Best Road Bikes Under 500

This is it – and you’d be mistaken to leave without getting to the end since the best road bikes under 500 are here. As a serious biker, you are on the lookout for the best road bike to go commuting, riding, or training with. With five-hundred-dollar bills or so sitting in your wallet, you can get a robust bike that will serve your every need. For most people, the challenge is getting a good bike with that 500-dollar tight budget.

The bikes that I have presented to you here are near perfect. I confidently assure you that there are no better choices. If you keep scrolling, you will discover great decisions. All the rides here are the ideal picks – easy to maintain and effortless to ride. Above all, they perform optimally in most weather conditions. Let’s hit the turfs with the road bikes themselves.

The Road Bikes Under 500 Themselves

1. The Vilano Shadow – Road Bike (with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters

1. The Vilano Shadow – Road Bike (with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters)
1. The Vilano Shadow – Road Bike (with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters)
1. The Vilano Shadow – Road Bike (with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters)

Depending on the person and type of rider you are, this bike will deliver well. It is a good training bike for some people, and for others, it is a reliable entry level-bike. If you choose this bike – for whatever reason – you will smile all the way to the road. You will get great value for each penny you spend.

Let us talk about versatility. This bike can serve multiple functions for anyone who owns it. You can use it as an exercise or training bike, and the list doesn’t end there. As noted in its title, the bike comes with Shimano STI integrated shifters. This implies that the braking control is efficient, and you have nothing to worry about while sitting on the bike’s saddle and pedaling your way down the road.

Another detail worth noting is the bike’s super performance. The Vilano Shadow can run at incredible speeds, meaning that you will penetrate the streets with little hassle. In terms of speed, this bike hardly comes second to any other in the market.

We can’t close on this product without talking about its weight. The bike’s frame is fashioned using aluminum, meaning that the weight of the bike is bearable. This idea of the bike being lightweight contributes positively to the performance of the bike. It will be easy for entry-level riders to use this bike to sharpen their skills.

The Pluses
  • The Vilano Shadow has a particular versatility – it is likely to serve the need that you want satisfied
  • You will find the bike in different sizes and color combinations
  • With the instructions, it is relatively easy to assemble the bike
  • The bike performs faster as it is a lightweight item
The Minuses
  • Some users note that the frame is durable, even though it is made of aluminum



From the features, pluses, and the little minus, it is certain that the product is one of the best. If you feel like you already love it, place it on your cart and make your way to the exit. You will surely enjoy all its benefits.

2. The Takara Kabuto – Single Speed Bike

2. The Takara Kabuto – Single Speed Bike
2. The Takara Kabuto – Single Speed Bike
2. The Takara Kabuto – Single Speed Bike

As its name suggests, this bike is one that has a single-speed gear. The many people who are choosing to go for this bike are doing so because of its many benefits. While most people who own it use it for commuting, you can train or exercise with it, and it will still perform optimally. The Takara Kabuto is famous for its simplicity and durability.

The best place to start with the features is the bike’s frame, which is made of steel. You should infer quickly that the bike is sturdy and doesn’t bend easily. So, getting this bike means that it will stay intact for a long time. However, the sturdiness of the bike shouldn’t scare you into thinking that the bike isn’t comfy, because it is. It comes with large tires (not fat) that make rides smooth, regardless of the terrain you choose to take on.

As already implied, the bike is durable, and we should appreciate its construction as it is of superior quality. This is one reason why the Takara Kabuto – Single Speed Bike has become a household name among many riders. The frame and its toughness will not disappoint you.

The Pluses
  • The product is both durable and strong
  • You can easily upgrade it if you like
  • The bike can take on various terrains with ease
  • It comes with a dependable and efficient braking system
  • Its price is a yes – under 200 dollars
The Minuses
  • Because it uses steel, the bike is a little too heavy for some users



This single-speed road bike is arguably the best you can get your hands on. Even with the caveat, its features show that the product is one that a rider cannot live without.

3. The Giordano Libero – Acciao Bike

3. The Giordano Libero – Acciao Bike
3. The Giordano Libero – Acciao Bike
3. The Giordano Libero – Acciao Bike

Like the previously listed bikes, this one is an impressive bike. It actually makes this list because it is award-winning, and thus, it is preceded by its reputation. You can use it for riding and training, among other functions. It is a featured bike because it comes with so many benefits.

If you are a beginner reading between these lines, let me interest you in this product. Beginning the journey of cycling needs confidence, and this bike will provide just that. You can learn all cycling basics and become an expert only by sticking on this Giordano Libero – Acciao Bike. For the more significant part, it is taken as an entry-level ride.

So, what is the material used to make the frame? Like the Takara Kabuto you previously saw, the manufacturers of this bike use steel. As you may already know, steel is superior and highly durable. The steel contributes to the super performance that the bike offers. If you start pedaling, you will achieve incredible speeds in just a short time. This means that cruising through the hood will be breathtaking – at the least.

So you love aesthetics? Well, take a moment and enjoy the stylishness of this bike. The bike’s stylized design contributes to its overall comfort.

