Useful Tips For How To Make A Foosball Table Out Of Cardboard?

It’s summer and usually, kids go out and play outside but not today, not in this generation. They spend all their time with their gadgets and spend it cultivating their digital profiles. Mobile applications, mobile games, these are the trend nowadays.

But – not to Jesse, he is not that excited to anything digital but also he is – BORED. No one to play with and he is not exactly the athletic type either so he comes up with an idea –

“Mom buy me foosball?” he says with sparkly eyes.

Mom’s reply was – “No!”

The sparkles faded in an instant. So what now for Jesse, he says wait a minute! I’ll just go ahead and build one! Brilliant idea, light bulb moment.

How did Jesse do it? Here are the steps on how to make a foosball table out of cardboard!

First Jesse went out and gathered the materials needed.

Materials That Are Need To Make A Foosball Table Out Of Cardboard

  • Can be of any dimensions depending on how large you are planning to make. Cardboard box. 
  • Tabletop foosball tables can go from 20 inches in length to about 40 inches.
  • Wood or steel for your rods.
  • Glue.
  • Tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Blade (for cutting).
  • Paint or spray paint (wouldn’t hurt to beautify your table a little bit).
  • Ping-Pong or golf ball.
  • Any leftover cardboards for your players and other parts of the table.
  • Markers (for faces and personalities of your players).

STEP 1 : Prepare your cardboard

Cut the flaps of your cardboard, set them aside as you will probably need them later on. Measure the length of your cardboard and poke holes on both sides as these are for your rods. Make sure to measure the distance between the rod holes, make sure they are of equal distance except for your half court line which is a bit further. Same rules apply if you want to do a 1 or 3 goalie setup, just make sure to scale it properly.

After, cut the rectangular space needed on both ends of your cardboard for your goals. And cut out a circle right about your half court for your ball’s entry point.

STEP 2 : Design your cardboard

It wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more creative in making your foosball table. Use paint, use spray paint, tape or markers to liven it up a little. What’s important is that you make sure to draw your lines first. Don’t forget about the goal line, that rectangular shape that’s within the space of the goalie and of course your half court line with the circle at the center.

You have the option to put another layer of fabric or paper or cardboard on your flooring for aesthetics and to smoothen up the field a little bit more. Also, make nets for your goal if desired, you can simply use paper or an actual net for it.

STEP 3 : Prepare your Rods

Prepare your sticks or steel or whatever material you found for your rods. Only remember that they should be of equal length.

BONUS TIP: Try not to stick your rods on the holes at the side of your cardboard directly, instead put a protective layer for the holes, maybe additional cardboard that would act as insulators for it, maybe plastic rings or any DIY rings you can think about. This way your holes won’t wear out that easily from the spinning and turning of the rods.

Situate the rods on your cardboard which is now little by little resembling a legit foosball table. And don’t forget your grip for the ultimate gaming experience. You can wrap a cloth or extra cardboard layer to act as your grip, maybe even foam or plastic for comfort.

STEP 4 : Make your players

Take all of that excess cardboard and start designing them! You can run wild with your creativity here. Want a little Lionel Messi in there? Go ahead! Christiano Ronaldo? Why not!

Cut out little hoomans as cats call us and stick them with your rods putting them in place. Design them using your markers, maybe the other team has the color scheme of Real Madrid the other that of Barcelona, whatever floats your boat.

Aside from cardboard you can use a lot of things as your players, you can use clothespin, wood, whatever you have available for you. And make sure your players stick in your rods and won’t easily be dislodged in their positions.

STEP 5 : Set up your score counter

You can stick another rod at both ends of your now bonafide foosball table and put beads in it differing in color for ease in keeping track of the score for the games.



This will serve as a basis for your cardboard’s dimensions. Maybe you want to base your work on what the pros have been doing for better foosball experience.

Regulation sized foosball tables go for L 56”x W 30”x H 36” in dimensions

Standard sized foosball tables go for L 54″ x W 29.5″ x H 34.5″ in dimensions

Full sized foosball tables go up to L 60″ x W 44″ x H 37″ in dimensions

Foldable sized foosball tables go for L 51.57” x H 33.86” x W 27.95” when spread out / (about) L 12.99” x W 27.95” x H 66.93” when folded in dimensions

Table top sized foosball tables vary from 40 to 20 inches in length dimensions and the model that you should be aiming for when building your home made version

Sample model is the Giantex 27″ Foosball Table which is L 27″ X H 9″ X W 15″ in dimensions

There you have it, Jesse finished his DIY foosball table and now it got the attention of his neighborhood friends. Hey, it may not keep them entertained for the rest of the summer but it’s sure worth spending time away from their gadgets, the digital world, and create different but just as fun memories together.

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