Tornado Classic Foosball Table Reviewed By Expert 2023

When talking about foosball tables, the name Tornado instantly pops up in our minds. A well known name in the industry, Tornado has been manufacturing high-quality foosball tables over the past 40 years. It is a favorite brand amongst the best players of the game from all around the globe and rightfully so.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review has created many different models of foosball tables till date and none of them fail to impress with their durability and class. Today we are reviewing the Tornado Classic, a foosball table with high quality parts and a modern look.

We are considering all its major parts, their functions and quality of game play to find out whether this table is worth investing in.

Features of Tornado Classic Foosball Table

Built Quality

Tornado Classic Foosball Table Reviewed
Tornado Classic Foosball Table Reviewed
Tornado Classic Foosball Table Reviewed

The first thing we have to highlight is the table’s durability. There aren’t many foosball tables in the market with the strength and sturdiness of Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review and this model is no different. 

The black leather laminate finish may be the first thing you notice as it gives the table an attractive contemporary look, but what is inside is even better. The wall of the cabinet is made of 1 and ½ inches thick MDF, as thick as tornado sport foosball table can get.

The robust walls make this one of the most durable tables that you can get your hands on. The play field is ¾ inches, also laminated, and offers an excellent smooth surface to play on with absolutely no dead spots to complain about. The table measures at 56’’ L X30’’ W X36’’ H with a heavy weight of 225 lbs.

No matter how rough a game gets, this table will stay put as a rock and not move an inch from its place.


The hollow steel rods are made to resist bending, making them extremely tough. They offer the fastest and smoothest gliding during game play, allowing you to play like a pro. 

It may take you some time to gain control over such fast paced rods if you are a beginner as they are very light in weight, but once you get the hang of it you will never want to play with slower moving rods ever again.

Patented Tornado Foosball Men

High-end tornado whirlwind foosball tables are expected to have counterbalanced men and this table will not disappoint you in that criteria. We have seen many expensive tables that do not have this feature so it is good to know that Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review has included this feature on this model by adding stable men with revised foot design for more precise ball control.

The reason why counterbalanced men are so popular is due to their ability to stay in a horizontal position. The extra weights of these men prevent them from tilting forward or wobbling on the table.

When the men are in an upright position, you get more space to pass the ball and shoot accurately. The heavy weights also add more firmness to the rods and make them easier to control.

Leg levelers:

No matter how heavy a table is, if it is placed on an uneven floor it is bound to lose its stability. Having levelers in this case takes care of the problem. This table has commercial grade levelers that help keep the table balanced on any type of ground.

You can even use the levelers to adjust the height of the table a few inches to your liking for a more comfortable reach. This makes the table ideal for everyone.

Game Play

To start with, the tabletop consists of a surface that is solid and incredibly smooth. Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review you will notice how this results in easy passing and fast shots. With no bumps to stop the ball at awkward points, you can enjoy a fair play with no chances of slowing down due to product defects.

The chrome-plated hollow rods move like a breeze and let you score more often than you would with cheaply made rods. The wooden handles are made for a better grip and no slip which is an advantage while playing with sweaty hands.

Those who like to play 1 on 1 games pledge on counterbalanced men because the men stay out of the way and do not annoyingly block passes and shots, resulting in better performances by players.

For extra balance, the levelers keep the table sturdy and stable on any kind of floor. This model also comes with a three-man goalie style and single side ball returns, making it very convenient when practicing the game on your own.

Game play is smooth and fun and allows players of all levels to enhance their skills and master the game with more precision.

The Pluses
  • Attractive design with black leather laminate
  • Built to last through countless aggressive games and everyday wear and tear.
  • Leg levelers allow height adjustment and balance on uneven floors.
  • Lightweight hollow rods result in smooth gliding and faster shots.
  • Counterbalanced men with revised foot design for more precise ball control.
  • Great for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.
The Minuses
  • Other than the fact that the table is priced over $1000 dollars, making it quite expensive, we could not find any other faults. 



The Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are needed to assemble this table?

It is not a very difficult table to set up but you will need at least one more person to help you assemble it.

Can I learn to play the game on this table?

This model is ideal for players of all levels. The easy and smooth operation is great for beginners to start playing the game with while the high-end features make this table suitable for advanced players.

What is the warranty period?

Customers get a year’s warranty from the manufactures but you can contact their customer care for more information.

Final Verdict:

We could not really find many reasons to not recommend this product Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review except that it may not fit everyone’s budget. But it is totally worth the price. The durability and high-quality parts ensure that you will get the best value for your money. 

Customers who bought this product have enjoyed years of excellent performance and we think it is one of the best models of foosball tables in the market today.

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