Pool Table Brands Reviews 2023

If you have a gaming room, one perfect addition would be getting a pool table. That begs the question – which brands are the best? What exactly do these brands offer in terms of quality? Also, what are the price ranges of those pool table brands?

Actually, the best table brands for the pool game are quite affordable. This article will open you up to some of the best billiard table models. You will get the backstories of some of the best brands out there in the market. Importantly, you will get five of the best pool tables to choose from. In the end, you will get the factors to consider while buying a pool table, and some of the frequently asked questions will be responded to. Now, let’s get to them!

Backstories of Some Three Brands

Of the many, you need to know the pool brands that are trusted the most by cue sports lovers. The known brands are Olhausen Billiards, Diamond Billiards, Great American Recreation Equipment, Playcraft, Connelly Billiards, Fat Cat Pool Tables, Plank and Hide Co., and Brunswick Billiards. Among those brands, we have the most expensive and the most popular pool tables. The other generally accepted brands include Imperial, East Point, Costzon, Hathaway, and Minnesota Fats. You should know that the availability of these brands depends on the country (of the billiard table brand) and what the customer needs.

If you’re in this read, I assume that you’re looking for a particular brand that you can consider for purchase. The crucial thing is to look at the pool type style and its function. The following section will bring some specific brands to your attention. The backstories given may push you into choosing them, but that will entirely depend on how you will get affected. Now, it is time to listen in.

Brand One: Presidential Billiards

This is a very popular brand in America. Pool lovers know it for its quality innovations of classical, smart, and modern pool tables. Although the brand is based in America, they do business with an African (Zimbabwean, specifically) company, Wilson International, which supplies them with raw materials (such as quality wood) to put together the tables.

The one crucial thing you should know is that the business between Wilson International and Presidential Billiards lacks go-betweens, meaning that it is rare to find compromised products. Presidential Billiards look at the current technology trends and map out the best way to roll out good products. They assist their buyers in getting the best from their purchases. This company’s workers have been doing the business for at least 30 years, meaning that you will get quality items.

The most astonishing detail about this company’s story is that their wooden surfaces are entirely handcrafted. This means that they have a particular elegance that brings the best beauty forms from any wood type. The pools made by Presidential Billiards have no damage and have fine finishing. This means that playing on their pool tables will never be regrettable. You can get the brand in any furniture store around you, meaning that the company is trusted.

The other detail worth mentioning is the assembly service of the brand. It is luxurious, satisfactory, and second to none. The operationalization of the service is easy and straightforward, and their instructions will help you to get the exact item you purchased.

Brand Two: The Imperial USA

For over half a century or so, this brand has been relevant in the world of pool tables. They have managed to stay for that long because they were not compromising on their product’s quality. Also, the brand provides excellent service. This brand has an international basis and is a subsidiary of H. Betti In. It is relevant in both the West and East Coast, where they have distribution centers.

Having these centers makes it easy for them to distribute their products. Whether you choose to buy in larger or lesser quantities, you will like that idea.

This brand also does replacements and disassembling of pool tables. Also, they sell cue sticks, cue balls, and pool tables.

Brand Three: Olhausen

This brand is the product of a family business. The father of Don and Butch – two boys – inspired them to start it. In every house that they moved into, their father used to have a workshop. During his time in the workshop, he built pool tables. So, Butch and Don learned from their dad. When they had to move on, they went over to California and settled down. They started recovering and making pool tables.

There was a San Diego-based manufacturing firm that offered them contract jobs to make pool tables. For every table they delivered, they charged $12. They kept on doing the job, and at one time, they bought the firm. With the brand name of ‘Olhausen,’ they started doing their business. When they started, every year would see them selling up to 350 tables. Now, their company boasts of its 250,000-square-foot facility that produces at least 30,000 tables each year that passes.

The business is still owned by the family, and the brand is among the most popular ones in pool table production. The company has been transferred to at least four generations, and it has not stopped delivering quality items.

Those three stories should have been enough to warm you up to the next section. We will now look at some five pool tables that are worth your attention, time, and most importantly, money. If you like any of them, don’t hesitate to cart out, check out, and cash out.

