Best Non Cycling Shoes For Cycling

Let’s face it – not all cyclists or people who cycle use shoes specifically meant for the riding business. Several cycling fans and experts use non cycling shoes for cycling. If you remember your childhood – the years of yonder – you know that cycling didn’t need a shiny new pair of biking shoes – you would just slip on some sneakers, hop on the saddle, and start pedaling. With those non cycling shoes, you must have felt very comfortable. So, what could be stopping anyone from getting non cycling shoes for cycling now?

The first thing that we need to wrap our heads around is that many people wouldn’t pay the extra bucks that are required when buying the best biking shoes comes in mind. Why would anyone do the unnecessary by getting mountain bike shoes when they can get into their usual touring shoes? Many cyclists tend to gravitate toward affordable shoes that can achieve the same goal.

But that aspect isn’t the only variable in the thinking here. There is a comfort issue that should be looked at. Comfort is arguably the most paid-attention-to factor when someone is purchasing insulated footwear. Many bike riding shoes come with Velcro straps meant to be attached to the closure system and the pedal. While those add-ons may be safe, many cyclists will find them very uncomfortable. Those shoes work best for professional cyclists as they need the straps for safety, precision, and speed to perform optimally. But, as a cyclist who does their thing casually on the road, the add-ons will feel like a liability. So, why would you even wear them while you can just go for your ride with hiking boots or even regular tennis shoes?

The one thing that is left for you to do is to choose from the list of shoes themselves. Without further ado, let us begin looking at the best non cycling shoes for cycling. Here a short table that summarises the kicks:

Non Cycling Shoes for CyclingType of Shoe
The Classic Design Vans Old Skool TrainersTrainer shoe
The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Men’s Running ShoesRunning shoe
The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave TrainersTrainer shoe
The Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer ShoesSoccer shoe
The Comfortable Etnies Marana Skate ShoeSkate shoe
The Rockport Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On OxfordsDressy casual shoe

The Shoes Themselves

1. The Classic Design Vans Old Skool Trainers

1. The Classic Design Vans Old Skool Trainers
1. The Classic Design Vans Old Skool Trainers
1. The Classic Design Vans Old Skool Trainers

This shoe comes with a design that you can call ‘vintage classic.’ Actually, the design is implied in the name. But don’t underestimate these kicks – while the brand may have been around for a while (or, if you like, old), the shoes are not. All the products dished out have decent features equipped on them. Back in the 1960s, this shoe was popularised by skateboarders who mostly used it for, you know, skateboarding. When time went by, people figured out that it could offer more and wasn’t an ordinary shoe. Once that happened, people never looked back, and so, the production of the shoes started booming.

The most appealing thing about The Classic Design Vans Old Skool Trainers is its rugged-style construction. The style is paired with soles made of rubber that is very tough, meaning that the soles are durable. This shoe is not sexist and can be worn by a person of any gender (this goes out to all the people typing ‘best regular shoes for cycling women’ in the search engines). The number is 52 – a whopping figure of colors and designs of the shoe. This means that you can pick the shoe that you prefer.

The lace-ups of the shoe are in low-top, and suede is what makes up the canvas upper of the lace-ups. The manufacturer provides the EVA insole, which is a cushiony and soft insole that accommodates wide feet well. But, as mentioned elsewhere, the main thing that attracts people to this shoe is its rubber soles. The Vans style waffle sole provides top-notch grip and traction, ensuring that your cycling experience is as comfortable as it can get.

  • The insole is made using premium materials, giving your feet total comfort
  • Varied designs and colors to choose from
  • The rubber sole is of premium quality to give you a firm grip on the pedals
  • It gets bleached by the sun a little too quickly.
  • It may take a little too long before a user gets comfortable cycling in these kicks.

2. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Men’s Running Shoes

2. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Men's Running Shoes
2. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Men's Running Shoes
2. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 – Men's Running Shoes

If a survey were to be taken, you would find that sneakers are the most worn among people who wear non cycling shoes. This can easily be justified – sneakers are easy to use, stylish, and awfully comfortable. This sneaker, which doubles up as running shoes, can easily be used by cyclists.

