What Is A 700c Bicycle?

In the bicycle world, 26-inch and 700c bicycles are some popular words that riders usually ask for. Along with this, there are a variety of sizes available. But some people don’t know what these numbers mean. Are you also eager to know what a 700c bicycle means? What will be more suitable for you 700c vs. 26-inch tires? What are the pros and cons of 700c? Then this article is for you.

As aforementioned stated, there are various wheel sizes available. Sometimes expert riders also debate over the superiority of some particular sizes. This makes the beginner more confused about what these numbers mean and what their significance is. Beginners can’t understand what size they should look for. As a result, sometimes they choose the wrong size due to a lack of knowledge.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to discuss about what is 700c bicycle. You will get to know the pros and cons of 700c bicycles and some answers to questions regarding this topic. So, stay tuned with me.

What Does A 700c Bicycle Mean?

700c is familiar with so many names such as 29er, 29-inch bicycle. But the basic thing is that 700c is the size of the bike’s tire, rim, and wheels in millimeters of your road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid bike while “c” denotes the width of that component. However,622mm is the BSD of 700C tires.

A 700c bicycle features a narrower tire, larger wheels with fast speed, better traction capacity, less cushioning, lower rolling resistance, and quite a rough riding experience. 700c is mostly used in mountain, hybrid, and road- bicycle sand is referred to as 29″. Because they have larger diameter wheels which can roll over on uneven surfaces smoothly. However, 29er tires usually array from 1.95 inches to 2.3 inches in width.

700cis now the international tire size, and you will find it at every bike shop. Even some shops don’t stock26-inch tires, though both of them are equally popular.

Advantages and disadvantages of 700c:

Since it is a big debate if 700c is perfect for the riders, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of 700c to decide its benefit practically.


1. Better speed: 700c maintains larger wheels which offer greater speed. Once you start rolling, it will go longer within a shorter time. So, you will have to exert less energy to boost up your speed.

2.  More tires options: Since, 700c is so famous worldwide, tire manufacturers try to offer more tire sizes that will fit with 700c. Based on the width of the rim, you will get tires arraying from 18mm road tires to 3 inch plus tires.

3. Optimal for taller rides: it is so basic that larger wheels will fit in a larger bicycle frame. That’s why smaller riders find it difficult to ride while taller riders can ride with it so smoothly. However, 700C wheels are convenient for 5’5” or165cm taller riders.

4. International standard size: No matter where you are in the world, you don’t have to worry about getting these 700c wheels. They are available in almost every bike shop throughout the world.

5. better traction capacity: larger wheels will contact with the ground more to create better traction, enhancing the stability of the riders.


1. Weaker: 700cbicycles are weaker than 26-inch wheels. They can’t bear loads without being bent. However, wheels with premium quality are always an exception.

2. more expensive:700c wheels, tires, and tubes are larger and consume more materials to be built up. These extra materials will add more cost than others.

3. Heavier: 700c wheels are larger and composed of more materials, increasing the total weight.

4. Slower: The larger wheels of 700C can cross an attractive length of distance within a few rolls. But you know that larger things spin less, which reduces the speed.

5. Unfolded material: You can’t fold your bicycle that has 700c wheels because of its large size.

For your better understanding, here I have attached a chart of tire size with their Circumference in mm:

Tire SizeCircumference in MetersCircumference in mm
700 x 18C2.072070 
700 x 19C2.082080 
700 x 20C2.0862086 
700 x 23C2.0962096 
700 x 25C2.1052105 
700C Tubular2.132130 
700 x 28C2.1362136 
700 x 30C2.1462146 
700 x 32C2.1552155 
700 x 35C2.1682168 
700 x 38C2.182180 
700 x 40C2.22200 
700 x 44C2.2352235 


What is a 700C wheel size?

Basically, any tire, wheel or rim that has a 622mmBead Seat Diameter is called 700C. Since the road bikes use thinner tire, the wheels with 660mmdiameter will perfectly fit onto it. Even you can use it on a mountain bike that has 29- inches wheels.  If you want to calculate it in inches, then it would be 24.5 inches.

However, based on tires, the diameter of the wheel is considered, while wheels can array from 23 to 29-inches.

Is a 700C wheel the same as a 29er?

As aforementioned, 700C is synonymous with so many names, 29er is another name of 700C. But 29er is wider just like700c rims are found in various widths based on its application. For marketing purposes, manufacturers use this term to make it innovative.

Which one is better: 26 INCH BICYCLE WHEELS or 700C?

It actually depends on the personal preferences of the riders. 700c will offer you better speed, better rolling, more frame, and tire options, while 26 INCH BICYCLE WHEELS will offer you durability, greater spin, larger tire clearance, fascinating maneuverability, fewer broken spokes.

Moreover, 700c is better for taller riders, while 26-INCH convenient for smaller riders as well. So, it completely depends on your preference, the place where you want to ride, and your bike type.

Final Verdict:

Most people get confused about the size of the tires or wheels if 700c or 26 inches will fit them properly; others claim a particular variation as best. But it is completely based on the preference, condition, height, and types of place and bike of the riders. Therefore, only a deep knowledge regarding the size will get rid of you from this confusion.

In this article, I tried my best to explain the 700c bicycles in a detailed way with their pros and cons. I hope you have found it beneficial. I also believe that now you know the basic knowledge about size.

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