Five Pool Tables Worth Considering

1. The Barrington Professional Urban Pool Table

1. The Barrington Professional Urban Pool Table
1. The Barrington Professional Urban Pool Table
1. The Barrington Professional Urban Pool Table

Measuring eight feet, this is one table that has an impressive today-look. To top that off, the legs are grey and concrete to ensure that the table stands without wobbling. So, it means that the item is both stable and firm. The table’s upper portion is covered by veneer (light birch), and it complements the colors of the legs. This veneer ‘topping’ gives the table a modern look that can take on any gaming room.

The manufacturers, Barrington, use up to 50% wool in making the felt surface. This puts the table out as a competition-grade item, allowing for zippy and smooth movement of the pool balls.

The table doesn’t come alone but includes a kit. The kit will get your gaming as soon as the table is assembled, has the following items: chalk, brush, two cue sticks, chip-proof balls, and a triangle.

The Pluses

  • The leather covering and cushioning are of premium quality. They help to improve the playability and appearance of the table. It is unlikely to find these components in cheap brands.
  • The table’s design is sleek, meaning that it is made with bargaining on stability and strength.

The Minuses

  • While the concrete legs are sturdy and supportive to the table, they add the weight of the table to something around 400 pounds. This makes it too heavy – heavier than others which have wooden legs.
  • The veneer covering between the table’s legs is damageable. This means that however good the intentions of the manufacturer was, the covering will not be very useful.

2. The Olhausen Billiards 8 Feet Pool Table Belmont

2. The Olhausen Billiards 8 Feet Pool Table Belmont
2. The Olhausen Billiards 8 Feet Pool Table Belmont
2. The Olhausen Billiards 8 Feet Pool Table Belmont

You shouldn’t look any further than this brand if you don’t care about cost. This item is quite pricy since the manufacturers use the best quality of materials.

The table is made in the United States, and it comes with a premium slate, which the manufacturer singly checks for flatness. The slate (which is in three 1-inch pieces) comes supported with a liner framed around it. This helps in noise and stress reduction. Also, the table brand comes with a uni-liner to keep the slate level and flat, thus reducing the movement of the wooden material. Olhausen says that using the layered approach is better than going for other methods of construction.

The manufacturer uses fruit hardwood and stable maple trees to make the frames and legs of the table. This accounts for the table’s 700-pound weight. If you give the table just a little care, it will last for a long time. Also, you won’t face or find any warping issues with it. It has a stylish design, which is very classy, meaning that it gives class to the room it is placed.

The Pluses

  • The materials that Olhausen used to make the table are sourced from within the US, and they are of premium quality.
  • The table plays smoothly, and there are not many like it. The makers use unique Accu-fast cushions that enable ultra-smooth and quick movement.
  • To give your gameplay authenticity, the Olhausen uses the traditional leather type of pockets.

The Minuses

  • The product is quite expensive; it seems like you are paying for the materials which made the billiard table.
  • The weight of the item is a whopping 700 pounds, thanks to the solidly thick wood construction and a three-piece slate. To avoid any accidents, ensure that the table is well supported.

3. The Hathaway Spartan 6 Feet (72 by 38 by 31 inches)

3. The Hathaway Spartan 6 Feet (72 by 38 by 31 inches)
3. The Hathaway Spartan 6 Feet (72 by 38 by 31 inches)
3. The Hathaway Spartan 6 Feet (72 by 38 by 31 inches)

This conversion table had to make it to this list. For anyone who does not have a lot of space and isn’t sure which table to pick, you will enjoy having this one. People who love playing table tennis will like the fact that you can add a ping pong top to this product by Hathaway. So, this table is a space saver.

You will securely fit in the ping pong top over the pool table. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the top; it is easy to move, and you won’t feel any pain in your back. This table is a practical product that will offer you so much value.

The Pluses

  • Hathaway offers the combined table tennis and billiard table at a pocket-friendly cost. For anyone who is looking for a value-for-each-dollar item, this will be very appealing. Whoever loves playing both games should think twice about buying this one.
  • The width of this product is about six feet, making it a compactly excellent model. If you have little space in the game room, this is the item you are supposed to take.
  • To help the table to remain as an item, the makers of the table add two support bars across the table’s bottom side. Even when kids climb on the table, you shouldn’t worry about it breaking.

