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Racquetball is a beautiful game that needs the best shoes for optimal play. When you decide to go shopping for racquetball shoes, you need to put your best foot forward. As you may know, racquetball is a high-intensity game that makes you engage in multiple switches – either lateral, forward or backward movements. The racquetball courts – where the games go down – often have a polyurethane coating for protection. This implies that you just cannot pick any shoe and go gaming with it.

Looking at the many shoes in the market, there are three focus items to consider: traction, comfort, and stability. While HEAD, as a brand, is the most popular for racquetball footwear, Asics and Adidas are also in the game. Because the choices are many, we have rounded up the best racquetball shoes that athletes will find comfy and stable as they play the game. Stick around till the end, and you won’t be disappointed. Whenever you see something you like, go all the way to the checkout like a boss.  

The Shoes Themselves

1. The HEAD Men’s Sprint – Pro Indoor Shoes

1. The HEAD Men's Sprint – Pro Indoor Shoes
1. The HEAD Men's Sprint – Pro Indoor Shoes
1. The HEAD Men's Sprint – Pro Indoor Shoes

These shoes from the renowned company HEAD are a beautiful piece of work. Its design automatically puts it out as a shoe for indoor courts. This HEAD Men’s Sprint comes with a rubber sole. The outsole, which is of gum rubber, does not leave any marks. The makers of the shoe use natural gum rubber for the outsole. This is perhaps the reason why the shoe makes it to this list.

This racquetball shoe is constructed based on the Micro-Fit technology, which is peculiar to HEAD’s brand. The design of the shoe comes out with a widened forefoot. This means that players will get plenty of room to wiggle their toes when matches are going not as expected. The heel and the mid-foot of the shoes do an excellent job of cushioning the feet – the design is a snug one.

Also, you will find, at the core of the shoes, ethylene vinyl acetate. This perforated piece of layer helps in making the shoe stable. The heel of the shoe features thermoplastic polyurethane. This is a material that gives the shoe the power to support you solidly. A form of rubber protection strengthens the same material.

If you look at the shoe’s tongue, you will find that it is constructed using breathable mesh. This addition helps you to get all the comfort you need as you play the game for hours. Also, this item is aesthetically pleasing. When you get the pair out of the box, you might feel that it is stiff, but wait till you fit it on.

The Pluses
  • The sole uses natural gum rubber
  • The shoe is light and fits perfectly
  • The item has an excellent grip on the floor of the indoor court
  • The product will give you ample support
The Minuses
  • The shoe runs a little bit smaller than its size


2. The Adidas Performance – Men’s Barricade Club Shoes

2. The Adidas Performance – Men's Barricade Club Shoes
2. The Adidas Performance – Men's Barricade Club Shoes
2. The Adidas Performance – Men's Barricade Club Shoes

I must mention this: Adidas does not specialize in making racquetball shoes. However, many people who have tried the shoe say that a tennis shoe can do the job well. Because it is constructed using a rubber sole, it is an excellent shoe for a court that’s indoors. You should know that the shoemakers use special technologies to ensure that it is comfortable even when the game is intensified.

One of the many unique aspects of these Adidas kicks is the under-the-heel cushioning, which is named Adiprene. This mind-blowing feature refers to one of Adidas’ proprietary developments. It is usually placed in the shoe’s midsole to ensure that the hell and the forefoot get the cushioning they need. Adiprene is in many of the Adidas casual footwear, and it ranks well among users. Keep in mind that this is a tennis shoe that you can wear to your racquetball games. You need foot protection, and that is what this Adidas is going to offer you.

Apart from Adiprene, the other technology is the Torsion System. This addition is usually placed in the shoe’s outsole and includes a thermoplastic support item. This helps the forefoot and rearfoot to move with little straining. Resultantly, you will get impressive support and stability because your mid-foot will make easier adjustments to the court’s ground.

As you get to play the game, the System is a bridge and acts between the foot and the heel lightly. It does not matter how much you get your feet moving sideways, forwards, or backward; the item will prevent any incorrect flexing by the arch.