While Nike advertises it as men’s shoes, women can slip it on and avoid being locked out of the sneaker fun. They make the shoe in a wide color range – a total of at least 40 options are available. It goes without saying that Nike is the supreme overlord when it comes to uppers. The fly-mesh upper of this shoe ensures that it is breathable. This way, your feet remain fresh, calm, and relaxed. Since laces have been the main issue (or is it bother?), Nike added something they call a fly-wire so that the fit is more secure. The heel collar has extra padding to ensure that your Achilles tendon gets all the comfort it needs. The outer soles of this Nike sneaker are made of rubber. To provide traction is maintained, the soles have waffles pistons. Nike initiates a quality foam type in the shoes’ inside that they call ‘Cushlon ST.’ But hey – we aren’t done yet. Nike also fits the shoe with a sock liner, which improves adaptability, especially when it is new.

  • The fly mesh uppers are comfortable and breathable
  • For traction, the soles have the Waffle-Piston design
  • A sock liner has been added to reduce the break-in time
  • Outer soles wear out quickly – not durable enough
  • They have a non-existent heel lock

3. The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Trainers

3. The Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Trainers
3. The Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Trainers
3. The Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Trainers

The third shoe on this list is a pair of trainers. These are unique, and compared to the usual sneakers, they have more comfort and flexibility. However, those are not the only reasons why this pair of trainer shoes makes it to this list as a bike riding shoe. This pair has everything that casual cyclists are looking for in an excellent non-cycling shoe. The shoes have impressive features and generally speaking, they are a symbol of quality.

Let us not give the shoe a quick chance to sweep us off our feet. Let’s look at it and examine a few features about it. First, this is not the kind of shoe that will take your breath away and make you go gaga just by looking at it. This is because it has a simple exterior design. But here’s the jaw-dropper: the shoe has a flexwear upper (which is one of Reebok’s unique designs). This upper ensures exceptional durability and flexibility. The overall product is sturdy, tough, and robust, and the shoe’s foundation is comfortable, even though it is strong. The shoe also has wide toe boxes coupled up with a hundred-percent human-made sole. These two items offer you fitting systems that are adjustable and guarantee your comfort and the shoes’ longevity.

For this shoe, Reebok provides a breathable mesh. It goes without saying that cycling and other kinds of active-leisure exercises can make you tired and sweaty, and the breathable mesh will give your feet a breather. The shoe has a low-cut design, and Reebok offers several color options.

  • The ventilation system provided is high-end
  • While cycling, the shoe provides traction and marquee grip
  • Are relatively inexpensive
  • Come in various sizes and colors
  • Come with an assurance of flexibility and durability because of the flexware upper 
  • If overused, the sides can start treating
  • It does not have an impressive look

4. The Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Shoes

4. The Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Shoes
4. The Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Shoes
4. The Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Shoes

A soccer shoe makes the list, and this begs the question: can an indoor soccer shoe be used for cycling? The answer should be obvious; I mean, why would it even get listed?

Whenever and wherever the term’ sports shoe’ is uttered, the speakers or writers are probably talking about Nike or Adidas. These two shoe-making companies are in fierce competition, but this shoe is a cut above the rest for several reasons. Apart from its optimum performance, the shoe is very lucrative in the visual sense. If you’re doing some random shoe window shopping and happen to see the pair, there is a high chance that you may want to go for it. It has a classy design coupled up with a shiny black outside.

Put aside the shoe’s beauty. Soccer shoes can serve multiple purposes because of their performance and power, and they can be surprisingly durable. These Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Shoes are a sturdy construction that will serve your cycling needs effectively. 

And that’s not all. There are more features to these Adidas kicks. For example, the shoe is cozy and is relatively lightweight. These soccer shoes have inside soles that are stiff and outer soles that are flat. The insole is EVA-made to ensure that the overall slip-on experience is comfortable. The shoe also has no-chafe heels and an outsole made of gum rubber to ensure maximum grip and control, so you should never be worried about traction. The shoe’s upper is made from split-suede leather that is of premium quality – there’s that too.