The Minuses

  • Professional players will not like that the table is of a smaller size. This is because it won’t offer them the challenge they get when playing on a full-sized surface.
  • Across the platform, Hathaway uses melamine in the making business. This is a downside because the melamine is prone to scuffing and scratching. If you give young players or toddlers time to interact with the table, they may compound the problem.

4. The Playcraft Outdoor Pool Table (Extera)

4. The Playcraft Outdoor Pool Table (Extera)
4. The Playcraft Outdoor Pool Table (Extera)
4. The Playcraft Outdoor Pool Table (Extera)

If you want to game outdoors, you need to get the best item. In that case, therefore, you shouldn’t look away from this masterpiece by Playcraft. Since the gaming action will be happening out in the open, you need to get a water-resistant item – and this Extera thickly ticks that boxy box. Looking at the railings, the frame, the tablecloth, and the table itself, Playcraft has everything under control.

This company is wealthy in terms of experience. Since 1975, they have been designing and making products for game rooms. Throughout those years, they have shown great attention and detail, and it all culminates in this outdoor table.

The cloth is polytech, resistant to UV rays, and weatherproof. It rests on the table’s playfield, which is 1-inch and composite. While the polytech material used reacts impressively against any weather, it will impact your gameplay. What happens is that the balls will engage in fast movement.

To support the playing surface, this table’s makers use aluminum legs, aprons, and rails. All these aluminum parts have been subjected to anti-rust treatment. If you look at the corner cap and post, you will see that aluminum is used there too. This means that the item can stand outside and withstand even the harshest of conditions.

The items that are must-haves when it comes to outdoor pool tables are known as levelers. It is most likely that the surface is uneven on the outside, and these levelers come to correct that detail. This table includes a set of 6-inch, robust levels. This means that you can play on several surfaces without table wobbling.

The Pluses

  • The corners, legs, and rails are all constructed using aluminum. As you may already know, this material has a naturally high resistance to corrosion.
  • The cloth material (polytech) handles sunlight, moisture, and heat very well. This means that it will last long.
  • If you love a fast-paced game and find it fun, you will love playing on it.
  • It includes a cover that you can use when no one is playing there.
  • Assembling it is almost effortless, and about three brawny people will need to move the table into place.

The Minuses

  • Since the table is about eight feet long, you may lack enough room for it. Many people’s patios and decks do not have that kind of space.
  • Since the ball does not move as naturally as it does on indoor tables, you may need to make a couple of adjustments.
  • The warranty offered by Playcraft is a paltry one year, which is not much for a table used in the outdoors.

5. The CHH (Mini) Table for Pool Folding

5. The CHH (Mini) Table for Pool Folding
5. The CHH (Mini) Table for Pool Folding
5. The CHH (Mini) Table for Pool Folding

‘m sure that you’re not only thinking about your gaming but also that of your kids. Getting them a table that fits them is a way to build competitiveness and socialization. This is a table that CHH has designed with the little ones in mind. All the features of this table put the game within their reach.

This table is made of hardwood. On the surface, you will find felt material, and the pockets have net designs. This is one of the brilliant ways of getting children to know the game in homes with tight spaces. The table will get the kids excited about the pool, and you will soon need to buy a six-foot table.

Compared to the regular indoors table, this one is just a mere shadow. But, it will make the game more inclusive since the regular one isn’t made for kids.

The Pluses

  • The item will fit children who are eight years and above. This is an excellent item to usher the kids into the world of playing.
  • When the product gets delivered, the kids can start gaming right away since the package will include cue balls, chalk, and sticks.
  • The foldable legs help caregivers to break down the table and store it away.

The Minuses

  • The foldable legs are likely to be wobbling from one time to the other.
  • Younger children should be monitored while using the balls because their sizes make them choking hazards.
  • The quality of materials used to bring the item together is not the best.

How about that? Those are five of the best pool table brands capturing their products. Now, it is time to get more guidance before making that essential billiard table purchase.

More Guidance (The Factors Considered)

A.The Amount of Room Needed

This should be the main thing to consider since the pool table should have a place to stay. If you want to bring in a billiard table in a game room that already exists, you need to create adequate space for the table and the cue sticks during shots.

