How To Set Up A Foosball Table

If you have a plan or get a foosball table, the first question on your mind will be how to set up a foosball table? It is challenging for the first time, as you have to assemble many parts. However, the manufacturers offer an instruction manual. But it may not be exact and hard to perform. That’s why we made the article.

In this article, we will discuss on set up the foosball table. So read the article and build yourself.

Foosball Table Assembly Package Instructions Before You Begin

Before you start, you should follow these instructions:

Need two people to hold the parts in the right place. But it’s a tricky task, so it will be better if three people do the job. So, you need friends or relatives with the right hands to make the job much easy.

It may take up to two hours. Usually, it depends on the skill of the people constructing it and the table types.

For table tennis set up, you have required essential tools. The screwdrivers, hammer and level are some of them.

And the essential tips are, check all the part out there and usable condition. It will be the worst thing if you find some features broken or missing in half, and you have to wait for till the replacement.

Foosball Table Layout

While playing the Foosball, you have to consider playing surface for authentic game room experience. The whole field surfaces are called foosball table layouts. To glide the ball through the field, you should avoid scratches surface. There have, three types of material are used in foosball tables. These are plastic, wood, and tempered glass.

You should know wooden surfaces give a bit slower game rather than plastic and tempered glass. If you want to experience a fasten game, we recommend you to use tempered glass. Even you can choose the surface according to your game style. For example, Europeans like to play on a slower surface as they want to rely on the player’s skill. At the same time, Americans people mostly like to play faster because they focus only on scoring the goal.

step By Step Foosball Table Setup

Step 1: Make union all table parts

After buying the foosball table, then locate all the foosball table parts with the table soccer. Lay those parts on a flat surface to prepare them for assemble. These parts are handles, pin pouch tool, legs, plated rods/ telescopic rods, balls, tubes, men/players, wraps, cup holder, and scoring units.

In the end of the task you should organize the materials. It will help you assemble the can collect then in sequential order as it will be easy for you. Additionally, you don’t need to check the table or floor to find the next part.

Step 2: join the legs

Mainly, it is the right step of foosball table set up. After organizing all the part, let keep them upturned on the floor. Then join all four full panel legs of the table to the four corners. Make sure all the bolts are going through the legs securely and tightly. It will prevent any accidents in the future. After that, set it upright.

Step 3: Make a union within all component of foosball table

It is the last step of installation a foosball table. So, you have to check out the rod with the play men. Then, slide the bumper on a specific rod for every bumper. For saving the playing field over the yearsyou can use a piece of cloth or rag on the table’s layer. It will help to catch the dust that will come through while the player plays it.

Set the bracer block of the table between the rod and the table to prevent warping. Then attach the player on the rod securely with right screws and screwdriver. Finally, it is time to install the cup holder’s grip, rod handles, and the scoring unit in the same order. Following the same way, you will be successfully able to set the Harvard foosball table setup.

Foosball Table Setup Instructions

If you unbox the foosball table for the first time, you will get lots of parts. So, make it easy to locate everything in a quick time laid them on the floor. Additionally, these steps are also the answer to how to disassemble a foosball table.

Foosball Table And Players Layout

Foosball table player layout is a very challenging part to set up. You have to turn your best foosball table in the right position. Here you will need the help of your family member or friends. You have to careful to set up the player. Make the foosball table rods and men in the right place before starting the setting. Do you know how many players need to start the game? Fine, the best foosball table needs 26 players in a full set.

Foosball is almost like a football. Keep remember that 22 players need together to run the foosball game. The remaining player is considering as a substitute. They will need it if anyone gets injured. Here also need one goalie rods like the European style of football.

To set the player slips the rod via one end of the table. Then bumpers for each player on to the same rod. Put them like a standard game plan. Set first the goalkeeper, then two players for defensive and five players in the midfield. To score goal set, three exerts players as strikers. After putting in the right place, tight them firmly using screw and driver. Repeat the process to set the entire rod in the right place.

Finally, finish it by installing a handle grip for every rod. Follow the process until setting the scoring unit then the cup holder in that relevant order.

Some Basic Rules Of Foosball

Like other games, Foosball also has some rules. It is essential to know these basic rules if you want to get started.

Basic Rules

  • Each Foosball includes nine balls. That’s mean you have to reach five goals out of nine balls to be the winner.
  • To count a point, the ball has to enter a goal. It doesn’t matter who hit it into the goal.
  • It doesn’t allow spinning the rods.
  • Most like other games here also have a coin toss system. It will determine who will serve first.
  • To score a goal, you have to touch the ball. If the ball enters into the hole without touch, it won’t be allowed as a goal.
  • After scoring a goal, the scoring team will get the right to serve the ball.
  • If the ball goes off of the table, then the last goal scoring team will serve again.
  • There is also a time out. You can call it, but make sure the opponent is also ready before starting the play again.
  • You cannot act on the table while the ball is running
  • The ball is allowed in one place only for 15 seconds. Besides, overhead lighting will add an extra interest to play.

The Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a foosball table easily?

  • Get some cotton paper and two pieces of cloth that are clean and rubbing alcohol
  • Clean the table till all the loose debris and dust is gone
  • Then put some rubbing alcohol on the fabric and clean the table from top to bottom
  • Checking the rubbing alcohol has 70% to 90% alcohol as it will never damage the table and vanish soon.
  • If there has a black stain, then you have to apply some coats on them.
  • Finally, use the 2nd piece of cloth with some silicone on every rod. Your table will look like goosy, as it is the sign that you maintain the table.

Which Foosball Configuration is the Best?

Foosball configuration depends on your preferences. Let me explain. Do, you want to get control over the ball more than the speed, you should go for single goalie foosball. Similarly, if you like to play with more challenges and want to score, you should choose a double goalie foosball table. Besides, you will find lots of best foosball tables in the market with a lot more formation, such as a tornado foosball table.

How to Assemble a Foosball Table?

Assembling a full-size table is not a small task. However, you don’t need to be an expert handyman, but you need to know the process. If you follow the method we mentioned above, you will hopefully be able to successfully assemble a foosball table.

How to Put Together a Foosball Table?

Putting together a foosball depends typically on its model. It may take up to two hours. If you want to do yourself, we will suggest you follow these tips: put the producers manual, assemble the legs to the foosball table, and then assemble the men to the player rods.

Final Verdict

Now, are you clear about how to set up a foosball table? However, professional foosball table setting helps out there. Hopefully, you will be successful in setting the table as we give you an insightful idea to install the foosball table.

But it would help if you stayed careful while setting the table. As the parts are made from plastic or wood, they may break easily. So, it may cause all your enjoyment. Besides, getting the challenge is also a key to get pleasure from a foosball table game.

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