The Pluses
  • Because of its very-fast running speed, the bike is a cut above the rest and will serve your racing needs well
  • The item is durable, thanks to the steel materials used to make it; this also means that it has considerable longevity
  • It is comfy to ride, and you can take up different styles
  • Assembling it is easy; everything you need will come in the package
The Minuses
  • The tires which come with the bike are not the best ones out there in the market



For beginner riders, this bike is one that you should purchase without thinking twice. You can start with this one and proceed to one of the best road bikes under 500.

4. The Bavel Commuter – Aluminum Road Bike

4. The Bavel Commuter – Aluminum Road Bike
4. The Bavel Commuter – Aluminum Road Bike
4. The Bavel Commuter – Aluminum Road Bike

If you’re on an aggressive lookout for a comfy bike that you can ride in the outdoors, this Bavel Commuter is all that you need. Apart from being a bike that you can get for under 500, it comes with fascinating features.

You already know that this bike model is made of aluminum, but what you don’t know is that its quality is top-notch. This means that you will have a lightweight product that is enhanced in terms of performance.

The tires which come with the bike are one of the most reliable in the market. They make it easy for you to take different terrains with little challenges. Also, the tires and other parts are easy to assemble. The instructional manuals make it easy for you to get the job done.

If you love leisure riding, you will like the water bottle holder that comes with the bike. The implication is that you can take your refreshment anytime with you.

The Pluses
  • The product is impressively comfortable to run with
  • The difficulty level of assembly is ‘very easy’
  • When using it, you will find that it is very stable
  • It can run at a variety of speeds
The Minuses
  • While the tires are the most reliable, they are a little too thin



If you want to get the best road bike under 500, this is one to consider. If you’re a leisure rider, you already know what you need to do. Get buying so that you enjoy this recommendation of mine.

5. Pure Cycles Classic – 16-Speed Road Bike

5. Pure Cycles Classic – 16-Speed Road Bike
5. Pure Cycles Classic – 16-Speed Road Bike
5. Pure Cycles Classic – 16-Speed Road Bike

This Pure Cycles bike is a fascination for many bike lovers. The most amazing detail of the bike is its strong frameset, which is made of steel. Like the Giordano Libero, this bike is an excellent one for beginners. It can also serve racers their needs.

The bike comes with Shimano STI shifters (16-speed). This detail implies that the bike performs excellently, and it better than the rest. On top of the included shifters, the bike also has an effective braking system – front and rear alloy caliper. The system connects with the bike’s spokes (which are of stainless steel) to give you instant stops.

If you’re looking and searching for a bike that you can handle easily, this is yours to take. It comes with a drop bar that you can adjust, and the handlebar provides different hand positions. This means that you have different comfortability options to choose from.

Bikes listed here are ‘easy’ to assemble, but the assembly business of this Pure Cycles Classic is the most convenient. The manufacturer does most of the job, and you will get the bike while it is 90% assembled. After you choose yours from the available six sizes, you can complete the assembly business quickly.

The Pluses
  • You can make tweaks and customizations to the bike; this helps to make it easy to use
  • It comes with an advantageous brake system, making it user-safe
  • The steel material used on the bike makes it lightweight (surprisingly)
  • Its construction is solid, making it a durable item
The Minuses
  • The saddle feels a little loose, forcing you to tighten it
  • The price is slightly over your $500 budget 

6. Schwinn Phocus – 1600 Men’s Road Bike

6. Schwinn Phocus – 1600 Men's Road Bike
6. Schwinn Phocus – 1600 Men's Road Bike
6. Schwinn Phocus – 1600 Men's Road Bike

The two words I can use to summarize this bike are stylishness and versatility— many of the avid bikers who have bought this Phocus model like riding it. If you’re looking for an exercise bike, this product from the Schwinn company has got you covered. Owning this won’t need you to hit the gym again.

The most distinct feature of this Schwinn Phocus item is the materials making up the frame and the fork, which are aluminum and carbon fiber. That detail only should tell you that this is a perfect choice for anyone looking at road riding. Terrains that are bumpy and unaccommodating won’t stand a chance against this bike. Because of the strong aluminum frame, the bike is highly reduced in weight and weightless. Trainer and beginner riders will love a bike that is easy to carry from the house and out to the turf.

If you’re trying to get the best road bike, one of the essential features to consider is the braking system. This Schwinn Phocus road bike combines Shimano derailleurs and 16-speed shifters to guarantee instant, smooth, and fast stops.

All the bike features combine to form a high performing product, and that’s the Schwinn Phocus – 1600 Men’s Road Bike for you!

The Pluses
  • The bike’s frame is almost weightless, making the bike easy to push
  • It comes with beautiful rims and a high-performing carbon fork suspension
  • It has an effectively efficient braking system that will stop whenever you make a braking move
  • The Shimano derailleurs and shifters improve the bike’s performance
  • The bike has an adjustable height, making the product and excellent item
The Minuses
  • While the shifters work well, they come without brake indicators
  • The pedals which come with the bike are substandard when it comes to quality

7. Schwinn Volare 1300 – Men’s Drop Bar Road Bike

7. Schwinn Volare 1300 – Men's Drop Bar Road Bike
7. Schwinn Volare 1300 – Men's Drop Bar Road Bike
7. Schwinn Volare 1300 – Men's Drop Bar Road Bike

The last bike on the list had to be a Schwinn model. I must admit that the company delivers quality products, and this is just one of them. Riders have rated this Volare 1300 well, and the reason behind it is its great features.