To accommodate a pool table of about 8 feet, a room should have the following dimensions: 14 by 16 feet. If the table involved is 7 feet, the room needs to be 14 by 17 feet. These dimensions and measurements are given with the idea that the players will be using the standard cue sticks (58 inches). It also includes the body, leg, and foot room to ensure that the players feel comfortable.

B. What Makes Up the Bed Table?

The bed table is the horizontal surface where all the cueing business goes on. The bed table can be made of the following items: honey-combed plastic, synthetic slate, MDF (or medium-density fibreboard), slate, or wood paneling. Of those, the ones mostly used on billiard bed tables are slate and MDF. Let us look at the upsides and downsides of those two materials.

MDF (or board, plywood)

This is one of the most well-liked surfaces used for bed tables, and so, it is right that we pay attention to it. It is important to note that most time, this playing surface type is found in tables that are seven-feet long or below. Anything above seven feet cannot accommodate plywood or MDF. This is because the large surface area can cause them to warp.

One advantage of this board bed table type is that there are costly. Also, they have lesser weight, meaning it is easy to support, carry around, transport and set them up.

But what are the downsides? Well, the surfaces that use MDF or plywood are not as smooth. Also, they can be noisy during playing. Over time, warping is likely to happen to these kinds of surfaces. This is likely to affect how the ball travels through the surface. On top of that, these surface types can get affected by seasonal changes, like fluctuations in the humidity levels.


Slate bed tables are the most popular ones, and they have been like that since the start of the 19th century (1826, to be very specific). The following materials are combined to form slate: quartz, refined grains, clay, and mica. For a slate piece to be obtained, the rock (from the combination) gets flattened and polished.

The one thing that billiard table makers love about slate is its smoothness. Also, it is level enough to improve the speed and movement of the ball. As compared to plywood, it is more durable as it is stone. Slate cannot easily be damaged, and nothing is likely to cause it to warp.

The downsides of slate are many but understandable. First, it is expensive and bulky. When you get a pool table with a slate surface, it will not be easy to move it around. Also, it needs to be in a place where its weight can be supported.

C. What Makes Up the Felt Material?

The felt is the billiard cloth. It is the clothing that covers the playing area and the rails of the table. Most times, pool table makers use a 21 to 24-ounce density, but that is for the high-end tables. Cheaper table models may have lighter weaves, but those are unlikely to last for a long time.

You can get a pool table whose felt is made of worsted wool. It has a weave without seems, meaning that the ball movement won’t be interrupted. Also, worsted wool is very easy to clean and has more resilience.

D. What are the Billiard Pockets of the Pool Table?

This factor is not really important, well, because all pockets do the same job. Depending on your preferences, you can either get a leather drop, plastic, or rubber pockets.

If you want a table with connected pockets, you can try and contact the nearest pool parlor. As you do, you should know that the table you get will have an extra touch of convenience but with additional weight.

E. What is the Material Used on the Frame?

The many billiard tables make use of softwood or MDF panels in their frames. If your bed table is made of slate, the softwood will make the entire item sag. So, the best combination is a hardwood frame with a slate top. Tables with are light in weight may use legs for support. If a table has a heavy slab, the best supporting items would be six legs.

The Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the most reputable pool table brands?

As mentioned in the primer to the backstories, several brands have excellent products. But just to remind you, some of them are Brunswick, Hathaway, Imperial, Barrington, and MD Sports. If you choose to go for high-end brands, be prepared to pay more.

2. What are the dimensions for a home pool table?

The regular and standard size of a pool table is anything between 6 and 8 feet. While an 8-feet table may be a little too large for home spaces, you should get one that is 6-feet long. However, the choice depends on the size of the gaming room or where you want to place the table.

3. What is the average cost of a quality billiard table?

You can get one for a few hundred dollars, but useful quality items may cost you up to $1000. If you want to get a table to last an entire lifetime, be ready to cash in some 2000 dollars.

4. When wanting to buy a table, what are the variables I should look at?

Some of them were highlighted in the ‘The Factors Considered’ section, but there is no hassle if the most important ones are highlighted. They are the place of use (outdoor or indoor), materials of pool table make, the playing room/field size, the quality of legs and pockets, the material and strength of felt, quality of frame materials, and additional accessories.

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