The Pluses
  • It is light and therefore accommodating
  • It gives you good cushioning and excellent support
  • It is aesthetically pleasant and budget-friendly
  • The Adidas Torsion system is a great plus  
The Minuses
  • The shoe will come to a size larger


3. The ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 (Racquetball Shoes)

3. The ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 (Racquetball Shoes)
3. The ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 (Racquetball Shoes)
3. The ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket 9 (Racquetball Shoes)

If you’re reading this as a serious and extremely focused player of racquetball, it is time to lean forward because this is an excellent pair of shoes. These racquetball shoes by ASICS have a brilliant fit to ensure that you deliver well in your game. It comes with a lace-closure system to guarantee that your gaming is at its optimum level.

The top portion of these shoes is made of lightweight mesh. Also, there is a synthetic overlay that fortifies the mesh. That entire combo helps in giving you ultimate comfort and impressive structural control. To show that the shoe is a quality item, it also includes a breathable mesh lining. This helps the foot-bed of the shoes to be more cushioned.

The shoe’s midsole has EVA material, which helps in shock absorption and reliable cushioning. The outsole of this ASICS shoe is made of gum rubber. There is more composition of natural rubber to withstand the effects of wear and tear. Looking at that feature, you can safely say that the shoe is a durable item.

It comes with the GEL system to guarantee proper cushioning. This means that lot of shock will be absorbed, and you will get a supported gait to ensure that the game runs smoothly.

The Pluses
  • The shoes have reduced weight, thanks to the technology used to design them – the Trusstic System Technology
  • Its collar and tongue are firmly padded to give you extra support
The Minuses
  • Some users have a feeling that the shoe’s padding is not sufficient


4. The HEAD Grid Low – Court Men’s Racquetball Shoes

4. The HEAD Grid Low – Court Men's Racquetball Shoes
4. The HEAD Grid Low – Court Men's Racquetball Shoes
4. The HEAD Grid Low – Court Men's Racquetball Shoes

Yet another product by HEAD makes it to this list. The shoes are very efficient for men who are looking for excellent racquetball shoes. These shoes are multipurpose, and you can use them to play other indoor games like squash, volleyball, and badminton.

The shoe’s upper portion is made of synthetic rubber, and it also includes an air mesh. This combination means that you will enjoy efficient and effective breathability. To make certain that the shoe endures court traction, the outsole has non-marking gum rubber – a great plus.

The shoe’s cooling System includes a climate control element, which is both dynamic and innovative. This means that you will enjoy high levels of breathability. The sweat you release during a game will be absorbed by the shoe, and the heat will be discarded. It uses the HyBrasion tech, which helps the shoes to handle stress, especially in the sole area.

The Pluses
  • You will get excellent toe-drag and hard-wear resistance, no matter the surface you step on
  • The shoe is quite comfortable, and you will hardly slip while wearing it
The Minuses
  • While the shoes are small in size, they are uncomfortably heavy


5. The ASICS Men’s – Gel-Game 7 Shoes

5. The ASICS Men's – Gel-Game 7 Shoes
5. The ASICS Men's – Gel-Game 7 Shoes
5. The ASICS Men's – Gel-Game 7 Shoes

This made-in-the-USA shoe has an exceptional make. The shoemakers combine fabric and synthetic material. The mesh and uppers of this shoe are synthetic, and they make sure that the kicks stay comfortable, durable, flexible, and lightweight.

The shoes come with a wide heel cage to help your rear foot to be more stable. The upper portion, which is mostly mesh – will act as a reliever as you keep gaming. Also, it will make the shoes feel weightless and improve their breathability.

If you look at the forefoot of this ASICS Men’s – Gel-Game 7 Shoes, you will find the GEL cushioning system. This is a technology that assists you to mitigate shock levels. Also, it contributes to friction elimination when your racquetball game is at its impact phase. The shoe comes with a sock liner to help in the absorption of moisture. If you need to insert a medical orthotic inside the shoe, it will be easy because the liner is removable.

