was quite interesting, but the idea wasn’t totally new. As per our research, the origin of the trick was in 2007.

How to Use a Tennis Ball to Unlock Car Doors? 

The video showed the detailed technique to car door open with tennis ball. The video makers instructed the woman to keep a tennis ball in their purse instead of the spare keys. The process goes as follows:

  • At first, the user needs to burn a hole in the tennis ball.
  • Then, place the ball on the car keyhole and press the ball with high force. 
  • This brute force will pressurize the keyhole by the airforce inside the tennis ball.
  • The overall pressure will compress the locking mechanism.
  • Eventually, the locking mechanism will open, and the car will be unlocked.

Most viewers will say – it’s nonsense. How can a car door get unlocked so easily? 

Does the tennis ball trick really work While Picking Car Locks? 

As we have phrased before, the trick first originated in 2007. If lock picking was so easy, we would witness a tremendous amount of car theft every year. All a thief would need is a tennis ball to break into other’s cars in their leisure. Even in 2007, we didn’t come across a massive increase in car break-ins. 

The Mythbusters of discovery channel experimented with the “tennis ball car lock.” As the full technique is based on air pressure, they utilized a high pressure by a tennis ball. 

However, the trick didn’t work. So, they decided to apply much higher pressure in the same manner. Kari byron and tory tried this trick with multiple size holes in the tennis ball. They thought that the pressure inside the tennis ball might not be enough to open the lock mechanism. 

So, they even tried vacuum sealing while providing 100 psi pressure. Such pressure is nine times more than our atmospheric pressure.

However, none of the tricks worked. At last, they conclude that it’s not possible to use a tennis ball to unlock car doors.

In Mythbusters article and YouTube videos, many people commented that this trick really works for them. At the same time, many people claimed it to be a fake myth. As per our research, this trick mainly works on specific car models, especially old models. 

So, we can’t really answer will this trick work on your car or not. Modern cars have their technology to prevent car break-ins. 

What are the consequences of unlocking the door with a Tennis Ball?

If a user can perform the tennis ball trick, he will be free from the hassle of walking back home to get spare keys. However, it’s a fact that – applying such brutal force might weaken a car’s locking mechanism. Thus, thieves will have easy access to your car.


What Is The Tennis Ball Technique?

The tennis ball technique mainly works by burning a hole in a tennis ball. Placing the hole of the tennis ball over the keyhole will pressurize the lock mechanism. The user needs to apply brute force on the ball. Thus, the air pressure from the tennis ball will travel inside the keyhole. This total procedure will force the locking mechanism to open up inside the car door. 

Can You Unlock Your Car Door with a Tennis Ball? 

After trying to use the tennis ball in picking the lock, most people claimed to be a failure. However, some users were successful as well. In most cases, those cars are of old models. So, it’s hard to assure that the same trick will work for you.

How do you unlock a car door with a hanger?

  • At first, the user needs to stretch out the wire and make it long enough so that it can reach the unlock button. 
  • Keep the hooked part twisted while straightening the rest portion completely by pure pilers.

Now, the user can try picking a lock with the hanger.

Final Words: 

When a car owner has lost his key or left his keys inside the car, lock picking tricks are the most helpful solutions if he doesn’t have a spare in hand. Using a tennis ball to unlock the doorwill be a fantastic way in such consequences. After reading this article, I bet you have got an idea to unlock car with tennis ball. So, are you ready to try this hack on your vehicle?

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