Why Are Bikes So Expensive?

There are many enthusiastic bikers looking for a new bike for more adventure. But they often get stumbled when they see the price tag. Are you in the same group? Are you eager to buy a new bike but can’t afford it? Thinking of why are bikes getting so expensive? Then this article is for you.

Indeed, bikes are more convenient in many ways than a car. They occupy little space and offer riders to ride it even in a narrower space. Most importantly, riding a bike is more adventurous than driving a car.

Therefore, the popularity of bikes is spreading worldwide. But the budget is always a matter that ties up your hand. Over time, bikes have become more expensive than before. As a result, many people can’t afford them. It makes people interested to know the reasons why the price of bikes is getting higher.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to discuss why bikes are getting so expensive comprehensively. Besides, you will get answers to some questions regarding this topic. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Types Of Bike

It is beneficial to know the types of bikes before going to judge the price of these bikes. Because a rider firstly needs to know which type of bike he/she needs before buying. There are a total seven types of bikes that are found in common.

1. ROAD BIKESThey are designed for fast, efficient riding on any road.They feature a lightweight frame, stiff tires, curved handlebars and a high gear ratio.

2. MOUNTAIN BIKES: They are optimal for riding on seriously uneven terrain. Spacious, knobbly tires for friction, a wide range of gears, front suspension with a rigid back are some of

the defining characteristics of this bike.

3. HYBRID BIKES: They are a combination of ROAD BIKES and MOUNTAIN BIKES. They feature flat handlebars, slicker, narrower tires, front suspension, versatility.

4. CYCLOCROSS BIKES: They offer a fast road biking experience with off-road excursions. They feature drop handlebars, clearance space around the wheel, knobblier tires.

5. FOLDING BIKES: One can fold it up when it is not used. The folding frame, smaller wheels are the defining characteristics of this bike.

6. ELECTRIC BIKES: these bikes use electric motors to go forward rather than manual force. They are usually heavier and use motors.

7. TOURING BIKES: They can bear loads for a longer time. It emphasizes the comfortability of the rider and the stability of the bike. So that, a rider can use this bike for a long journey. Wider tires, space for mudguards and panniers, comfort are the main characteristics of this bike.

Why Are Bikes So Expensive?

A recent statistic has shown that in 2013 the Comp bike which is considered one of the cheapest bikes. It would cost £2,600, while in 2019 that the price of that model has risen to £3,150. 

From this example, you can easily assume how much the price has increased.

However, models can be found at a modest price, but the higher price one will offer the rider extra facilities while taking turns in difficult terrain.

Moreover, their flexibility, quick mobility, durability, absorbing excessive force capacity will also differ as the price gets higher.

There are various reasons for what the price of bikes is getting increased. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Materials: A rider will find a variety of bikes built of a variety of materials. As the materials vary, the price also varies. Usually, manufacturers use steel-built frames for low to medium-range road bikes. But nowadays, manufacturers use costly materials such as carbon fiber or titanium in bikes. These bikes are lighter, easy to move, and durable. Since carbon fiber or titanium are high-priced materials and harder to shape, companies raise the price of the bikes to recover their cost.

On the other hand, manufacturers nowadays try to use the latest technologies such as new software, newer materials to develop the latest bikes. Since these technologies are costly, it enhances the price as well.

It is also seen that many companies conserve the expensive materials for their latest models, which are supposed to be expensive, and use less expensive materials such as heavier carbon or aluminum for the other model.

2. Customization: The price range for all bikes with basic requirements maintains proximity. Many riders are looking for customized bikes and want to have their desired handlebars, frames, seats, adding racks, or other bike parts. But it is a fact that the assembly process for a particular model is the same. But when you are changing any parts, the process of assembling gets different.

On the other hand, the price of the customized parts also differs. As a result of it, the price gets higher.

For instance, If a rider wants a Trek Madone, he will have to spend $12,300 for a stock bike, but if he moves away from the stock bike and orders for a customized one, he will have to pay nearly $2,400.

3. Research and Development: Bikes companies are continuously trying to innovate new models with lucrative features. They can sell their new bikes in the market with a higher profit margin, but innovating ideas is not simple. Companies have to pay huge amounts of money to the researcher to get innovative ideas. Companies have to collect responses from the customers and go through several trials to make the final model. It increases the price of bikes at the end of the day.

4. Theory of scarcity: it is seen that when a well-known company produces 100 bikes that maintain top-notch quality, no matter how pricey it is, the customer will buy it. As a result, top brands are now more focusing on quality than quantity which enhances the price.

5. Manufacturing and labor Costs: The price of a bike depends on the place where it is manufactured or where the parts are being made. Generally, bikes manufactured in China or other states where the manufacturing cost is reasonable to make the bike reasonable. But when a company manufactures bikes in the United States or a country like Germany, where the manufacturing cost is relatively high will make the bike expensive.

On the other hand, different bikes require different levels of labor. For example, it is comparatively easy to assemble steel frames. But when the bike uses carbon fiber, labor needs more care, tolerance to assemble it. Based on the level of labor, the cost also varies.

6. Small market with greater competition: bike market is comparatively a small market where some particular brands are in tough competition to sell their products. According to a bike seller, bike manufacturers compete by bringing up creative ways to reduce grams of weight, to add extra riding facilities, and to tiny amounts of drag. This ceaseless competition to reduce weight leads to higher development costs.

The Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an expensive bike for commuting? 

It would be convenient not to buy an expensive bike for commuting. Because expensive bikes are designed to offer a smooth riding experience in uneven spaces with greater flexibility, durability. But when you need a bike for commuting only, you can carry on with a basic bike.

For this, you can ride your existing bike or purchase a second-hand bike. Any second-hand model will cost around $250.

Why are road bikes so expensive? 

There are different bikes in the market, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, hybrid bikes. A rider will find these bikes varying from $400 to several thousand dollars. But among them, road bikes are more expensive than other categories because a road bike is something that offers you more than a basic bike.

Generally, road bikes feature faster mobility, greater and more durable components, and offer extra riding advantages. So, when you are asking for a road bike, the company knows that you are asking for something that offers more than a basic bike. As a result, the company usually tags them in a higher price range.

Is it worth it to buy an expensive bike?

Yes, it is. But one has to remember that “expensive” is a subjective word that differs from person to person. What is expensive for one is not expensive for another at all. However, many riders try to buy those cheap bikes displayed in the showroom.

But one must keep in mind that the price is lower here because the bike uses cheaper materials and labor costing. As a result, they won’t last long. Moreover, it can cause severe accidents in the middle of any road.

So, it would be wise to buy a bike with a medium price range at least. If you can afford more than that, it would be nicer because an expensive bike will enhance your riding experience, skills with greater durability.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt; the bikes are getting more expensive day by day. Many customers even can’t afford to buy their desired bikes often. But it is considered when the company is trying to give you a better version with the latest technology.

Moreover, there are several reasons why bikes are so expensive nowadays, such as labor cost, huge competition within a small market, price of materials, etc. Depending on these things, a company sets a price for a particular bike.

However, in this article, I have tried my best to provide detailed information on why bikes are so expensive. I hope you have found this article helpful and comprehensive. But never forget to keep a bird’s eye while buying a bike. It would be convenient to notice the condition of the gear, brake, frames of a bike before buying it because life is worth more than anything.

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