  • The design, which is a classic white-black one, takes you back to ‘dem days’
  • The outer sole provides control and grip
  • A stiff heel cushioning
  • Split-suave upper makes it durable
  • A perfect choice for all kinds of indoor activitiesr 
  • The side get too when you use the shoe to play football
  • You can’t use it as a casual shoe; it is only for soccer or cycling

5. The Comfortable Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

5. The Comfortable Etnies Marana Skate Shoe
5. The Comfortable Etnies Marana Skate Shoe
5. The Comfortable Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

The Etnies Marana, which is a product of Sole Technology Inc., was made to serve skateboarding purposes, thus its name. But when people discovered that the shoe could do so many other things, the shoe started to be of use everywhere.

The manufacturers make around 50 colors and designs for these shoes. Most of the options that they provide are for men, and women only have two colors to choose from. If you’re a lady and are reading this, you shouldn’t be put off! The size conversion chart allows you to select any product you want that’s listed for men. The best bit about this product by Sole Technology Inc. is that it has the sneaker style – a style that goes with everything.

This shoe has leather uppers – REAL leather: not EVA and not faux. Then, collars and padded tongues are added to the leather uppers, so you can bet that the shoe is a comfortable one. The laces are probably the best feature of the shoe – they are made of hidden loops that ensure that the laces get hidden well. This helps in lowering the risk of accidents that happen when laces get entangled in the cycle cog.

  • Have protection due to the injection of the fused toe caps with rubber
  • Are flexible and durable because of a toughened outer sole
  • The soles (of the Michelin type) ensure durability and proper traction
  • The hidden lace loops are under control
  • If you have wide feet, the product may not fit well with you
  • The shoes’ backside may wear off after some time of usage

6. The Rockport Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On Oxfords

6. The Rockport Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On Oxfords
6. The Rockport Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On Oxfords
6. The Rockport Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On Oxfords

I’m sure that this entry is quite a surprise for you. Why would anyone wear leather shoes and go cycling on them? Why is this posh shoe even on this list? Who would have the guts and the nerve to strain the beautiful leather texture?

This may surprise you a lot. While the specific brand has a sophisticated look, the shoe is grippy and hell durable. The shoe has a full-leather construction that makes it looks very cool, vintage, and immensely sleek. That is not the only spectacular thing about what you can see. The shoe has four color options that give you the freedom from the confine of traditional black or brown. These shoes are durable and comfortable, and they are not that costly.

The product has reinforced nylon, ensuring that the shoe has optimal comfort and quality, and it can take in the strokes of the pedal with lots of endurance. The shoe has an anti-microbe lining that enhances and improves the shoe’s coziness. The shoe has moisture-absorbent properties, meaning that you will feel airy every time you get to slide your feet through the Oxfords. Also, you won’t be troubled with lace-related problems as the shoes saves you from those hassles.

  • Its making is of pure black leather
  • It comes in various colors, sizes, and shapes
  • Uses reinforced nylon to ensure a strong traction
  • Foot odor will not be much of a problem because of the dewix lining
  • It may not be durable enough for the intense business of cycling
  • There are many size adjustment problems

In and Around Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

If you’ve gotten this far, it means that your interest in non cycling shoes is immense. You might have set your mind on any of the six pairs presented to you, or you’re still looking at getting yourself a decent pair of non-biking shoes for biking. This section will open you up to the possible shoe types you can look at as you explore. Depending on your specific situation, such as business or traffic, your needs will not be the same. Now, let us dive into this shoe-y subject and know all the options you have while looking for non cycling shoes for cycling.

1. Skateboarding Shoes

Imagine this – you are riding your powerful bike on a track that has unexpected rocks and holes and is very rough pitched, and then you decide to put power on your bike’s pedals. In that kind of scenario, you will need a robust and durable pair of shoes to increase your power and help you survive the journey. Skateboarding shoes have sticky soles, are soft, and do not wear out quickly. So, they can be good picks for you in such a condition.

2. Running Shoes and Sneakers

If you have a plan needing you to go on a long ride, you should check your road shoes and sneakers to get a safe power transfer. The only problem that may arise is when the laces get stuck or entangled in the chain, but that shouldn’t worry you even a little bit. Some sneakers (that you can use for cycling) are made with carbon fiber and nylon composite. These materials will come in handy in the colder winter months.