Aluminum is the material used to make the product. You know what that means – the overall product is almost weightless. This aspect of being lightweight makes the bike run at higher speeds. The implication is that it will perform better.

While the bike does not come 90% preassembled like the Pure Cycles Classic, it is not challenging to assemble. The entire job can get done within two hours. The only thing you need to do is follow the given instructions. And no, you will not need any extra tools as everything is included in the package.

As mentioned in the primer to this bike, the Schwinn brand delivers quality to its customers. For every under-500 dollars that you spend on this product, rest easy because it will perform exceptionally.

The Pluses
  • The versatility of the bike goes without question
  • It can be used for different events such as racing, exercising, and riding
  • The ‘lightweight’ feature makes it a fast runner
  • The assembling is an easy job to do
The Minuses
  • The price may be tweaked to something slightly above $500
  • The bike’s size and height is not adjustable, meaning that getting excellent fitting is tricky

It should not matter if you are an avid, experienced biker or are just starting– this is the bike for you. As mentioned elsewhere, you will get value for every cent you spend, even if you go beyond the $500 mark.

Road Bikes Under 500 101: What to Look at

You have just gone through seven of the best road bikes under 500. I want to say that since prices are upping and downing all the time, some listed products may cost more than $500. But the figure shouldn’t be very far from that. And if it is, the quality of the product will be top-notch.

Pricing aside – it is now time to top off the list with a buying guide. If there’s one thing that is daunting to the bone, it is shopping for a good road bike. This is because apart from the bikes themselves, there are variables that need to be considered. Those will be demystified in this section. By the end, you will have a concrete decision on the road bike under 500 that you want. Let’s take them down one by one:


If you don’t know, a ‘groupset’ is a reference for a collection of mechanical components, especially those that determine the functionality and performance of a bike. A groupset does not include the following parts of a bike: handlebars, saddle, rims, fork, stem, wheels, and frame.

When cycling experts talk about groupsets, they are usually pointing at the brake lever, the cog-set, the crank-set, the derailleurs, the shifters (or the integrated brake levers), and the gear levers. While it may be argued, my opinion is that a poor groupset makes a bike to perform dismally. So, it would help if you took your time looking at the groupset included in your road bike under 500. Make certain that the bike you get has a groupset that ensures your security and safety while cycling on the road.

The Material Making Up the Frame and Fork

The frame and fork make the most of the bike, so it is only natural to get attention. You need to know what the different kinds of materials have to offer you to make your choice. The most common material that road bike manufacturers use on the frame is aluminum.

The lightness of aluminum cannot be questioned. That is the primary reason why airplane makers use it to construct a plane’s body. When a road bike is made of aluminum, this implies that the bike can travel faster. Any rider who sits on the saddle and chooses to ride will feel the aluminum material supporting his weight. For many entry-level bikes, manufacturers choose to use aluminum.

A common phenomenon that bike-making companies engage in is including a carbon fiber fork on bikes with aluminum frames. This combination helps in delivering an excellent balance between robustness and reliability. If you get a bike that has a carbon fiber fork, your bike will absorb vibrations in a better way.

The Gear Levels

If you didn’t know, shifters help in changing the level of the gear. In turn, this provides a rider with improved performance when he or she tries to cycle through rough terrain or uphill. Of the many, the brand that is quite popular on the market is the Shimano one. It is a brand that makes it easy for you to change to easier gears by pushing the lever to the side.

The Chain-set

The chain-set comes in two categories: triple or doubles. The standard combination of double chainsets is 53/39t, but it is known that they have differing ratios. Double chainsets are preferred by pro racers. If you are an amateur rider, you should know how to relate the number of teeth on the chainset and the gear’s size. If the chainset has a high teeth number, the gear will be bigger. A bigger gear will be challenging to push, but it will help you run at higher speeds with the bike.

The Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a must for your feet to be able to reach the ground as you ride your bike?

For maneuvering and safety purposes, many cycling experts recommend that you get an accommodative bike. It should be one that will make it possible for you to reach the ground. So, the answer is this: it may not be a must, but you should go for one like that.

2. Why is it crucial for a rider to adjust their seat post?

If you need to complement your leg extension and height during pedaling, you may need to adjust it. If the seat post is standing a little too high, you will likely experience tension in the back area. If it is ‘seated’ too low, your knees will feel tense.

3. While I get my road bike, what handlebar height should I look at?

You will need to get a bike whose handlebars are on the same height as the seat or slightly higher to balance and steer well.

4. Which saddle is right for a road bike?

The saddle should have excellently sufficient cushioning. Also, and depending on the size of your pelvis, you can choose between a narrow or a wide seat. Have this in mind: a wider seat won’t be automatically comfortable.

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