Benefits Of A Foosball Table – Why You Should Have One

1. A Game For All Age Groups

One of the best things about the game of foosball is that it is never restricted to a particular age group or gender or whatever. Everyone and anyone can play on the foosball table, and that’s the beauty of it. The game itself is very versatile and friendly.

Whether you are a toddler, a teenager, a young man or an old woman; you can play foosball just as you are! It is a great way for the family, friends and different types of people to come together and enjoy a fun, friendly game on the table.

2. Opens Rooms For Interaction And Socialization

Console gaming is great and all, but you must admit that it tends to isolate the player from the rest of the group and surrounding. Having a foosball table is so much more rewarding than your electronics or gaming controllers. In a foosball game, you are bound to interact and communicate with your teammates and opponents.

It is a fantastic way to socialize with your friend and family over a game. Having a foosball table helps you communicate and exchange with your loved ones instead of isolating you from them.

3.Encourages Friendly Competitiveness

You know what else happens during the process? You get more and more competitive! Playing foosball with someone really brings out your inner competitiveness.

Although it is just a fun game with a friend or family, you will still want to do better than them and want o to win. A foosball game feeds and stimulates one of human’s most basic instincts, which is to lead and dominate.

All in all, it opens door to a very friendly competition and willpower and mindset to do better! A very healthy practice, we think!

4. Great learning Tool For your Brain

Speaking of health, did you know that your foosball table could also be doing wonders for your coordination skills?!

Well, now you know! See, in the game of foosball, there’s a lot of spatial reasoning and mental calculations going on. Throughout the many games you play, you will be polishing up your eye and hand coordination, you will be getting a better idea of the force and control to apply on your muscles.

Overall, the entire process teaches you a lot about control, force, and estimations. A great way to train and fortify your mind!

5. Great Recovery Game

But the mind isn’t all a foosball table is good for. A foosball table is a great sport for people who are trying to recover from a physical damage. How come?

Well, to begin with, foosball isn’t a very vigorous or physically demanding game. It is very stimulating, both on mind and body, but by no means, puts stress or pressure on it.

Believe it or not, but foosball is usually the game of choice for many veteran patients out of the war. And it is also recommended by many doctors as a gentle and easy way to slowly but surely recover and reinforce wounded bodies to normal.

Many European hospitals even have foosball tables in their rec rooms for treating patients suffering from arthritis, accidents, joint pains, etc.

6. Does Not Need A lot Of Space

One of the best things about foosball tables is that they are a great gaming and entertainment tool for homes, offices, airports hospitals, etc. 

Whether you have a lot of space to waste or have limited and premium space where every inch counts, there are foosball tables of all sizes. The largest is usually the regulation, or competition, sizes which tend to be full-size.

This type of table will measure somewhere around 30 inches in width, 50 inches in length and 36 inches in height. You can obviously find foosball tables that are much smaller.

In fact, there are desktop or tabletop foosball tables that are small enough to keep inside your kid’s bedroom!

7. No Need For Upgrades

Unlike your electronics and smart devices, a foosball will never need any sort of upgrade. But it and that’s it. As long as you have bought the good stuff, there’s no need to replace or repair parts every season.

It is a once and for all kind of product, and that’s one of the reasons why it is so hassle-free.

8. Little Maintenance

Speaking of hassle-free, one other great thing about foosball tables is that they require little to almost no maintenance! You may very likely have to assemble it, but that’s pretty much it.

These things are fairly durable and sturdy. Most of the parts hardly ever need any touchups or anything.

The most you may have to do is dust the surface every now and then, and that’s all there is to the maintenance of a foosball table. Easy and fuss-free.

9. Is A Professional Sport

You now know a lot of fun facts about the wonders of a foosball table, but did you know that foosball is now a competitive sport just like tennis or basketball?

So all those hours you have been playing and practicing on the table may not be a waste after all! Try hard enough and you could be the next world champion in foosball!

10. Is Fun!

Our next and final benefit to having a foosball is perhaps one of the most simple yet important ones yet. Why play foosball?

Because it’s fun! Out of all the wonderful and beneficial things foosball can do for us, the best is perhaps the fact that it is super fun to play. There’s a sense of competition and unity at the same time!

There’s a lot of laughter, a lot of strategies and so much more interactivity going on. The thrill and adrenaline with every kick of the ball is truly a fun experience.

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