3. Stiffer Soles

The reason why stiff-soled shoes are a plus is that they endure long-distance cycling. If the stiffer sole shoe has a flat bottom, everything gets betters. What you require and should look out for is the shoe’s breathability. This is because the long ride will require you to feel flexible and comfortable.

4. Indoor Soccer Shoes

Relatively speaking, this is a new trend of shoes that have been designed to be used in indoor soccer tournaments. With a flat sole on the outside and a stiff sole inside, an indoor soccer shoe can very well be picked as a cycling shoe.

5. Trainer Shoes

Trainer shoes are not very different from running shoes. The only differences (and advantages) is that the trainer shoes are more comfortable and flexible. A trainer shoe has an athletic design together with a wider sole. These ensure that the products stand out and can be picked as urban bike shoes and cycle shoes. One of the most outstanding features of trainers is that pedaling the bike will be easy since the sole provides good grips.

6. Golf Shoes

These pairs of shoes will surprise you. I mean, who would have thought that these items can be taken up as cycling shoes? To say the least, the recent designs of these softies are pretty convincing for anyone who wants to do some casual cycling.

Choosing the Best Non Cycling Shoe for Cycling

Since you have been filled in and have all the information you need about non cycling shoes, it is a perfect moment to learn about choosing the right shoe for you. This section will help in the creation of your personal preferences. While selecting a non cycling shoe for cycling sounds like an easy decision to make, the information in this part will help you to be very specific about what you want.

1. Quality

While you are searching for an optimal choice, you should understand the meaning of quality. The texture and quality of the shoes that you prefer are essential. The other variables that you need to consider are flexibility, the nylon design, the quality of the mesh uppers, and the sole type.

2. The Shoe’s Features

An excellent pair of shoes should have the necessary features, but this case is slightly different since you’ll want features that can accommodate cycling. The shoes should fit perfectly according to your feet’s shape and should also keep them cool. On top of that, it should have an elaborate and detailed closure system to make it both durable and safe. These features need to be inclined towards allowing you maximum energy usage.

Let’s focus on one common feature: traction. This is essential because, with cycling, you will need a stable and sustainable grip. Other essential features include having decent rubber outsoles and straps.

3. Comfort

You must be saying that this should have probably come first. All humans always want to be comfortable in anything and everything they do. The one thing that can be a pointer here is the breathable mesh technology since it assists you in having an utterly sweat-free experience. The technology also leaves your feet feeling powerful enough to breathe, and it also keeps all the muscle groups in your feet to be cramp-free. In looking at comfort, you can also point out mesh panels and the soft texture of materials made out of leather – these ensure that your feet do not get burnt.

4. Price

This section would be rendered incomplete if I left this detail unmentioned. Since you are here to choose between the best non cycling shoes for cycling over biking shoes, I assume that you don’t want to dig so deep into your pockets. While that may be the right stance to take, you should remember that cheaper shoes will not be durable enough, and their comfort will not be optimum. My suggestion is that you balance between quality and pricing.

5. Durability

This is another significant variable to focus on. Remember that cycling is not as easy as professionals make it look. If you’ve cycled before, you know that it requires the body to go through many hassles. This means that the shoe you pick should be tough and robust to match the strains. In this regard, a design that can be of help is a softer footbed one.

The Precautionary Measures You Need to Take Before Cycling with Non Cycling Shoes

Do not focus on what people keep telling you: cycling is possible when you use non cycling shoes. But because they are not made and meant for the job, you need to take the necessary precautions. Here are several tips you can take up:

Please, could you get your laces tied up?

Research has that many accidents happen when causal cyclists wear non cycling shoes because of the laces sticking to the chains or the cogs. Work on the basics– get them tied and then tuck in the excess lacing inside the shoe for extra protection.

If you can, ensure that you got a backup option

The most common caveat that comes with choosing non-cycling shoes is that they don’t dry up quickly. They don’t wick away all the sweat as the cycling ones do. In that case, therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have an extra pair to slip on in case the current one takes too long to dry out.

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