The Pluses
  • These shoes come with a forefoot flex to ensure that leg movement is efficient
  • The shoes’ outsoles are constructed using solid rubber, meaning that in the game court, the shoe is very enduring and does not suffer the effects of surface traction
The Minuses
  • The traction fades away with time and use


6. The Adidas Men’s – Stabil X Shoes

6. The Adidas Men's – Stabil X Shoes
6. The Adidas Men's – Stabil X Shoes
6. The Adidas Men's – Stabil X Shoes

Adidas appearing once again on this list should tell you how positive their contribution is to the shoe world. These special racquetball shoes will always be ready to help you to make your gaming moves. The shoes themselves set you a cut above the rest of the players. They include a sock liner that is breathable to give you a lot of feel and comfort. Getting this item means that you enjoy and find the cushioning System a beneficial thing. Once you get to the court, you will feel like you own it, and the games will be good for you.

The shoe has a fascinating aspect – a sling cage system. This ensures that you utilize your laces and make midfoot stability guaranteed. The construction of this Adidas Men’s Stabil X Shoes uses synthetic mesh material. The sole of this Adidas Stabil is made of rubber, and the shoe’s shaft has a low-top measurement, that is, from the arch. The shoe’s fit is regular, and it has a lace closure.

The shoes have outsoles made of grip-y rubber and a very responsive midsole. On top of that, the upper is TPU, which the shoemakers have carefully curated, making it resistant to any kind of abrasions.

The Pluses
  • This is a lightweight item that will ensure that you feel snug while doing your racquetball business.
  • For you to experience exceptional and impressive stability, the shoemakers include a sling cage
  • It can also be used for volleyball because it gives users power jumps
The Minuses
  • The insole is not removable
  • Due to the shoe’s sturdy construction, it is very heavy – heavier than most shoes on this list



7. The ASICS Men’s – Gel Blade: 7 Court Shoes

7. The ASICS Men's – Gel Blade: 7 Court Shoes
7. The ASICS Men's – Gel Blade: 7 Court Shoes
7. The ASICS Men's – Gel Blade: 7 Court Shoes

These red-colored shoes are genuinely a blade. It is vibrant enough to keep you covered with style and comfort. Apart from racquetball, these ASICS products will also come in handy when you want to play squash and badminton. Whichever type of movement you execute on the court, this product will come in handy. It will serve you well and consistently, especially if you love playing every day.

The midsoles that come with this product include the EVA type of padding. This means that you will get comfort and cushioning. Also, it will give you a nice bounce. It comes with a sock liner and a mesh insole to give your foot ample breathing space. When heat builds up in the shoe or your feet sweat, you will not feel any different. Also, the Trusstic system technology that ASICS uses ensures that the feet’ stability will be felt all the time. And you do not need to worry about getting hurt as you slide through and around the court; the outsoles will protect you immensely.

The Pluses
  • The shoe is available in a wide shoe-size range
  • For arch support, you can use and replace medical orthotics by removing the sock liners
  • The rear Gel technology will cushion and comfort you during the games regardless of the hardness of your play
The Minuses
  • Aggressive games may take a toll on this pair



8. The HEAD Men’s – Sonic 2000: Mid Racquetball Shoes

8. The HEAD Men's – Sonic 2000: Mid Racquetball Shoes
8. The HEAD Men's – Sonic 2000: Mid Racquetball Shoes
8. The HEAD Men's – Sonic 2000: Mid Racquetball Shoes

This last shoe comes from HEAD, so you should know the brand that I am championing for. This Sonic 2000 has a design that makes it accommodative to racquetball and squash.  The leather mesh upper makes the shoe a comfortable one, and it is breathable to the core. The pre-molded heel counter will give you more stability and better comfort during those very intense games. The makers have used breathable mesh on the shoe’s tongue to make it more comfortable.

This shoe model includes one of HEAD’s developments, the proprietary gum rubber sole. This means that you will get an item that has more excellent traction and is very durable. The design of the sole implies that it operates smoothly perfect on indoor courts. Also, it does not scratch against indoor court surfaces.

If you love color variation, you will love that this item comes in two aesthetically pleasing options: black-blue and light-white-blue. Generally speaking, the shoe is a comfortable one, and its weight is impressive. For instance, you will only have 11.6 ounces to lift if your shoe size is 10.5.

The Pluses
  • To give you better support, the heel of the shoe is molded
  • The tongue and mesh uppers are breathable
  • The price of this shoe is friendly to your pocket
  • It has excellent traction
  • For gentler support to your ankles, the shoe is mid-cut
  • The combination of materials makes it a durable item
The Minuses
  • There are no wide sizes, which users might prefer



Factors Considered

That was it – eight of the best racquetball shoes. But we’re not done yet. It is now time to add more info to the buying guide by looking at the prevailing variables. Here are the features that you should have at the back as you go shopping:

The Midsole

If you didn’t know, the part where your shoe and foot interact is the midsole. So, it is essential that the shoe’s midsole be fashioned, comfortable, supportive. Also, the shoemaker should use durable and high-quality materials. Any aggressive player who puts in the work and time diving and leaping needs a cushy midsole. When the cushioning is decent, the forces generated during stops and direction switches will be absorbed by the midsole.

The Design

Design is essential – that is an unspoken rule in the world of shoes. You want a shoe that speaks of your taste. That mentioned, a couple of things need to be at the back of your mind as your focus on design. For example, a racquetball shoe shouldn’t have deep-set treads. Optimum mobility can only be achieved if you make lots of contact with the floor. If the treads are deep, it means that there are more spaces in-between the lugs that aren’t touching the floor. For more lateral support, you want a shoe that has plenty of structure down there in the upper.

The Ankle Protection

If you’re playing racquetball games at high speeds, your ankles need protection. High speeds mean that you are switching directions frequently, and so, your ankles are very active. If you don’t have lots of support, you may get a sprained ankle, putting you on the sidelines for God knows how long. If you are a professional player, ankle turns may affect your style of play for long.

The Air Mesh

Since racquetball is a hot, sweaty, and messy sport, you will definitely get your sneakers wet. To prevent the wetness from becoming a pain, you should get a shoe with uppers made of air mesh. If you didn’t know, Air Mesh is a reference used for some small holes sitting at the upper’s top that allow heat escape. Without those items, your shoes are likely to stink after a game.

The Gum Rubber

Gum rubber soles are fitted on the best racquetball shoes since they give players the most grip. Other standard outsole materials will not provide you what you need. Remember that shoes to be used in racquetball games should have good grip and support.

Do not use football shoes for playing racquetball since they don’t have gum rubber shoes. But you can use the ones used for volleyball. The other very good thing about gum rubber shoes is that they don’t leave marks on the court.

The Frequently Asked Questions

1. What shoes are not fit for playing racquetball?

Court shoes are favorites among people who play racquetball, but experts advise against this. The other type of shoes that lack an excellent grip, especially on indoor courts, are tennis shoes – these need surfaces with lots of friction. If you choose tennis shoes for racquetball, you will slip.

The other group of shoes that should be off the list are running and walking shoes. Those cannot accommodate the intensity that comes with the game. In racquetball, you will need to make lateral movements, pivots, and fast stops. Running shoes will be limited as their design is forward moving if you know what I mean. Also, they don’t have a lot of ankle support, meaning that you may get your ankles hurt when they roll.

2. What shoes are the best for racquetball?

Since racquetball is an indoor game, it is hard to find the best shoes. If you can’t seem to get any good racquetball shoes, you should go for the ones used to play volleyball.

However, you should get a game-specific item. The shoe will have gum rubber shoes and a significant amount of comfort. If you love the racquetball game and are serious about it, invest in a quality product.

3. Why shouldn’t I wear indoor shoes outside?

Wearing an indoor shoe outside is likely to mess the gum soles and wears them out a little too soon. If you keep stepping out with an indoor shoe, it will gather dust and lose traction. In the long run, the pair will lose its slip resistance.

Going all out with your indoor racquetball shoes can get pebbles sticking at the bottom. When the pebbles make it to the court, they may get someone floored because of slipping. If you walk for long before getting to the court, wear walking shoes, and carry indoor shoes.

This sense of care means that your shoes will last for a long time. If you get any of the best racquetball shoes listed in this article, they will serve you for a long time only if you never wear them outdoors.

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